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Addicted // A Spencer Reid Fanfiction

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No one realised how bad it was until they found him passed out with a needle in his arm.

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They found him slumped in his chair. He had a belt wrapped tightly around his arm, there was a needle still piercing his sickly coloured skin. His skin was a bluish green colour. He wasn't moving, his head was tipped back and he was unconscious. It was a sight, none of the team could look at without their stomach lurching. Prentis looked away and whimpered.

"Oh fuck oh fuck not today" Morgan shouted "CALL 911" He was shouting to his fellow team members behind him, they seemed to be stunned. "SOMEONE CALL 911 GOD DAMNED"

It was Rossi who pulled out his phone, everyone else seemed to be frozen in time, staring at their possibly dead team member. No one thought he was this bad.

"Yes this is Agent David Rossi from the FBI, we are at 114 Main Street ____. We have a boy here aged 26 who has passed out, heroine needle still in his arm, He is unresponsive" his voice was shaking.

Morgan heard a ringing in his ears. His stomach was churning"

Rossi was listening to the operator intently. A frown was etched into his face

"Okay thank you" he said, He closed the phone "their coming"

Morgan was kneeling down beside Reid's lifeless body.

"Why the fuck would you do this to us Reid, I should have seen it...I should have..said something to you...this is my fault...I knew...I knew you weren't right but I said nothing"

Morgan started crying. Rossi knelt down beside him and shook him. "Stay calm" he said, "stay calm for Reid's sake, when the ambulance arrives they need to deal with the boy, not his friends hysterics"

The words burned in Morgan's ears. They were harsh but true. Rossi stood up and paced back on forth. Prentis was incredibly quiet for once. All they could do for the next ten minutes was stand there. They had never felt more useless.

The ambulance men ran in with stretchers and various equipment. Rossi stepped out of their way and pulled Morgan with him. Morgan kept mumbling "fuck kid..why would you do this" and "You claim to be a fucking genius Spence"

Reid was lifted into the stretcher and carried downstairs. Morgan was allowed get in the ambulance. The others took the car to the hospital.

In the ambulance, the paramedics took the needle from the young FBI agents arm, and put an antiseptic plaster over the piercing wound. Morgan held his breath. It was horrible. Reid was still unconscious. All he could hear was white noise, and in the distance, the voices of the paramedics. He didn't like how panicked they sounded

The paramedics took out a syringe with a liquid inside and pressed it into the boy's skin

Morgan jumped up "woah woah what's that"

The paramedic replied "Naloxone Hydrochloride.. It will bring him back hopefully" the urgency in his voice was unsettling

Morgans breath hitched, Hopefully, That wasn't fucking good enough.

Then it happened. Reids eyes cracked open. He started gasping for air and trying to move. He started sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.

"STOP GET THEM AWAY, STOP THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO PLEASE" he seemed to be trying to shake something off of himself. "GET THEM OFF ME"

"Hallucinations pass in 20 minutes"

Morgan grabbed his hand and Reid squeezed it back, still sobbing his heart out. Morgan had never seen such terror in Reid's eyes before, and he never wanted to see it again

AN: Hey :) The description of this story is pretty terrible so I applaud you for already getting this far. I have big plans for this story, so I encourage you to give it a chance, dont let the shitty title and description kill it. Thanks for reading,

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