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The Vampire Slayer

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Paige reads the Vampire Slayer section in the Book of Shadows.

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The Vampire Slayer

It was late and yet Paige was busy flipping through the Book of Shadows. She had just gotten done reading the entry on Vampires and moved on to the next page entitled "Vampire Slayer." Underneath the title showed a picture young girl holding a stake.

"Into every generation there is a girl," Paige read aloud, "one girl in all the world. She alone has the power to rid the world of vampires, demons, and forces of darkness. She is the Slayer." Weird, Paige thought, and continued reading.

'The Slayer is usually called as a young girl. She has a Watcher who teaches her what she needs to know. Normally, a Slayer is not aloud to have family or friends, as her job is very dangerous. Slayers rarely live past their 17th birthday. It is very rare if they do. Some Slayers are killed during their first year of being a Slayer.'

How sad, Paige thought. She closed the book and left the attic to tell her sisters about what she had just read.

The end.
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