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AU. Book 1 of the Stagverse series. As the years pass, Harry meets new friends, while the Potter and Black families continue to grow.

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Chapter Five - Connections

A few years had passed and the Potters and Blacks were currently staying at a beautiful villa in the south of France. They were enjoying their last summer of traveling. Just last week, Nymphadora Black, the oldest child in the group, received her admission letter from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The villa they were staying at was owned by a noble French family, the Delacours.

Jean and Rochelle Delacour had two girls, Fleur, who was nine years old, and Gabrielle, a toddler at two years old. When they had heard the Delacours had young children, James made sure to give them an open invitation while they were staying there, pointing out that they'd probably enjoy being around the Potter and Black children.

Speaking of children, the Potters had seen a few additions as the years passed. In October of 1983, just a year after they had visited the Weasley's for Ginny's first birthday, Lily gave birth to twin girls, Rose and Daisy Potter. Like Harry before her, Rose had raven hair, while Daisy came out with a strawberry blonde blend. However, they both had their Dad's hazel eyes.

They had returned to England for the births, and stayed for several months until they felt the newborns were old enough to endure the traveling. To Harry, being surrounded by girls was nothing new. He lived with the Black girls, so he quickly took a liking to his new sisters and could be often seen watching them while they were being held by his mum or his aunts.

Currently, the now six-year-old Harry Potter was being chased by a red-faced blonde girl and a purple-haired girl. "'ARRY JAMES! 'Ou will give me back zat book!" shouted the blonde girl gaining ground on him.

"Fleur," Harry said, ducking her swipe at his head. "You said I could look at it. And I asked!"

"I deed no such thing!" denied Fleur, "I said 'ou could look at eet, not grab eet."

Harry did not see the other girl going around them and sneaking up from behind until it was too late. The book was snatched from his hands and he whirled around to face his new attacker.

"Nym! Gimme that back," pouted Harry. "I was only going to hide it. I promise."

Eleven-year-old Nymphadora Black could see right through Harry's innocent look, "sure you were, Squirt. Now apologize to Fleur and give her book back." Nymphadora brandished her newly acquired wand, sparks coming out from the tip, giving her a more intimidating look.

Harry turned around and reluctantly handed Fleur her book back. A satisfied smirk came upon the girl's face once the book was back in her possession. "See 'Arry, eet's not 'ard to be good."

"Not much fun either," grumbled Harry. Next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground, staring up at the sky, and his butt hurt. A smirking Nym was looking down at him.

"You're right about that, Harry. Now let's get back to the house before your mum sends a search party for us," Nym said, prancing away from the scene of the crime, arm-in-arm with a giggling Fleur.

Upon returning to the villa, they noticed the adults sitting at the dining table chatting away; Lily and Narcissa were holding Daisy and Rose in their laps.

"And where have you three been all day?" Lily asked, moving her gaze from her baby daughter to the newly arrived trio.

"We've just been running around outside," Nym replied, avoiding her aunt's gaze.

"Well, we can certainly see that," said Andromeda, looking at the children's dirt-covered clothes. "Go upstairs and wash up before supper."

"Sure, Mum."

"Okay, Aunt Andromeda."

"Yes, Mrs. Black."

The three quickly ran up the stairs, and went to their respective rooms to clean up. Harry quietly opened his wardrobe to grab a change of clothes and crept to the bathroom, careful not to wake up a sleeping Bonnie on the other bed. Downstairs, the men were in the middle of an argument.

"I'm sorry, James. I just don't have the credibility to continue on as the solicitor for the company," said a weary Remus.

"But, Moony, You've been doing it since we started. Why change that now?" asked a puzzled James.

"I took the position at the beginning because we were just starting up. Now that the company has successfully grown in these five years, it's time to put a more proper person into the role. I'm discriminated against too much to justify staying as solicitor; I think we'd have an easier time if you put someone less controversial in that position," Remus explained to the group.

"Alright, Moony, if that's what you want," answered Sirius. "I wish you had said something sooner and maybe one of the girls could've taken the spot. Ann has her hands full with Harry's gifts and letters, Lily deals with the publishers and sponsors, and I can't tear Cissy away from the joys of being Harry's publicist. We'll have to hire from the outside."

James groaned from beside Sirius, "And here I thought we were done with interviewing people. Well, Remus, the least you can do is to take on an administrative role with the company. I think all our paperwork would be much safer in your hands than mine," James smirked, knowing he'd just lessened his own workload by creating a new position for his friend.

"That would be perfect for you, Remus," agreed Lily. "It'd be much easier for me to coordinate with you than with this prat," she said, patting her husband's head affectionately.

"Now that we've got that settled." Andromeda jumped into the conversation, not letting Remus answer. "Let's get supper started before the children come back downstairs." She lightly bopped the noses of the twin girls as she made her way to the kitchen. Lily and Narcissa handed the now giggling girls to James and Sirius, and joined Andromeda in the kitchen.

"We're going to have to line up interviews when we get back to England," Sirius said, as he was pretending to braid Rose's hair.

"I have someone in mind," replied Remus. "It's why I decided to bring this up now instead of later. I'll make sure she makes it to the interviews you arrange."

"Sounds like you've had everything planned, Moony," James commented. "If you think this person is good enough to be your replacement, maybe we shouldn't hold interviews."

"No, James. We should be fair and open it to all eligible. I know she wouldn't accept it without competition anyways; she'd see it too much as a favor to her than anything to do with her actual skill," Remus answered.

"Okay, guys. Enough business talk. Let's enjoy our remaining time here in France without worrying what's happening back home. We'll have enough to deal with when our children have to part from the Delacour girls when we leave," said Sirius.

All three wizards nodded their heads and headed towards the kitchen, intent on causing some mischief that night.


September 1, 1986

Dear Harry Potter,

Hi, my name is Ginny and I'm 5 years old. My mum is helping me write to you. She says she's friends with your mum and that you came to my first birthday party. I've seen the pictures! She read to me a story in the paper about writing to you and now I am. Maybe you could have lunch here at my home. We have Gnomes! But mum says I'm too little to throw them. Bye!

Ginevra Molly Weasley


It had been a week since Nymphadora Black had excitedly departed for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and things at the Potter Estate were slowly going back to normal. On this morning, Harry Potter woke up with a wet ear and could hear conversations floating up from the floor below. The cause of his wet ear and the arm thrown lightly around him was Bonnie Black, currently drooling on her pillow right next to him.

They'd been sleeping in the same room ever since Rose and Daisy had been born. It'd been easier for the adults to keep watch over the children if they slept in the same room, so they started sharing a room with Nym. By the end of their family's travels, Nym got her own room, and Harry and Bonnie had to share a room with the twins instead. Once everyone had returned home, Bonnie had been put in a room across from Harry's, but for the next week the adults kept finding Bonnie sleeping next to Harry every morning so they decided to let them share a room.

'Bonnie forgot to close the door,' thought Harry, shrugging Bonnie's arm off and leaving the confines of the bed to open his wardrobe. He glanced at the picture of Nym that was in the room, it had only been a week but he already missed her. They had just gotten an owl from her the other night. Nym wrote about being sorted into Hufflepuff and crossing paths with Bill and Charlie Weasley, who were fifth and third year Gryffindors, respectively. Also apparently, Snape, a wizard the children knew a lot about from their fathers' stories was the school's Potions Master. James and Sirius hadn't looked too pleased at that revelation.

Harry looked back to the sleeping Bonnie on the bed and shook his head. She'd never been much of a morning person, much like her dad. His attention once again turned to the open doorway, the voices drifting up meant that his dad and Sirius had started to take interviews for the solicitor position. Harry just hoped it didn't take them all day, they had promised to take him and Bonnie out flying.

As Harry left his room and headed towards the bathroom, the voices coming from below gradually grew clearer. James and Sirius were in the middle of doing interviews that morning. They had told Lily to place a small blurb at the end of last week's Potter Black, Inc. newsletter about the open position, so they were expecting a nice turnout; however they hadn't expected the overwhelming response they received when they opened the doors to let the candidates in.

"Sirius!" James shouted as he weaved his way through the candidates. "Have you seen where I left my wand?"

Sirius was frantically trying to find the paperwork of the applicant he was preparing to interview. "No James, did you ask Twinkle? I think he picked up the mess we left in the library last night."

James stopped when he reached their joined desks and shook his head. "No, I asked him already. If Twinkle had seen it there, he would've moved it to my bedside table overnight." James looked back through the doorway, at the path he just came from. "None of these applicants look seedy, so I don't think I have to worry about them nicking it. I'd just feel more comfortable knowing where it is."

Sirius was about to give up his search when Andromeda entered the room, a smug smile on her face. "Hello, boys. I see it's going to be a long day for the two of you. My sympathies." She stopped behind Sirius, patting her husband's shoulder. "I'd normally let you suffer, but this is important." She pecked Sirius's cheek and tossed a folder onto his desk before walking towards the door. "And James, Lily said to let you know that she has your wand. Something about a cereal box." She shrugged and left the room. The wizards in the room were left less stressed about the day they had ahead of them.

It wasn't until late in the afternoon that the halls of the Potter Estate were safely clear. Only a tall brunette, the last candidate, remained. It was Olivia Greengrass, the witch Remus was recommending to take his place. She had been running late trying to find a sitter for her daughter, and was one of the last to arrive at the estate. She was currently sitting with James and Sirius, getting interviewed.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience, James," Olivia said, patting the arm of her daughter who was quietly sitting next to her, eyes wide with wonder at the room they were in. "Since Dmitri's passing, it's just been the two of us and our house-elf. I didn't feel comfortable leaving Daphne alone with Locke. He's getting up there in age and tends to be forgetful if not pressed. I knew the two of you had children so I assumed it'd be fine to bring my daughter with me, I hope I'm not being too forward."

"It's no trouble, Olivia. Our children would be running around this place if Lily hadn't sequestered them to the playroom and your daughter seems like a darling. You've come here highly recommended by Remus," James said, smiling at the witch and her daughter. "And since you'll be working closely with all of us, your daughter is welcome to stay with our children while we take care of business. Sirius's daughter just started at Hogwarts, but Harry, Bonnie and the twins are here at the estate all day."

A slight blush lit Olivia's features at James's offer. "Thank you, James, Sirius. I appreciate the warm welcome. I was expecting this to go a lot tougher than it has. When would you like me to start?"

"As soon as you can," added Sirius, looking up from Olivia's file. "Remus said he'd stay on until we found his replacement. How about Monday? You can leave Daphne with our children before we start."

"And believe us when we say you're the best candidate for the job. You and your daughter also add to the family atmosphere we keep around the company. Hopefully we'll become great friends as well when time pass-" James was interrupted when the door to the study burst open.

"DAD! Dad!" Harry shouted as he ran into the room. "You said we'd go flying today and it's getting..." Harry paused, his face turning pale, as he realized he'd interrupted a meeting. "Late."

James smirked at his son's arrival. "Harry, since you're here I'd like you to meet Ms. Greengrass. She'll be our new solicitor, and that is her daughter Daphne. She's about your age."

Harry shyly turned towards the Greengrass family. Olivia smiled down at him; while Daphne leaned forward just enough in her seat to peek across her mum's body at Harry. She looked skinnier than Bonnie and her shoulder-length hair was a mousy brown.

Harry's manners kicked in and he shook Olivia's hand and greeted Daphne. "Hi Daphne, I'm Harry. So you are six too?"

Daphne smiled and nodded slightly. "My birthday is in February. Mummy took me to a unicorn parade."

"Oh well, my Dad and Uncle Sirius took all of us to see bulls chasing Muggles in Spain before my birthday." Harry replied, not noticing Olivia's rising eyebrows or that she mouthed 'bull chasing' questioningly towards James.

"Yes, Muggles are quite silly," laughed James nervously. "Anyway, I do believe we promised to take you and Bonnie flying Harry, so grab our brooms and get Bonnie. We'll meet you out back."

"Okay, Dad. Bye Sirius, Ms. Greengrass, Daphne." Harry left the study as quickly as he had entered, the adults laughing softly at his excitement.


December 10, 1986

Dear Ginny,

Sorry this is so late. (I've Flooed your mum about it, darling. - Harry's mum.) Your owl got mixed up with the fan letters that were for me and that pile is really big! My Aunt Andromeda was so mad that it happened. She gave Twinkle, one of my house-elves, a real scolding. Reminds me of this one time Nym and I had borrowed a robe from her wardrobe and used it to make a flag. We had to sit in the corner the rest of the day, she was so mad. Nym goes to Hogwarts with your brothers, maybe they've talked about her? I can't wait to go to Hogwarts. It sounds like so much fun. I don't know when I can visit your home, my parents are either busy with work or watching us, and my mum says you have a lot of brothers and she thinks we're too young to go over on our own. We'd be more trouble than we're worth. At least that's what Mum says. Owl me!

Harry James Potter

P.S.: My aunt let me add this before she sent it. It's a chocolate frog! My Uncle Remus has so many of them in his desk drawer; I think it's all he eats. I'm eating one right now, and when you get this you can eat it, so it'd be like we're eating together.

P.P.S.: Happy Christmas!


The Potter Black company continued its success in the years following the hiring of Olivia Greengrass. Without the prejudice thrown at Remus when he held the position, negotiations ran more smoothly and deals were made at more modest prices. Lily published a book about the family's travels, what they saw, where they went and how Harry and the children grew up. It quickly became a bestseller and Lily went on a book tour throughout England with Harry.

As Harry got older, they were able to let him reply to more 'Ask the Boy-Who-Lived' letters that got through Andromeda's screening process. Harry also became more visible to the public; Narcissa arranged for Harry to release the Snitch at several Quidditch games, visit kids at St. Mungo's and attend photo shoots for teen and family magazines.

The business side wasn't the only part of their lives to thrive. Sirius's mom, Walburga Black, passed away shortly before Christmas 1987, leaving everything to her son and his family, including Grimmauld place and the Black family house-elf, Kreacher. After sealing his childhood home, Sirius brought Kreacher back to the Potter Estate. With another house-elf serving the family, they were able to reorganize the duties to make it easier on the three servants. Kreacher, being the grumpiest and rudest of the three was given yard and security duty, as to keep him away from visitors to the estate as much as possible. Twinkle, became the main house-elf of the estate, taking care of anything that needed to be cleaned and making sure the others did their jobs. Binky, the lone female house-elf, had her duties focused towards cooking meals, watching the children and being the personal house-elf for the witches of the family.

Daisy and Rose, the twin Potter girls were not the last additions to the family. During the fall of 1987, it was revealed that all three witches living in the Potter Estate were pregnant. Lily was ecstatic to be able to share the experience with her best friends and that she'd be on her way to her fourth child. Narcissa's pregnancy brought some understanding towards Remus and the Potters on how close she was to Sirius and her sister, but they couldn't care less; they were just glad Narcissa would finally be having a child she could love to her heart's content.

So in February of 1988, Jack Potter was welcomed to the family. Unlike his older brother and sisters, he took after his mum, having red hair and green eyes. In April, Andromeda gave birth to a boy, Orion Black. Sirius was so overjoyed that he endured the ribbing he got from James and Remus for naming his son after his estranged late father. Orion looked like an exact clone of Sirius, with the black hair and grey eyes. A little over a month later, in May, Narcissa gave birth to Artemis Black, a healthy baby girl. She was pretty with blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. The births revitalized Sirius; he often was found watching over his new son and daughter during their restless nights, while Andromeda and Narcissa got their rest.

Lily, Narcissa, and Andromeda also made sure to keep in touch with the Delacours. Ever since that first visit, the summer before Nym's first year at Hogwarts, they'd made sure the family went there every summer for at least a few weeks. Fleur entered the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic the fall following the births of the latest Potter and Black babies. Gabrielle had grown into an energetic girl, and had become best friends with Daisy and Rose Potter. The three girls were never seen apart during their stays.

Daphne Greengrass quickly became a fixture in the household. Most days she could be found playing with Harry and Bonnie. She slowly became accustomed to being around so many children, though she did display some haughty behavior when things would get really chaotic. Harry's pranks, like changing all of Sirius's shampoos to honey-resulting in Sirius spending the day being chased by bees--and Bonnie's tomboyish antics, like sliding down the banisters in the estate, offset Daphne's reluctance in their trio and made days around the Potter Estate always adventurous.

Harry continued to receive a few owls each year from little Ginny Weasley. She was always enthusiastic in her letters, asking questions about Harry and his family. Harry did the same, often wondering how life with so many boys was for her, since it was the exact opposite of his home. Their mums talked on the floo several times a month, however things just seemed to never fall into place for Harry to visit the Burrow. With Molly having to watch her children, and Harry not being allowed to go outside of the Estate boundaries by himself, owls were the only form of communication between the two. After Nym's third year at Hogwarts, she stayed at the Burrow for a week, playing with her friends, Bill and Charlie Weasley. Harry came along with Sirius and Remus to pick up Nym, but missed seeing any of the Weasleys outside of Molly and Fred and George, who were being punished for throwing their brother, Percy's glasses down the loo that very morning.

Anything that happened during the year would intensify during the summer when Nym would return from a year at Hogwarts. She quickly fell back into her role as the lead prankster of the children, showing Harry what she'd learned at Hogwarts and joke items she'd bought from her trips to Hogsmeade. Nym also accepted Daphne into the fold, treating her as another little sister, being attentive to her but also making sure to include her in any ribbing that went on.

This was the atmosphere that explained why the now, eleven-year-old Harry Potter was currently being chased down the hall by a wet, towel-clad, Sirius Black. Sirius had been relaxing in the tub, when someone had thrown a Dr. Filibuster's Fabulous Wet-Start No-Heat Fireworks in with him. A surprised yelp was followed by yelling and some girlish screams. Once Sirius had extricated himself from the chaotic bathroom, he found a giggling Harry, Rose and Daisy Potter on the hallway floor in front of the doorway. While the twin girls had ran left, down the hall towards their rooms, Harry had split in the other direction; towards the kitchens where there was no escape.

"Harry!" Sirius shouted, his hand gripping the towel around his waist. "Can't I get one day of relaxation without you or Nym causing havoc!"

"What's the fun in that, Uncle Sirius?" Harry answered over his shoulder, pushing open a window and climbing out onto the ledge.

"Your mum will kill me if you don't get back in here," Sirius said, nervously eyeing the narrow ledge Harry was walking on.

"Maybe." Harry halted his steps to look back at Sirius. "But I think you just want me back inside so you can get your hands on me." He stuck out his tongue at his uncle and proceeded to grab Nym's Comet 260 that he'd taken from the shed and stashed on the ledge earlier. Harry mounted the broom and kicked off the ledge, leaving his uncle behind laughing from the window.

Harry flew towards his bedroom window, which he'd left open before he and his sisters had gone to prank their uncle. Awaiting him inside was Bonnie, who seemed to be staring at an envelope in her hands.

"Hey Bonnie, what's the matter?" Harry asked, putting the broom against the wall and sitting on the bed besides her. "I thought you'd be a little more excited that I pranked your dad this morning." He shook her shoulder lightly when she didn't respond.

"Oh... Harry," Bonnie answered distractedly, realizing his presence. "I didn't see you come in. It came, you know."

"What came?" Harry leaned over her shoulder to get a better look at what Bonnie was holding.

Bonnie turned her head enough to face Harry and gave him a bittersweet smile. "Your Hogwarts letter, silly."

Harry's shocked eyes left her face and turned its attention to the envelope in her hand. The time had finally come for Harry Potter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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