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thunder shadow JR /2

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thunder shadow JR yawn as he rub his eyes it was 12.00 dinner
man how long was I sleeping fox said INIR Naruto in his mind
2000 years but in the human world a hour said KUMRA your no longer human boy
your alpha omega male ultimate life form chaos god/hedgehog that is
but that ring on your hand there kit will make you look human to this world less your
fighting or TRAING all so kit your name no longer Naruto its
thunder shadow JR NAGA HYDRA your 112 but stop ageing age 16
but to the others your age 12 oh and kit your human form your hair ice white yellow
thunder marks in said KURMA thunder nod his head happy so this means I have a mom dad
both male said thunder yes kit said KURMA cool said thunder
there hoodie vest top open orange black with ice blue snow 9 tail demon fox marks on
the back of the hoodie MATCHING bottoms going to his knees
just then in a puff on smoke KAKSHI with SASUKE SAKURA found Naruto sat under the tree
Naruto what with the ice white yellow thunder hair ask KAKSHI yeah LOSSOER said SAKURA
yeah DOBE said SASUKE bloodline said thunder it just AWKEN said thunder
right said KAKSHI not buying it one bit but let it go for now since it was dinner
after dinner team 7 help TAZANA with the BRIGE about 4 the come in for tea
after thunder went back into the forest but KAKSHI add follow him
I know your there SENSI said thunder KAKSHI jump down from the tree
end of part 2
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