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One shots open

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Hi, I would love some requests

Okay so I am having bad writers block. Read on to hear about the craziness of that that number.

Okay so I have seen people ask other people to send in requests for one shots and I wanna do the same thing. I know it takes me a while to post and I am sorry for that but there are some hardships going on in my life and writing just helps to take me away from the situation but my stories some times have some of the same problems I am going through so I am hoping to help you and make one shots.

So it could be anything with the men of:

Tom Hiddleston
Michael Fassbender
Alexander Skarsgard
Andrew Scott
Moriarty (Sherlock)
Thomas Dekker (Including his character Taylor from 'My sister's keeper' cause I love that movie.")
Orlando Bloom
Cillian Murphy
Pete Wentz


Michelle Trachtenberg
Mia Wasikowska

Fandoms shows:

Peaky Blinders
Grey's Anatomy
The fosters
Hollow crown (Tom's version even though it wont be the way they talk but it would be the best to my knowledge.)
The night manager

Basically anything dealing with Tom Hiddleston Though cause that is a specialty.

What I need is

Hair colour/length:


How you want your character to play:

Any other info.
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