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A Good Challenge

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How Sophie came to live with Uncle Gustav

Category: Dracula: the Series - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Horror - Characters:  Alexander Lucard, Gustav Helsing, Alexander Lucard, Gustav Helsing, Sophie Metternich, Sophie Metternich - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2005-06-23 - Updated: 2005-06-23 - 454 words - Complete

"Go to Gustav! RUN SOPHIE!," her mother said as several figures started to descend on the three Metternichs, "RUN!!"

"Mom? Dad? What is happening?" asked little Sophie to her mom who was fumbling around in her bag. Sophie could see about half a dozen of the figures. Who these people were she did not know, but they were bad people regardless.

"No time to explain... just RUN! Use your necklace as protection from these creatures." Sophie's mom said as she pulled out a small silver cross and a small stake in order to save her husband who was already in a vampire's embrace.

She pulled out her crucifix necklace as her mother told her. Her small size and her crucifix allowed her to maneuver around the dark figures and she started to run through the dark streets of Luxembourg. If Sophie had looked back she would have seen that one of the figures separated from the group and was following her. Eyes focused on the road ahead of her, she had to get to Uncle Gustav's house.

The figure easily kept up with her finally grabbing her less than half a block away from her destination. She screamed, kicking the man as he held her up. Only slightly repelled by the crucifix at first, the figure broke the chain and flung the crucifix into the bushes. Fangs barred, he lunged at her.

"Get away from her," yelled a street-lit blond figure in a cape, stunning both Sophie and her attacker. He continued, "I believe I told you to get the parents, not the little girl. She is of little use to us now. Let her go to Gustav. Then she will be all the more challenging later. I do so love a good challenge." As the dark figure resisted, the blond man's eyes started to change color and it was only then that Sophie was able to escape.

A good challenge... these words rang in Sophie's head as she was pounding down the Helsing door, begging to be let in. They rang in her head even as she was explaining the events of the night. She still heard them even as Gustav tucked her into the spare bed and tried to soothe her with talk of the Cross of the Magyars and how these people cannot hurt her as long as she is here. This did little to soothe her as she churned the possible meanings of the blond man's words over and over in her mind. One day Sophie would find out eventually who those figures were and even what the meaning of the man's words, but she would never find out what happened to her parents as long as she would live.
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