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A New Enemy

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Rising part 2 from Sumner's POV from the time he was captured by the Wraith.

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Stargate: Atlantis. Nor do I own the plot. I got the script from I don't own that either.

Summary: Rising part 2 from Sumner's POV from the time he was captured by the Wraith.


With the lost city of Atlantis failing on us, we had picked an address from the Ancient database and dialed it. I and some Marines (including the Air Force Major Sheppard- I was not happy about that, but Dr. Weir had ordered Sheppard to come along) had stepped through the gate to see if we could relocate there. We walked around for a couple of minutes before we met a couple of kids and a man who told us his name was Halling. Halling then told us Teyla, presumably their leader, would like to meet us. I was not expecting their leader to be a woman who looked to be in her 30s. I was, perhaps, not the politest I could have been to her.

When we were walking there, I heard one of the kids tell Sheppard about something called the Wraith. I wondered what the Wraith were. Sheppard suggested that the Wraith were the enemy the Ancients fought over 10,000 years ago. It seemed quite possible. Teyla indeed seemed quite shocked that we had never heard of the Wraith. Well, I was going to find out personally who and what the Wraith were later that day.

While we were there, the village was attacked by some alien space ships that looked suspiciously like darts. The attack naturally created chaos. The natives ran towards the trees as these dart ships flew around, scooping people up with its white beam. I myself was shooting at the mist that seemed to be everywhere. Then Sheppard came on the radio and told me to shoot at the ships and not the mist because the mist was only an illusion. It made sense, so I looked around and found my head-of-security, Sargent Bates, hovering by the DHD looking around, clearly scared.

The last thing I remember doing was telling Bates to shoot the ship with a missile launcher, which he did... and then, I woke up in a cell.

I wasn't the only one awake. A couple of my men were awake, as well as some of Teyla's people.

"Where are we? Who took us?" I asked the tall Athosian, Halling, if I remembered his name correctly.

"The Wraith," was his only answer. Well, it looks like I'll get to be meeting these Wraith. I thought.

The last person to wake in the cell was the village leader- Teyla. As soon as she was awake, she sat up and Halling and another one of her people helped her stand.

"Are you all right?" One of Teyla's people asked his leader. Teyla didn't answer his question and instead asked where we were.

"Any idea what to expect?" I asked her instead from where I stood by the cell door. She shook her head.

"No," she said, looking around the cell.

"Your friend was the one who said the Wraith would come if we went down into the ruins," I said pointing at the man who had asked if Teyla was all right.

"Perhaps you should have heeded his warning," Halling said speaking up for the first time since Teyla awoke.

I, however, was still suspicious that we were somehow betrayed by one of Teyla's people; or, perhaps even Teyla herself. "How do I know he'd not the one who told them?" Teyla didn't reply because loud footsteps let us know our 'hosts' were coming.

"Someone comes," Halling said. A tall being, a Wraith, then walked along the corridor heading for the cell. The Wraith was tall, thin and had very long white hair that hung down his back. Even at one glance you could tell that these... things weren't human as they also had a different color of skin, and had big teeth. The Wraith wasn't alone. He had two guards with him, but you couldn't see their faces since they wore a mask. While they were walking towards the cell, we all took a step or two back. Though once the lead Wraith walked in, I stepped forward.

"I'm Colonel Marshall Sum..." I started, but was cut off when the lead threw me across the cell, and I crashed into the floor. The Wraith then looked at one of Teyla's people and gestured at him to come with them. The man looked terrified of them- he was visibly shaking and kept glancing around him as if hoping that the Wraith meant someone else and not him.

"No, please," the man pleaded desperately. It was pointless because one of the guards picked him up by the throat and walked out with him.

"Take me in his place!" Teyla said desperately. You had to admire her courage, even if her plea didn't work. I too wasn't going to let an innocent (no matter if I liked the guy or not) get killed. So I also tried to make the Wraith change their minds.

"No, take me!" I said standing up. "We're the ones you're after, right? I'm their leader." The Wraith apparently didn't care if I was their leader or not, as he just walked away. When he did, the door sealed shut behind him. Teyla and I watched the retreating back of the Wraith.

"They have no need to explain themselves," she said.

"Yeah, I got that."

Sometime later the Wraith and his guards returned, without Teyla's friend. This time, however, they walked straight to me. The leader looked at me for a moment and then snarled at me before turning around to leave. I took that as a hint that it wanted me to follow it. I glanced back at my men, and then followed the Wraith. I had a feeling I wasn't going to make it out of this alive.

The Wraith brought me to a room with a long rectangle table filled with food and plates. There was one corpsesitting at the end of the table towards, wearing the clothes that Teyla's friend had on. Apparently, the corpse was that man, though I had no idea how he could have gotten like that in such a short amount of time.

I walked towards the end of the table farthest from the entrance and turned around when I heard a sound. That was when I heard the sound of someone dropping down from behind me. I turned around and found a female Wraith with red hair behind me.

"What do you call yourself?" The female Wraith asked me.

"Colonel Marshall Sumner, United States Marine Corps," I replied. My name was the only information I was giving this enemy.

"So little fear," the Wraith said. "Is it valour... or ignorance?"

"We traveled through the Stargate as peaceful explorers." I told it.

"You must eat," the Wraith said, "yet you resist your hunger. Why?" Why does she care if I eat or not? I wondered. I decided to try and get some information out of her.

"Why have you taken my people prisoner?"

"You trespassed upon our feeding ground," the Wraith replied.

Feeding ground? "Feeding ground?" I asked aloud.

"All living things must eat," the Wraith said. "In this I'm sure we are similar. You feel hunger even now- I can sense it." Yet you resist. Why?"

Do these thing have some sort of empathy power or something? "Why do you care?" I said voicing my earlier thought.

"Hunger is distasteful."

I looked at the corpse of Teyla's friend. "Looks to me like the food didn't agree with him."

"There we are quite dissimilar, Colonel Sumner," she said and leaned over the corpse, and ran a long fingernail down its head. "We don't require our food to agree with us." What does that mean?

"What do you call your world?" The Wraith asked me. I refuse to tell it anything about my home world. It apparently didn't matter if I told her or not, since she got most what she wanted to know out of me in the end.

'What do you call your world?' It repeated, only its mouth wasn't moving. Telepathy, I thought straining to keep her out of my mind. It was very difficult.

'"What do you call your world?' The female Wraith leader demanded.

I was trying really hard not to answer, but despite all of my efforts, the Wraith still managed to get it out of me. "Earth."

"It is not among our stars."

I tried really hard not to answer, but all my trying was not good enough. "No."

"Tell me of Earth," she said, "how many more are there of your kind?"

Again, I tried to not let her in my mind, and while she didn't get the exact number of Earth's population, she got enough information.

"Thousands? Millions? More," The Wraith sounded delighted at the thought of more humans to eat. "Our feeding ground has not been so rich in ten thousand years. Your will is strong," The red-haired female Wraith told me. She pointed to the corpse in the chair. "This one begged for his life."

"Is that the kind of treatment I can expect for myself and my people?" I asked.

"As I have said," she said, "all living things must eat."

"Then we're done talking." "I think not," She replied. Kneel." I didn't move a muscle. She then reached towards me. I grabbed her hand, but she ran her fingernail down the side of my face. She then told me telepathically to kneel. I couldn't help it, and knelt against my will.

"I have not tasted such strength in so long," she said, and then ripped my shirt open. "Go to hell," I said.

"Earth first," was her reply. Then she slammed her open palm onto my chest, right over my heart. Her nails dug into my skin, and I felt pain. I couldn't help it and screamed from the pain of whatever it was she was doing to me. I knew that I wouldn't last much longer. "How many years must I take form you before you tell us what I wish to know?" She asked, hand still on my chest. Years?

"Or should I take them all?" she volunteered. Still screaming, I felt my self grow weaker by the minute.

"Where is this new feeding ground?"

"I won't," I managed to get out between screaming. Suddenly, I heard the sound of gunfire. The female Wraith looked around, but didn't take her had off my chest. I too looked, as far as my eyes could move, to see where the gunfire came from. My eyes trailed up and saw a gap in the wall where Sheppard was laying down. I knew I was near death, but I did not want to die by the hand of the Wraith. So my eyes pleaded with Sheppard to end the pain. Sheppard cocked his head to the side a little bit as if to say 'does he really want me to shoot him?' He must have done it, because a second later I felt a sharp pain enter right about where her hand was. She screamed and lifted her hand off my chest. The last thing I saw as I fell towards the ground was Sheppard getting covered briefly in blue light.


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