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What could the future hold?

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What would happen if the United States were to attack Canada? So far it's only one chapter and the concluding paragraph.

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The last time I felt this miserable was in boot camp. All the instructors yelling at me, the excruciatingly long runs, not to mention the food! Though I'm beginning to think it was gourmet food.

When I graduated from my course after boot camp I was posted to 15 Wing Moose Jaw. I spent three days as Pte Frizzell in supply, before we were attacked. We still don't know why they wanted to disable the Snowbirds, but we were attacked first.

Since then I've spent one year as a general supply tech at the only intact airbase in Canada, which ironically is 15 Wing Moose Jaw, and I've gone up three ranks. As Sgt Frizzell I work along side my husband MWO Croussette, he was a sergeant working on the Snowbirds before the attack, now he is in charge of all personnel working to repair our growing air force. Cpl Frizzell and Pte Olson, my son and his best friend, are both with the Saskatchewan Dragoons, Special Forces. They have been assigned to protect the base from infantry attacks.

My stepdaughter joined the Forces after the attack, and since she already knew how to use a gun she was sent strait into battle with the 1st Princess Patritia Light Infantry Regiment. I haven't heard from her in a month, when she sent a letter saying her regiment was due back at Moose Jaw in a week.

"Excuse me?" I looked up at the hesitant voice. It belonged to a young man.

"May I help you?"

"I was told to report to Sgt Frizzell." I guess he's the new private I was told would come today.

"You're speaking to her." He looked surprised and snapped at attention. "We're not in boot camp here, you don't need to stand at attention for every one of your superiors."

Bang! The door slammed open.

"Sgt Frizzell!" I couldn't see the woman clearly, but something about the voice or the way she gave me a quick salute seemed familiar. "I was told Pte Alexander Smith would be here."

"This is Pte Smith" I said indicating the man in front of my desk. The woman turned and softly closed the door. I could now see the army uniform and the lieutenant bars on her shoulders.

"My regiment was due back here two weeks ago," she turned and I realized with a shock who this was, "Capt Steel made certain we all wrote home. When we reached the extraction point we were ambushed, the captain was killed in the first attack. I quickly took charge so as to save as many of us as possible, but we had to call off the extraction and retreat as fast as possible. We've been traveling day and night to reach the secondary extraction point. In total fifteen of us made it home. I'm really sorry but, your sister didn't make it."

"What? But... How? Why?" He seemed very distressed.

"Alex, it's all right, we brought her home."

"All right! All right! How can it be all right! She's Dead!" through all this my stepdaughter remained calm, even though she was crying.

"Amanda wanted me to give you this." She reached into one of her pockets and extracted a thin gold chain with a silver cross hanging from it.

"Her... her cross." He seemed to have calmed down, but he was now crying openly.

"She died ten minutes from base... and help." My stepdaughter reached out and Alexander clung to her as they both cried.

I didn't know what to do, but when the door opened and the base commander came in they both snapped at attention.

"Pte Smith you may take two weeks leave if you wish, but you're dismissed for the rest of the day." The commander said this in an official manner, but his tone softened when he said: "go spend some time with your family, Lt Croussette has already informed them." The young man looked older as he walked out of supply then when he came in.

"As for you!" the base commander said rounding on my stepdaughter. "Thank you for volunteering to tell the families of your dead companions. I can only imagine how hard it must have been on you." It was amazing how quickly he changed his tone of voice.

"I couldn't let someone who hadn't known them speak about what happened. They wouldn't have understood, sir." The base commander winced at her last word.

"You know they want to promote you for what you did for your regiment." Neither of them looked happy as he said this. "That's it for the official stuff. Now, I would like you both to inform MWO Croussette that you all deserve a few days off." He smiled and walked out.

"You went up in rank since you left." I smiled at her.

"All field promotions because one or another of my friends died." She looked at me as if daring me to make it worse.

After a minute she came and hugged me.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too." And so we went to inform a certain Master Warrant Officer that we were kidnapping him for two days.

When we finally won the war, the United States of America signed an unconditional surrender. We had the strongest army, the largest air force, and the best navy. My son is now WO Frizzell, my daughter is in university studying to be a doctor, my other son is a flight attendant. My stepson is a captain under his sister, who is now a Lieutenant Colonel, she got the position through field promotions and she's not happy about it. As for me and my husband, we retired some years later, got a nice house in Nova Scotia and a cabin in a nice wooded area of Quebec full of blueberry patches.
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