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Slash wants to be Duff's slut

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Slash was breathing loudly. Maybe this was’t the best idea, he though to himself when he was standing in front of the Duff’s nervously shaking his leg. UK, lets go Slash don’t be a childish, he rebuked himself and twice knocked at the door. “Yeah?“He listened voice of his bassist. “It’s me Slash, can I come in?“Was the question of brunette.
Said Duff when boy with curly hair was just opening a door. Their look in each others eyes. Saul looks away, at his hands. He had feeling at his stomach like he is going to vomit. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea and Duff is going to laugh to him and thinks he had finally lost his mind. What if he is going to punch him right into the face? “I guess that's nothing, yeah forget I was here. It was just stupid idea, yeah, so I guess I’m just going to go. Yeah, I should go.“Starts mumbled Slash quietly and standing back. Duff just gave him a long look and then just sigh. He could see that, Saul was definitely nervous as fuck. So he decided that, he has to make him to say what he wanted, and Duff was pretty sure it was something important, because man with curly hair never had a problem with speaking, about something, he was really opened mind. “Slash, baby, just sit here next to me and tell me what you wanted, OK? I am not going to bite you or something like that, you know, right?“
Said blond boy gently. Brunette just sigh and then sit next to his friend. C'mon, Saul, you came here so now you just have to take it. So, tell him what you wanted. „Look, I was just wondering. Do you remember how we talked about…“He stops and take a deep breath. You can do it. It’s not that hard to say it. It’s just a few words. „..about, that I, uchI just don’t know how to say it.“ Whisper Slash and look around Izzy’s room. He has it nice here, say to himself and then give a look to bassist, which is patiently waiting when Slash find the words to say what he wants from him. „I want to be yours.“
Say curly haired boy and gives his band mate quick look. Duff just hug him around the waist and answer: “You’re mine, you’re all mine boys I like you all so much.“
Slash feels like he is starting to panic even more. Duff didn’t understand how Slash though it. Or maybe he didn’t want to understand, said to slash his head. Oh, stop it and don’t be so pathetic, would you understand if some of your friends just came to you and told you that they wanna be yours? No, you couldn’t so just tell to the Duff what did you mean by that and they go the fuck away before he slap you.
“No, I thought it different. I wanna be yours, like, ugh, like something like your slut, ya know? Look I know it’s stupid and now you’re thinking that I lost my mind, I understand, I just wanted to tell you. Yeah so I am going to fuck away and am so fucking sorry for bothered you.“ Saying Slash while he’s standing up from his band mates bed. He’s ready to go away when Duff’s voice stop him. “Wait.“
He said, so curly-haired just stopped. Duff comes in front of Slash and made him look into his eyes. “Look at me.“ He ordered him, so Slash does. „Tell it to me one more time.“Say Duff with his look right into brown eyes.
“I want you to own me.“
Slip from Saul’s mouth and his cheeks turn to same color as Axl’s hair. He feels so ashamed. Duff smiles a little and then gives curly man a hard kiss.
“You don’t know what you just did.“
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