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Thomas The Tank Engine v.s The Einsteins 2: The Other Railway

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Diesel 10 makes a shocking discovery.. This discovery could cause the end of Sodor.

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It is after the Great Railway Show and all the contenders are at a party. They have their own section with a board that says their name and what they competed in, on it.

City of Truro gave The Flying Scotsman a rude look.

C.O.T: You DO know that I was the first steam engine to go 100mph. Right?

T.F.S: Ha. That's funny. No, I was the first to do that

C.O.T: Let's have a-

T.F.S: Wait one second. Why are you even here?

C.O.T: Because, I, was the first, to go 100 miles per-

T.F.S: Let's have a-

Scotsman and Truro: Race.

Scotsman and Truro are at the same place “The Shooting Star Accident” happened.

Sir Topham Hatt: On your marks.. Get set.. GO!

Scotsman and Truro dash forward and City of Truro is starting to get ahead of Scotsman. But out of nowhere. Gordon gives Scotsman a bump to race forward and get ahead.

Truro’s boiler is beginning to overheat and Scotsman’s as well.

Both of their boilers burst.

They were put onto a siding and all the contenders went home except for them.

Meanwhile. Sir Topham Hatt teamed up with another railway to connect both of their railways together.

A few months later. Construction was done and the high speed line underwater from Sodor to The Koebear Railway was made.

The next day Gordon, Thomas and T.F.S were at Vicarstown Station when T.F.S notices a tube that has tracks coming out of it by the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge…

T.F.S: Gordon.. Where does that tube lead…

Gordon: It's the new underwater high speed line. It leads to the-

???: Koebear Railway!

A new engine was sitting right by the high speed line. He was exactly like City of Truro but had 2 tenders.

Thomas: What's you're name?

???: My name is The Flying Storm. But you can call me, Stormio. I'm half Flying Scotsman and half City of Truro! I go 175mph.

The Flying Scotsman puffed crossly out of Vicarstown Station

A few days later, Stormio was puffing happily around Sodor, when all of a sudden.. A weird looking “prototype” engine raced by him with Diesel 10, Arry and Bert close behind.

Stormio: No you don't! I've heard the tales.

Stormio bumped into the back of the mysterious engine and pushed it to safety.

Stormio: Who are you anyway?

???: Kathy….

Stormio: Alright.

Stormio pushed Kathy into a abandoned shed to hide her from the devious diesels.

Stormio raced back to the Koebear Railway but the Diesels were still searching when all of a sudden Diesel 10 was diverted into a buffer-less siding. He derailed and fell into some sort of cave.

Diesel 10: What in the..

He saw a Red Tank Engine that looked similar to Thomas with four people who were in their 20s right by it with almost nothing to eat.

Diesel 10 grinned evilly

The End
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