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[A/N] – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENINA! I hope you have an absolutely awesome day. I’m sorry I didn’t send you a present (I did send you a card but I doubt it made it there in time, sorry!), as you know from my constant whining messages I’m pretty broke lately but I will send you a gift the moment I start getting paid again! For now though, I really hope you enjoy this one-shot and I hope you have a brilliant day :)

Penina looked out of the back window of her brother’s impala miserably. They’d been driving for about five hours now and she was starting to get bored. She’d tried going to sleep but her oldest brother Dean insisted on playing Metallica really loudly for the past hour so she’d had no chance of that. She might have been able to forgive him if she hadn’t been thinking about her birthday, which was tomorrow. Something that neither of the brothers had mentioned yet.

She couldn’t even talk to her brothers because they were both arguing about what had gone wrong on the case they’d just finished working. Penina didn’t care. They’d finished it, hadn’t they? The case was finished, no one was hurt and no one had died. Why waste breath arguing what could’ve or should’ve been done better? It couldn’t get much better than that.

There was a whooshing noise and Penina shrieked before realising it was just their friend Castiel who had appeared in the back seat next to her “Did I startle you?” Castiel asked, looking at Penina who was staring at him with an expression of horror.

“Just a bit.” Penina said, pulling herself together.

“What are you doing here Cas?” Dean asked, finally lowering the volume on his radio.

“I thought it would be okay if I spent the night with you guys. Considering what’s happening tomorrow.”

Penina grinned. At least Castiel had remembered her-

“Is it not going to look suspicious if you check into the motel with us? Besides, Crowley might know you’re nearby.”

Penina sighed and went back to looking out the window. Of course they hadn’t remembered. She couldn’t blame them. They had bigger things to worry about. Crowley had kidnapped an angel called Samandriel and Castiel was eager for them to rescue him. They were so busy worrying about that so of course they hadn’t remember Penina’s birthday. It didn’t stop her feeling like crap though.

“Crowley won’t know I’m here. Everything will be fine.” Castiel looked out the window “This is the slowest way of getting there. I could get us there in an instant-”

“No!” Everyone in the car cried at once.

“Last time you zapped me somewhere I didn’t poop for a week.” Dean said “We’re driving.”

Castiel sighed but started looking out the window as Penina had been doing “So when are you conducting the Samandriel rescue mission?” Penina asked.

“Tomorrow morning, first thing.” Dean said “We’re nearly there now. You can get some sleep soon. There’s a library in this town so you can spend tomorrow studying there, okay?”

Penina sighed. Recently her brothers had been allowing her on simple cases so she could get some hunting experience but she wasn’t allowed on the complex ones. Facing Crowley, the King of Hell, was not a hunt she was allowed to go on. Part of her was annoyed that she couldn’t join them but the other part was secretly relieved. Hunting was difficult, both physically and emotionally. Penina couldn’t even imagine going up against the King of Hell.

With a heavy heart she realised that her brothers had completely forgotten her birthday. She sighed again and returned her gaze to out the window.

When Penina woke up the next morning the motel room was empty. She hadn’t expected anything different. There was something weird about waking up on her birthday and not knowing if she’d see both her brothers alive tonight. She knew she would but you could never be too sure in this line of work.

She stretched and yawned and got out of bed. There was a note on the table from her brothers.

Penina, make sure you head to the local library and study today! Studying is so important. We’ll enrol you back in school again soon, we promise. Here’s some money for food. Have a good day! – Sam, Dean and Cas

Penina rolled her eyes. It was her birthday. She wasn’t going to spend the day studying at the library. But she didn’t want to spend the day by herself either. Penina didn’t have many friends her own age due to Sam and Dean moving her around all the time so really all she had were her brothers and Castiel. But there’d been one girl Penina had been fortunate enough to make friends with and she hoped she’d be able to hang out with her today.

Penina dialled her number and within seconds there was an answer “Hey Penina, I’ve been meaning to call you!” She said “It’s been so long, how are you?”

“Hey Claire. I’m good thanks. I was wondering if you were free today. I’m pretty sure I’m nearby, probably a bus ride away-”

“Well I’m supposed to be at school but I can skip if you wanna hang out.” Claire said “Where are you? I’ll get on the next bus.”

Penina told Claire which motel she was in and how to get there then hung up. Claire Novak was the daughter of Jimmy Novak, the man that Castiel was currently possessing in order to walk around in human form. Claire had been through a lot and so had Penina so the two of them had quickly made good friends. They didn’t see each other as often as she’d have liked because Claire had moved in with her brother’s friend Jody and Penina moved all around the country all the time.

It didn’t take Claire long to turn up at the motel and the two girls set off to have breakfast. Claire found a nearby diner and the two of them ordered pancakes “We need a celebratory breakfast.” Penina said.

“What are we celebrating?” Claire asked.

“My birthday. It’s today.” Penina said. She wasn’t mad that Claire didn’t know. She didn’t know Claire’s birthday and she probably wouldn’t have told Claire at all if her brothers had bothered to remember.

“Shit, you should’ve told me!” Claire said “I’d have bought you a present or a card at the very least. Where are your brothers then? Why aren’t you hanging out with them?”

“They’re working a pretty important case today. It’s so important that I guess they just completely forgot all about my birthday.” Penina said “I don’t mind though.”

Claire raised her eye-brows “Right, of course you don’t. That’s shit of them though. They shouldn’t forget something as important as your birthday.”

“I really don’t mind.” Penina said but her eyes were filling tears as she spoke.

Claire patted Penina’s arm comfortingly “If you’re this upset then tell them they forgot. Don’t let them get away this.”

“I don’t want to remind them though, they should just know!” Penina said “I don’t wanna see that stupid pitying look on their face when I eventually tell them. I wanna leave them to remember but what if they don’t?”

Claire wasn’t sure what to say but luckily she was spared from saying anything when their pancakes arrived “Hey,” Claire said to the waitress “It’s this girl’s birthday today. Is there anything special you can do?”

“Of course.” The waitress said and walked off to fetch something.

“I’m sorry for dragging you out to hang out with me when I’m in such a shit mood.” Penina said.

“Penina, it’s your birthday, you shouldn’t be in a shit mood.” Claire said “I’m going to do everything within my power to cheer you up.”

The waitress came back over with a large chocolate milkshake and placed it down in front of Penina “Completely on the house.” The waitress said with a smile “And we have another surprise when you’re finished with your pancakes.”

“Brilliant, thank you.” Claire said and the waitress left “Listen, I’ll make sure you have one of the best days ever. You deserve it Penina. We’ve both been through enough shit, surely we deserve just one good day a year?” Penina nodded thoughtfully “You know I’m right.”

“Let’s just not talk about Sam and Dean.” Penina said.

“Of course.” Claire said “So, tell me, what have you been up to lately?”

The girls talked about nothing particularly special until they’d finished their pancakes. The moment they were finished with those both girls received a free slice of cake. Penina’s had one candle and sparkler sticking out the top. She blew it out and smiled gratefully at Claire. At least she could count on someone to make her birthday special.

Once they were done at the diner Claire decided to take Penina on a ‘mystery tour’. Claire had hung out around here a few times when she felt like bunking off school so she knew most of the hotspots. First the two of them went bowling, then hung around in the arcade, then on to the cinema where they ate lots more food and watched a really shitty horror movie. Claire thought the two of them should go ice-skating but Penina wasn’t particularly enthusiastic so she suggested going to a park and just chilling for a while.

Half-an-hour later they were sat in a small park, each of them sat on a swing just talking “I like it with Jody.” Claire said “But she already had Alex and it’s like… We get along but I dunno… I wish things could be like they were when I was a kid. If Castiel hadn’t gotten involved then I would’ve had a normal life. It’s so weird to think about that sometimes.”

“I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like for you.” Penina said.

“I mean your Dad was possessed by a demon once.” Claire said “I’d much rather know my Dad’s possessed by an angel than a demon. What happened to your Mom?”

“I don’t know.” Penina said “Sam and Dean claim they never met her. Dad said he’d tell me when I was older but obviously… There was nothing in his journal. No one’s ever tried contacting Dad’s phone to ask about me or anything so I guess she didn’t want me whoever she was. I mean, assuming she didn’t die minutes after I was born.”

“I’m sorry.” Claire said, taking her hand and squeezing it “At least I know what happened to my parents. It would drive me mad not knowing who my Mom is.”

“It did for a long time.” Penina said “But now it’s a different story. I have no interest in digging up the past. If she’s alive then cool, I hope she’s happy. And if not… Well, that’s a shame I suppose.” Penina stood up “I’m gonna go to the loo.”

“Okay, I’ll wait here for you.” Claire said.

Penina walked to the toilet block beside the park and Claire pulled her phone out of her pocket. Now was her chance. She dialled Dean’s number. He answered within three rings “Claire? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I am. What are you guys doing?”

“Uh we just finished an important case and were about to sleep for a couple of hours. Why? Are you sure everything’s okay?”

“Jesus Christ Dean, are you dense?” Claire snapped “What day is it today?”

“… It’s Monday.”

“Okay. Monday the what Genius?”

There was a long moments silence followed by a quiet “Shit.”

“So what is today Dean?”

“… Penina’s birthday.”

“And did you remember?”

“Well um… There was a lot on our minds Claire, we couldn’t-”

“There’s absolutely no excuse Dean.” Claire said “Luckily for you I’m giving you a chance to turn this around. We can act like you guys never forgot in the first place. You’d best decorate that crappy motel room, buy her the best gift you can find and have a surprise party ready for within the next two hours. Got that?”

“Got it.” Dean said “Thanks Claire.”

“Shut up.” Claire said, hanging up the phone just as Penina came back out of the toilet block “Penina!” Claire called, walking over to her “I know you weren’t keen but I really think ice-skating will be fun. Come on!”

A couple of hours later Claire suggested going back to the motel room. Penina wasn’t keen but Claire kept insisting so in the end she just gave in. She was annoyed. She’d had a really good day with Claire but it didn’t soften the fact that her brothers had completely forgotten. Penina knew they’d been working an important case and she hadn’t expected them to postpone it for her… But if they could’ve just acknowledged the day then it would have made everything okay.

Claire gave Penina a small grin and gestured to her to open the motel room door. Penina raised her eye-brows but pushed it open… Then nearly jumped out of her skin when her brothers and Castiel all screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and let off party poppers.

“Happy Birthday Penina.” Dean grinned, gesturing to the pile of presents that was on the table “Do you wanna open them? We got you a cake too and we were gonna order pizza for dinner-”

He stopped in midsentence when he realised Penina had burst into tears. Sam automatically went forward and hugged her close “Why are you crying?” He asked softly, stroking her hair.

“I t-thought you’d both f-forgotten!” She sobbed.

Dean and Sam exchanged a look “Okay, look… We did. Claire rang us up and reminded us. It was terrible of us. We’re awful brothers and you deserve to hate us for the rest of our lives. We’re really sorry. We were so obsessed with this case that we just completely forgot. We’re really, really sorry Penina.” Dean said.

Penina pulled back and wiped her eyes “But when you guys were reminded, you went to all this effort for me.” Penina said then smiled “And Claire spent the whole day making me happy and she reminded you guys and she’s just the best friend ever. I’d say this is probably one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I’m so lucky to have you all.”

“Don’t, you’re gonna make me cry.” Claire joked, slapping Penina on the back.

“Come on Penina, come and open your pres-” Sam was interrupted by Castiel pulling another party popper with a delighted look on his face.

Penina laughed, sat down at the table and grinned at her best friends. It was a small party and there weren’t many people there but she wouldn’t have had it any differently. It was definitely the best birthday she’d ever had.

[A/N] - Once again, have the best birthday ever P-Dizzle because you absolutely deserve it! :)
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