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a song fic about lost love (one shot) rated for language

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Hinata, Kiba - Published: 2006-08-29 - Updated: 2006-08-29 - 483 words

song: seasons
artist: good charlotte

I wish she didn't hate me so much. Since she left me for Naruto I've been miserable.

"Summer air reminds me of
all the seasons of your love
and what it was like when we
where together."

Look at them. They're so happy together. That should be me making her laugh. That should be me not him.

"Walking all along the beach.
You were never far from my reach
and you held me through the stormy

Oh god, they're kissing. I should be kissing her. Hinata you're supposed to be mine.

"And I wanna fall in love tonight.
And I remeber when you said
Everything is gonna be alright."

She's looking at me. Akamaru don't no, oh christ. Akamaru why did you go over to her. Let me go get him real quik.

"Laying in the summer grass
you told me not to talk so
fast as I told you how I feel."

'Hi Kiba.' Her voice is beautiful. She's beautiful. Say hi back. 'Hey Kiba.' Naruto. Be nice to him. Now get Akamaru. She's bending to get him. Our hands touched. Say sorry. Good now leave.

"You made me feel right at home
You told me I was not alone and
You knew just how I feel."

Back to sulking. 'Kiba,' Her voice. Sh'es looking down at me smiling. She's sitting next to me. Tell her. Tell her you still love her. Let her know that you didn't mean to cheat on her with Ino. I tell her. She just stares at me.

"I know we talked about it
I just can't get around it
I just want one more night
with you."

'Kiba,' I love her voice. It's so soft. Hinata I love you. Don't look at me that way. You look as if you're discusted with me. Oh no you hate me don't you. I just want to love you and to be with you.

"And I wanna fall in love tonight
And I remember when you said
everything is gonna be alright."

Please don't hate me Hinata. I already had to deal with it once don't make me go throught it again.

"October air reminds me of
all the seasons of our love
and what it was like when
we were together."

'I love you to' What. She said it. I kiss her. It's just like old times. Oh Hinata. I'll never cheat on you again. 'But kiba I'm with Naruto now.' There's tears in her eyes. No Hinata don't cry. 'Why are you doing this to me.' No don't run away. Hinata.

"The smell of fall is everywhere
and though it seems I just don't
care cus now you've gone away."

Kiba you're such a dumbass. Damnit. I lost her. I lost her.

"And I wanna fall in love tonight.
And I remember when you said
everything is gonna be alright"

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