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"I think I'm suffocating..." drabble.

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You know, you kissed me once. But that's all right - you owed me one anyway. I think I had just saved your life that morning. I pushed you out of the way of... something... and we fell. We fell forever, for just a moment.

Damn, and it hurt, too.

You thought I was out cold that time, thought I wouldn't get up like I had all of those fights before. I was smiling then... Did you know that? It was this little tug at the corner of my lips and it was so subtle that not even your dark eyes found it. You were over and by my side in a heartbeat, your hand on my forehead, your beautiful face stained with tears. Were you crying then, or was it just the rain? Your lips met mine. I think you were trying to help me breathe. And when I kissed you back, you realized that I wasn't unconscious and - well, my face still hurts, you know.

You're so beautiful when you're angry.

What's the problem this time, Princess? You're so worried... I can't remember why right now, but give me a moment, okay? I'll figure it out soon enough. I'm hurt again, aren't I? But I think you saved me this time. Not quick enough, eh? You're learning, though.

It's... cold.

"I'll keep you warm. You'll be all right now..."

What's that, Dagger? Say it again, would you? I like listening to your voice. It's never that bad when you're the one telling me the lies - hell, you're probably lying to me right now. But I'll take it; I'll take it just to hear your voice.

I can't stop shivering.

There's so much blood.

Heh. I can feel your fingers wound tightly around my tail. It's not a handle, you know.

"Shh... Don't speak."

I don't think I ever tried to. No matter... I don't think I can, Dagger. I know that I don't need to. Are you crying? Please don't cry... Your tears are like acid on my skin. Did you know that? Don't cry for my sake then, okay?

"It'll be morning soon, Zidane."

Yeah, I know.

"You need to rest."

I can't breathe too well.

"I'll help you."

I'll find your body in my darkness, so don't you worry about me. It won't be dark forever. Your lips meet mine again... This time you won't be angry when I kiss you back. This time I needed it. I think I'm suffocating.

And, hell, it's wonderful.
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