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From childhood Battousai was taught to kill, or be killed. When he is captured by his greatest enemy he must fight in a battle of wills against the coldhearted, merciless inquisitor Kamiya Karou. ...

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Disclaimer: If you really want to sue me, all your going to get is the lint in my pockets and a ten year old library card.

Warnings: Expect people to be tortured, sexually harassed, swore at like a sailor, die horrible deaths, mutated, OOC, insane, gay, lesbian and a few other things I might think of later. If you're a homophobe then have no fear, those characters are not the main focus of this fic. So you should be able to skip over most of the parts that deal with it. Each chapter will have a separate rating to it, so be on the look out. And yes, it will be a bit Emo.

Notes: Disregard any ages in the manga and anime. Kaoru and Kenshin are around the same age, 16-17, and Sanosuke is 19. Kenshin didn't meet Tomoe and Hiko is running around the mountain swearing about his idiot apprentice. Some characters may be OOC, but don't worry too much about it, I have my reasons. Kenshin's scar was not from Tomoe's fiancé and is only one semi-vertical line. It's part of the plot, so don't ask me about it.

All done

This chapter: PG-13


Session 1: Disease

The solitary black figure stood in the distance, a shinning and dripping sword held in a small delicate hand. It looked almost insignificant in the early dawn air, small and childlike in frame with long hair the exact same hue as the thick liquid that covered its slender build. It stood, lethal and cat like atop a tinted hill, the very ki the person emitted made even the hardest of all warriors spines shiver.

I stuck my head in the sand...

Crimson paint covered the once green blades of grass and made small pools of blood and dirt. Cold, grotesque clumps of flesh littered the ground, all once having possessed a living soul. Cold inhuman amber eyes surveyed the carnage, his mouth pulled into a straight hard line. Emotion gave no play across his face, marred only by the bleeding cross on his pale cheek.

Cut my face to hell...

Only the wind dared to make a sound, pushing the sweet rancid smell of blood over the rolling hills. As the golden sun rose, it cast long shadows across the ground and revealed the already tainted landscape, showing the deadly silence that covered the land like a wet blanket, smothering the only signs of life. The one lone boy stood, the crimson prince of this morbid kingdom. A hand tightened around a leather hilt and a finger traced the scar on the pale cheek.

There was nothing - nothing but my life unanswered...

The sudden snap of a blooded flag pulled the killers gaze on to it. The blue fabric stood gallantly upright, stuck deeply into the damp earth, sporting its red sphere proudly. That was what he fought for, the roaring fire the slaughter fueled. Glaring at the symbol that had moved the deadly slash of his ancient blade, the red haired boy dug the tip of his katana into the dirt.

The truth has died...

Turning angrily from the pompous flag, Battousai cast his stare around the landscape in silent hope of an end to the death around him. However silence echoed everything black and still. The dead had become his only companions; blood the fragrance that filled his nostrils. He glared at the bodies around him, looking for the living...

And in the world you wanted to find...


There was nothing...

Rays of golden light shone from the heavens, to their bloody messenger below. He had served heavens justice, killing the damned and evil.

...nothing but the unforgiven.

The shinning rays flowed around him and he glanced in to the distance. Noticing the rise of the sun he sighed. He was the predator in the night; he was of no use during the sunlit moments. Taking a cloth out of his clothing he folded it over the blade and wiped the shinning metal clean. His fiery amber eyes ran silently over the sickening scene he had created.
"Destroyed...." He whispered, casting a sad eye towards the carnage.

Destroy all you see...

Shrugging his shoulders, the man sheathed the shinning katana and walked softly across the hills towards a dark forest in the distance. Turning and taking one last look at the scarred land, he shook his head. The world was changing...

Tattoo the world - change everything...

A sudden movement to the left caught his eye and he walked over to a dieing man.

"Please...end it..." he said, taking deep gulps of air. Brown pain filled eyes stared up at him, the man's killer. Looking down at the man he saw that his limbs had been sliced off of his body. A leg lay a few feet away and the remaining appendages were no where in sight. The lone torso and head heaved as Battousai watched it struggle. Contemplating on what he was to do, his thoughts drifted on to the idea of leaving the man, he would lose blood fast enough. He was the enemy after all, he deserved the pain.

"" he gasped. "...from..." The amber eyes slid back to the other human beside him.

"" Battousai whispered, his brows coming together slightly. He laid a slender hand over the hilt of the sword.

Save the world from me...

He drew the iron with a flash and cut a deep, life taking cross over the man's chest, life blood draining as the soul fled from the merciless world.

/Tattoo the world/.

Turning on his heel, the man walked into the forest, sword dripping again and sparing a glance at nothing. The thick trees stood so close together that not a ray of light penetrated the dark gloom and Battousai relaxed his muscles slightly and shoved the sword, unclean into the steel sheath. A single tear leaked angrily out to his amber eye and slid down his cheek, leaving a bloody streak down his face.

It was the lives that struck him down, the souls that he had sent to see Kami. The scent of blood tingled his nerves with pleasure. It was becoming easier to take the life, his remorse was fading and the killing was a hobby that had come out of the war. It would never leave...He wondered if he wanted it to leave. The purpose that had kept him going for a long time was fading, blood lust taking over.

Do I care anymore - if there's a new beginning...?

The war was the last thing on his mind. The plan that had been the soul purpose of his life when he left the mountain had fled like so many men. It was destroyed, chopped by a silver blade and cast into the fire that fueled his soul.

The simple plan is broken...

At first he had tried to resist the change, tried to bleed the pain away and he promised he would not flow with the river. However it was all in vain.

Every time it's given...

Hate... it was what was at the heart of the matter. Hate was what drove him. When he was a child, he had longed for comfort, but it was never there.

I need thrust and love but grabbed the hand of hate...

Okami had sought him help from Katsura, but the man had never given it. Kenshin had fallen... and there was no one to help him up again.

/...To help me up again/.

Walking casually deeper into the forest, the boy finally found a place where he could sleep for part of the day. It was a tall tree that provided excellent cover for a small man and an all around view of his surroundings. Jumping up to a high limb he settled on a small bowl that almost fit his small body. Slowly the amber eyes closed, defeated only by weariness.

However, even that did not last long. The boy woke to a soft almost indistinguishable sound at the foot of the tree. Opening his eyes to amber slits he glanced down at the ground, giving no sign of life except for the glint of his eyes. A uniformed swordsman was walking stealthy across the ground, casting a fearful eye around him. Battousai's heart both leapt and shrunk at the prospect of another kill because the man was sporting the colors of his enemies.

Making the choice of killing the man or not was made quickly, however not without a small pang of guilt. He would wonder on the physiological effect killing did on his brain later.

Waiting until the man had moved far enough away to get a clear shot at his back, Battousai leapt from the tree and before his feet had even landed the man lay in a blooded heap below him. Twisting so that he wouldn't land in the carnage, the amber eyes looked around before taking off at a light jog, swerving in and out of the trees. He could hear voices from behind him and he stopped suddenly.

As much as he had tried to deny it, blood had taken over and he lusted for the substance again. Moving back behind trees he trailed the voices, eager for the thrill of battle. Spotting the three figures in the trees he ran silently and swiftly at them. His slashing sword made hash of two of them; the third had pushed another of his companions in front of him and bore no present injuries.

Glaring at the person, Battousai found that he could meet the man eye to eye. Raven hair covered a small head, tied in a samurai knot at the back of his skull. The boy's eyes were a shinning blue and shimmered in the dim light. His face was child like and innocence shaped his soft jaw, however one look into his eyes showed not a hint of innocence. The ki around the boy was powerful and strong; strong enough to make the fight interesting. He had pulled out a sword of his own, barely making it in time to counter the hitokiri's blade.

Battousai's lips tilted up wards as he watched the boy mange counter his other attacks. He was good but the red heads skill surpassed the others. As the boy tired Battousai decided to play with his opponent before killing him. Using only a small ounce of his speed the hitokiri cut at the boy's shoulder and drew the first blood. The boy floundered a moment before getting his footing back under him. The blue eyes that had been confident when they started showed a flicker of fear.

Smiling, Battousai slashed again and vaulted over the boy to land behind him. As he pulled his katana across the boys back, blood flashed and slid down the others back. Turning to face Battousai with only a flinch the boy gave a half hearted slash at him, which was easily evaded. Battousai pulled his katana back and prepared to deliver the killing strike, when he felt a prick on the back of his right shoulder. Stopping the slash in mid-motion Battousai reached behind him and pulled a spiked dart from his skin. Suddenly feeling of drowsiness crept over him and he glanced around at the trees that surrounded them. A lone man sat in a tree with a stick-like dart launcher up to his mouth. Pulling it away from his face, the man's mouth curled into a sneer.
Reeling back to look at the bleeding boy, who had collapsed to his knees, Battousai made a lazy slash at him. The raven haired boy brought his own blade up and it intercepted with a clang. Battousai felt his limbs grow heavy and he also collapsed, glaring at
the now smiling boy across from him.

"Bastard." He whispered before darkness side over him and his whole world tilted and went blank.

"Is this the man you wanted, sir?" asked a tall man with an unmoving form over his shoulder. The man nodded and glanced at the boy over the others shoulder.

"You did well, Saito. It is exactly how I wanted it." Smirking, the man put the rigid form of Battousai on the ground and stepped back.

"Now what sir?" Saito asked. The other stood for a moment, his eyes locked on the small boy at his feet.

"I'm sure Kamiya can get something out of him, take the Battousai to her." He said after a moment. Saito nodded and bent to pick up the boy. The black haired leader turned back to the captain of the 3rd unit. "How is Okita doing?" Saito flinched slightly at the question but shrugged the comatose hitokiri over his shoulders.

"He has injuries, but will live." He said and turned his back to the other. The leader watched Saito move away before calling to him.

"You don't approve of my decision of sending Okita as the bait." It was more of a statement of the obvious then a question.

Saito tensed and nodded.

"We both know that if I had sent you, then we would have the remains of Battousai in a small can." The man continued. Saito shook his head.

"Battousai has more skill then you know..." Saito said before loading the boy's small body over the back of a horse, tying him tightly on a horse. "Get Okita a doctor and send him back to me." He said and jumped on a horse of his own and rode off, the gray animal holding Battousai striding behind him.

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