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immortal thunder shadow JR/4

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Category: Mystery - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2017-03-13 - 248 words

after getting to know both thunder mom lighting and dad shadow
4 chat SASUKE come out of the tree with SAKURA hay SASUKE TEAME thunder said
huh how do you know my name and that nickname ask SASUKE
sigh SASUKE thunder know your name and nickname BECOAS he was Naruto now thunder
after long EXPLAINING both SASUKE and SAKURA were both shock
SASUKE ask lighting CUD he change him into a hedgehog as well
lighting look at shadow then thunder then nod taking a quill from shadow
putting shadow quill on the ice blue alpha omega ultimate life form chaos emerald
glow the quill glow changing into a FUTURISC inhibitor ring
silver ice blue FUTURISC inhibitor ring with gold skull marks on it
hot red emerald in the middle of the inhibitor ring
lighting give SASUKE the FUTURISC inhibitor ring on his left hand
SASUKE glow silver as he was changing into his new powerful permeant form
about a minute or so SASUKE add change
bolt MEPILES JR dark NAGA the hedgehog
alpha omega ultimate life form chaos god
age 112 but stop age 16/HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
dark GRAY light GRAY quills like CHARNO /light GRAY round his lime green eyes
ice white chest fur like silver/ace spades marks on his quills arms legs
ice blue silver hover shoes with gold skull marks on them
shoes like neo
blot he looks both silver and MEPHILES mix together
mom silver Robert NAGA-dark dad MEPHILES dark -NAGA
end of part 4
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