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A Carrot in Ballet

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An Alternative Universe Story || I am not good at summaries... the story will be a lot better :) Goku walks slowly to his classroom, with a dark red blush painted across his face. He didn't wan...

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: G - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Goku,Vegeta - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2017-03-26 - 105 words

Chapter One

"Son Goku! Do we have a Son Goku here?" A dark haired male looks around in the room filled of females. His glasses were pushed a bit past his nose as he glances around for a Son Goku. Suddenly, a shy hand raised into the air. The hand led to a well built teenage boy whose hair is sticking up in five different places. The male just scratched off the name and went on to the next female who went by the name of Lazuli.

"Kakarot?!" Bardock called upstairs, straightening out his bandana.
"Coming dad!" The boy runs down the steps,
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