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immortal thunder shadow JR/ 1

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Naruto age 12 October 10th today luck was on his side for once
team 7 were in the land of waves for a moth TRAING as well doing there job
Naruto sat under a tree in the shade feeling tired after tree CLIMING with TRANING
Naruto add taken a little nap he add needed very much while sleeping
out of a flash of ice blue light come a FUTURISC black orange inhibitor ring
with ice blue snow demon 9 tail fox markings on t
a hot red 9 tail demon fox eye emerald in the middle of the inhibitor ring
the inhibitor ring went onto Naruto right hand not before making 3 copy of it self
going onto each of Naruto hands feet Naruto glow ice white ice blue changing
into his new permeant form mean while SASUKE SAKURA and KAKSHI SENSI felt the power
coming from the forest Naruto was is it the fox power no this power pure not evil
thought KAKSHI what going on ask SAKURA I don't know its not ZABAZA is it ask SASUKE
no this power way to powerful to be him said KAKSHI
oh said SAKURA but if its not him what about the fake hunter NIN said SASUKE
he MYBE powerful but not like this said KAKSHI
mean while back with now change Naruto I mean
thunder shadow JR NAGA HYDRA the hedgehog
alpha omega ultimate life form chaos god
age 112 but stop ageing age 16 HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
albino white yellow quills like shade /yellow round his emerald blue eyes
yellow chest fur like silver/yellow thunder marks on his quills arms legs
orange black hover shoes with ice blue snow 9 tail demon fox markings on them
shoes like singe zero
thunder he looks like both lighting and shadow mix together
mom lighting jolt dad shadow raven
end of part 1
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