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How to Get Pass High School

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High school. That's all you need to know.

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Welcome to the Jackson Willians High School

Dear Student of the Freshmen Class of the 2015 - 2016 school year,

I, Dr. Mauvais, High Principal of the prestigious Jackson Willans High School, welcome you into the family of the Willians.

As the founder of this school of learning, Jackson Willians, pioneer and first principal, has made this establishment for the souls that wish to continue their studies on a more rigorious level that would not be founded on the high school level or college level; this level of curriculum is only found in between, and this school is established for that purpose. The Willians has been the heir of this establishment; the children enrolled and became successful in their lives as independent people in this world.

As the current High Principal, I also want to discuss about the "Caste" system.

The Willians Perfect Balance system, or the "Caste" system, is a system that makes this school unique. The system is broken down into five groups, or "castes", that has its own set of rules and staff. The four main ones are the following: Epikos, Schey, Semerten, and Avaria. The fifth group is the falculty and the Six Principals, one for each subgroup, the High Principal being the most highest person in the system.

The Epikos are the Students that find themselves in the field of military and any type of job that requires physical activity as the top priority. These young people are the "defenders" of the school and is the military's second generation.

The Schey are the people who are the caretakers of the school; the Students that excel in the Home Economics category. These young people are labeled the "caretaker" of the school and is the home economics' newest generation.

The Semerten are the people dedicated to finding an answer to every question the world has to throw at them. They are the brilliant scientists and engineerers of the new age. These young people are called the "brains" of the school and will be the new scientists of their generation.
The Avaria is the average people, whose only focus is to get on with life and get a degree in whatever field they desire. These young people will be the generation that could make and create things and ideas that could push this very Earth to perfection.

The Willians Perfect Balance system is what kept this school in good condition, and perfect, earning its title of "prestigious". The Willians Perfect Balance system is also what sets the school separate from other schools; while they stress importance in learning in a "suitable" enviroment, we stress the importance of learning in a "perfect" enviroment, an enviroment that is free of distractions that could make the Student be unsuccessful.

I hope this introduction to the school has made you decide if you desire to be in this program our beloved school offers. If you wish to be enrolled in the program, please sign the form enclosed with this letter and mail it by September 1, 2015.
We wish to see your face in our family.

~ Dr. Hinfred I. Mauvais, P. H. d., High Principal
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