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You're My Boy Tonight, I Hope You Are A Gentleman

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A one shot with Pete Wentz (I don't really care for long summaries)

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You're in your humble apartment on, yet again, another Saturday alone. The sound of rain on your tiny balcony continues and you sigh. You've practically become accustomed to late-nights with only the shouts of your Chinese neighbors downstairs as the soundtrack to your boredom. You come out of the bathroom, your hair still slightly moist from your marathon shower and begin your way to the living room. You amble to the couch in your favorite light purple tank top and lilac and hot pink striped boy shorts. You reach across the glass coffee table to the remote and press power. The TV turns on and you begin your channel surfing. You pause when you see the A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me' music video. You smile and place the remote back down. You're just about to get comfortable when you hear a desperate knock at your door. Confusion sets on your face as you quietly pad across the living room to the cheap mahogany-colored door. Propping yourself on your tiptoes you peer into the eyehole. A hand covers whoever is on the other side of the door. You conclude that it has to be Mrs. Chan again wanting to borrow some dish soap. No one else comes up to your apartment at this time of night anyway.
You feel pretty safe in your assumption and unlatch the lock. Slowly you open the door. A strike of lightning engulfs your apartment and in unison with the boom of thunder the electricity in the entire apartment shuts off. Great. The lights are off in your hallway and making out the figure in front of you is impossible. You can't even see your own hand in front of your face. The figure moves in closer and you shyly mumble a 'Can I help you?' The hooded figure abruptly pushes their way against you and forces themselves into your apartment to your couch. Now, you're pissed.

"What the fuck? Who the hell do you think you are? Don't make me call the cops!"

The figure answers.

"Yeah, I'm so sure they'd be able to get your call," he laughs, "considering that the entire city is in a blackout."

"Just tell me who you are." You say more calmly.

"Well...I'm only a liar, but I'm the best. Oh, and I've got such good fashion sense."

And with that you hear the backup generator stir and the lights turn back on.


"That is what they seem to call me," he smiles.

"You scared me! I thought you were some crazy person coming to rape me or something!"

He smirked.

"Who said I wasn't?"

You jump over the couch and crush him with a hug.

You mumble into his neck, "I missed you."

"I missed you too."

You sit back up and lean against his shoulder.

"So what are you doing here?"

"Well, we have a break until our tour in Japan and I thought I'd be a nice surprise to drop by."

You kiss him softly on his jaw and he faces you. He looks you up and down.

"Are you sure you weren't expecting me?"

"No, Pete." You blush at your exposed skin and shift uncomfortably.

Panic! At The Disco floods the room as their music video plays on the television screen. You get up to go to the kitchen but a hand around your wrist stops
you. You turn back around and look down at him.

"You know, I have been gone a long time."

"Really? Wow. I never noticed." You giggle.

"I don't even think you really missed me," he pouted playfully.

"Is that so?"

You walk towards him and he backs up to the edge of the couch unaware of where this is leading. But you know all to well. You straddle his hips and begin to plant kisses on his neck, his jaw, his cheeks. Your lips press against his and his hands, before at his sides, now rise up to your hips. Your kiss intensifies and before you know it you have to pull away to regain your breath. You slide off his lap despite his protests and drag him by the hand to the other side of the apartment.

"Where are we going?"


"And that's why you're leading me towards your room?"

You both enter your room, which is probably the best part of the whole apartment. There is an almost majestic punk vibe emanating from all four corners. Purple, black, silver, and white. The oddest color combinations, but with your sense of style and clever creativity, you've pulled it off. Your large nightstand is adorned with pictures of you and Pete. You're favorite has to be the one you snapped when Pete was joking around with Patrick, Joe, and Andy on the tour bus. You push Pete onto your queen-size bed and point a finger at him to stay. You make your way to your walk in closet and begin searching for something to wear. You yank a black shirt and your red and black Clandestine hoodie off their hangers and swipe your studded black belt, jeans, and chunky skate shoes from off the floor. You put them on at light speed and descend from the closet with a model pose.


"Hey, any hotter and you'd be me." Pete responded facetiously.

You roll your eyes and go into the bathroom. Pete comes in and sits on the counter next to the sink. You don't like too much makeup so you decide that some eyeliner and clear lip gloss are fine. You put in some silver hoops and place your bartskull necklace around your neck.

"Okay, I'm good to go."

"Finally. C'mon let's do something." Pete whines.

"Considering what time it is-I really didn't think this through-I don't think we can go anywhere at this time of night. Everything's closed at this hour."

"So? As long as it's with you, I don't care."

"Aw, Pete."

"Yeah, I know...I have my moments."

"Haha. Oh, I you just want to take a walk? I think it's stopped raining."

"Sounds good. Lead the way."

Exiting the apartment complex, hand-in-hand, you start down a wooded path. The moonlight hits Pete's face in such a manner that his whole body glows in shining brilliance. You take time just to drink in every essence of him. He's perfect from head to toe. Everything about him drives you wild. He has on his brown beanie, black Clandestine hoodie with pink bats on it that cling like plastic wrap to his torso, tight jeans that sit low on his hips, and converses. You continue walking with him, the sound of crunching gravel and grass the only thing covering the awkward silence between you two. You can tell he has something on his mind.



"I just wanted you to know that I-"

Before you can finish your statement rain pours down from the sky. Without any comment Pete, still holding your hand, runs with you through the forested area to a quaint old bridge. Scrambling under the bridge you let go of his hand and catch your breath. You look over to Pete and giggle hysterically. You can barely stumble out your words in between you and Pete's laughter.

"I don't think a single part of me didn't get soaked!" You state.

"Me too."

You two pause for a moment as you listen to the rain drops dancing atop the rickety bridge. Pete pulls you into a big hug and you stand there in his arms for what seems like hours when he loosens the hug slightly to look down into your eyes. His honeyed cinnamon eyes gaze longingly into your own and a smile appears on his lips. He draws in closer to your face and caresses your lips with the sweetest kiss imaginable. Eyes closed, you reciprocate with a more confident version of his tender lip-lock, entangling his tongue with yours from time to time. A groan escapes his mouth as you part your slightly swollen lips from his.

"Damn." Pete breathlessly announces.

You nod in agreement.

"I guess we should head back before the rain gets any worse." Pete declares, water still dripping from his clothes.

"Yeah...guess so."

After running back through the rain you make it back, exhausted, back to your apartment.

"We should probably get changed. I'm not about to let you go back on tour with pneumonia. I doubt Patrick and the guys would appreciate their bass guitarist being sick on tour." You explain.

"Okay-okay...but exactly what can I change into?"

"Mmmm...nothing if I had my way," you say slyly, "but if you can remember you left some of your stuff here last time you came to visit me."

"That's right." He recalls taking off his drenched hat.

You and Pete proceed to your room. The smell of lime coconut air freshener awakening your senses as you sit on the wooden floor and take off your shoes and socks. After placing them beside you, you look up and see Pete from behind peeling off his wet shirt. Jesus Christ, you think to your self, I swear he does this on purpose...just to get a reaction out of me! You get up, without him realizing, and make your way to your dresser drawer. Two can play this game. You pick up a short pale blue neglige with lace around the trim that barely skims your thighs. With the dress gown in hand you rush to the closet just as Pete begins to unbuckle his jeans. After getting dressed (again) you peer out of the crack of the door to see where Pete is. His back still turned to you, you slip out from behind the door and silently come up behind him. You run a finger across his lower back, tracing his circular tattoo. His back arches from surprise and he turns around. You look down and smirk at his Nightmare Before Christmas boxers.

"I see you've found your clothes."

You look back up and catch his eyes tracing your frame in the neglige. You step closer to Pete's toned body and he steps back falling onto the bed.


"Yeah." He answers on his back looking at the ceiling.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" You ask coyly, twirling a strand of your hair around your finger, proceeding towards the bed.

He doesn't answer, but his silence is deafening. You seductively crawl on the bed towards him and kiss his forehead. Pete scrunches up his face like a child getting a lipstick-stained cheek wiped clean. You smile and continue to douse kisses down his body. With every delicate contact of your lips upon his flesh you sense the tension brewing inside him. You finally get to the bartskull tattoo just below his belly button and Pete, unable to control himself any longer, flips you over onto your back in one swift motion. You place your left hand above your head and flip a switch, causing the room to dim.

"Turn off the lights and turn off the shyness." You whisper into his ear as you place your hand back down.

He laughs and responds to his lyric with another one in between passionate kisses to your neck and mouth.
"Tell'd like...boys like me the dark...lying....on top of you..."
"I could never say no to you." You reply looking into his eyes.
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