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project immortal part 1

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sonic with his friends on earth with CHRIS and family
chuck was with tails in his lab
CREM and AMY help ELLA in the kitten mean while DR EGG-MAN
was on a I land in his mobile lab trying to find the master emerald and 7 chaos emeralds
but didn't find them someone add found them before him the old doc new
sonic and his friends add not found them but who thought the doc
what this thought DR EGG-MAN a black USB with project ultimate in gold
the old doc put the USB into his computer
2 files project shadow crated bye his grandpa 2 project lighting crated bye CHRIS
16 years in the future sent to this timeline to save project shadow from gun and the old doc
DR EGG-MAN was shock at this but SMARK now he add 2 he going to use so he thought
wen out of a flash of ice blue light the old doc was frozen in time with his 3 robots
mean while back with sonic since the others went to the beach part from tails chuck CHRIS
were in chuck lab chuck ask sonic if he do a test sonic said he didn't mind as look no needles chuck said that was fine all he was going to do was scan sonic with his scanner
out of a flash come a emerald red emerald blue inhibitor ring with
mint green name neo sonic JR NAGA the hedgehog with the royal family marks on it
ice blue alpha omega chaos emerald in the middle of the inhibitor ring
wow thought chuck the inhibitor ring went onto sonic right hand
making sonic glow ice blue as he was changing into his new permeant form
end of part 1
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