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immortal thunder JR/5

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Category: Mystery - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2017-03-13 - 266 words

wow bolt said thunder blushing looking up at a SMARKING blushing bolt
SAKURA got angry after bolt hug and kiss thunder on his cheek
just before SAKURA hit thunder bolt use his chaos power to send
SAKURA to anti earth permeant mm bolt said shadow you do know
you sent the pink hair girl to anti earth permeant bolt put his hand on his face
don't worry bolt both SAKURA mom dad were sent to were you sent SAKURA
said lighting well were will you 4 go ask KAKSHI home to are world
I can make you are son KAKSHI said shadow KAKSHI was shock but nod his head
lighting take a quill put it onto his alpha omega chaos emerald for short
after glowing ice blue the quill change into
a black silver FUTURISC inhibitor ring with ice blue NINA marks on it
gold emerald in the middle of the inhibitor ring
shadow past KAKSHI his FUTURSTIC inhibitor ring
KAKSHI put it on his right hand KAKSHI glow ice white as he was changing
into his new permeant form a minute or to he add change
knight blade NAGA-HYDRA the hedgehog
alpha omega male ultimate life form chaos god
age 1125 but stop ageing age 18/HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortal/hermaphrodite
albino white emerald red quills like shade emerald red round his emerald blue eyes
emerald red chest fur like silver/NINA marks on his quills arms legs
silver black hover shoes with ice blue NINA marks on them
shoes like both silver and neo mix together
knight he looks like silver mom shadow dad lighting
end of part 5
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