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Most people will walk next to a bench, but forget its existence. A bench is nothing but a structure made of wood and metal. Yet, they don't understand that a bench has many memories stuck in the bo...

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Most people will walk next to a bench, but forget its existence. A bench is nothing but a structure made of wood and metal. Yet, they don't understand that a bench has many memories stuck in the bowels of its wooden splinters.

A woman or two once cried on this bench because their husbands left them. Kisses were made and the beginning of a new love, were created on this bench. A homeless man sat here smiling for the first time in ages because a dog wasn't afraid of his appearance, and gave him a lick of friendship on his rough and brittle hands.

So many memories, and one in the making. Two figures sat on the same bench, one laughed with the other as they waited patiently for two others to accompany them.

As a teenager, fashion was always a big thing. Some grow out of it yet some don't. My friends had always had a sense of style. Diego's soft black hair was long, down to the top of his neck and his bangs cascaded down to his nose. When sitting or talking with someone you could catch him swinging his head to the side to move his hair off to side so it wouldn't get in the way of his vision. He was dramatic. His clothes are what we always looked for when we needed to find him. Today, he looked like a rotten banana according to Ava. His bright yellow shirt was easy for your eyes to find in the middle of a sea of people. His brown pants hugged tightly against his legs.

"Ava look at me!" the girl standing next to him turned her brown eyes to his hair.

"Diego ...your hair looks fine" she kept her eyes on his hair and then gasped, "wait, look at all those split-ends" her tanned hands went to reach for his hair.

His dark eyes became extremely round and then he grabbed his head, covering any piece of hair he could.

"Come with me I'm getting a haircut!" he pulled at her arm as he stood up to leave but she fiercely pulled away.

"I was kidding!" she knew how to get under his skin, "we have to wait for Audrie and her friend Pete."

"Ava?" Diego tapped Ava on the arm and then continued on, "who the fuck is Pete?"

She shrugged her shoulders. She had no idea either.

The vibrations of the ringing phone broke her from her useless concentration . I called her to set up a date for her to meet up with Pete and I.

"Hello?" she answered uninterested.

"Hey doll, it's Audrie" then suddenly she became more tuned into the conversation.

"Hey! What's up how are you?"

"I'm good" without noticing I blurted out, "do you want to meet my friend Pete?"

She paused. I screamed in my mind 'Just accept damn it'.

I sighed with relief when she let out a laugh, "Well, that was unexpected."

I laughed too, "I know, I know, but I want you to meet him though" I smiled even if she couldn't see it, "he will make you smile..." I exaggerated the 'l' to help convince her a little more.

I knew she had a smirk on her face but she kept on denying, "Look Audrie I love you but-"
I stopped her, "No buts".

In frustration she just shook her head, "Ok ill meet him" . Then she asked the question that showed she was interested, "What's he look like?".

I almost jumped for joy, "It's Pete-" I stopped because I couldn't tell her who it was, because then she would be extremely nervous, "he's really hot. I pinky promise. Good, well this means we will meet tomorrow at noon by the bench in the park. Okay?"

Before she could answer I answered for her, "Okay agreed, well ill see you tomorrow!"

When I rushed my sentence and hung up the phone she just stared for a few seconds and then shrugged her shoulders. She sat there, pondering about who this guy could be.

Why did Audrie want to match her up with a blind date? Audrie also knew that she couldn't entirely trust guys. Yet Audrie was one of her good friends and trusted her judgment, she wouldn't match her up with some jerk. She opened her lips and let out a sigh and sat back down, hoping that tomorrow wont be a disaster.

My eyes desperately tried to focus on the road but I could not take control of my wondering thoughts.

I sat in the drivers seat, loving the feeling of the cushioning caving in as I sit, taking shape to my body. I wanted to feel happy because of a small thing like a seat cushion burrowing in as I sit, but I couldn't.

All my thoughts were focused on today, yesterday, and high school. I am just hoping he will forget about the one that claims she desperately loves him; that bitch for a girlfriend.

My hands were firmly gripping the leather wheel as my thoughts started to find themselves sneaking into the willingly abandoned rooms of my memories. She ruined everything I ever hoped of having. My day dreams of him in high school as I sat in my English class. Day dreaming that maybe one day my best friend and I will fall in love. I wrote his name down several times on a piece of paper and smirked as I thought of him laughing at his stupid jokes. Then of course, I grew up. I lost all hope when she came into the picture. If I could have, I would of excluded her out of the picture but I gave up and decided best friends was our only path to be. Nothing more, and hoping nothing less.
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