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Saying Sorry

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Fourteen:
Saying Sorry
"These words will fade when you explain why you hate them."

A few days after TRL we were getting ready to leave for home, so we could go and pack our things for the tour that would be starting in about a week. As I was packing to leave for home I heard the hotel phone ring.
As I was reaching to pick it up I was trying to figure it out who it was. The only people who had the hotel number was my mother, but I doubt she needed anything, Pete who went to get some ice, but didn't take his cell phone, and the guys who were right next door, and could just stick there heads through to talk. "Hello?" I picked up the phone.
"Yes, am I speaking to Miss Natalie Hunter. The lead singer of Eurydice Fall?" I heard a woman ask.
I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, "Yes, may I ask who is calling?"
"Yes, this is Jennifer Madison. I am the booker for the MTV Music Video Awards. I am calling to tell you that your band Eurydice Fall is nominated for two awards, and are expected to be present during the awards," she said.
My eyes grew wide, and I heard Pete walk in, "What are we nominated for?"
"Video of the Year and Best New Artist in a Video," she said.
Pete looked at me strange, and did a motion asking me who was on the phone, "Okay sure we'll be there."
"Well, I was also wondering if you and your band wouldn't mind playing. The producers said they had to have you," she said.
I almost shrieked through the phone right there, "Yes, we'll be there. We'll perform. Thank you Jennifer. Goodbye."
I hung up on her, and looked at Pete. I was about ready to explode when he asked, "Who was that and where are you performing?"
"That was Jennifer Madison. She wants us to perform at the VMA's, and we're nominated," I said running, and jumping in his arms.
He grabbed me, "Whoa! Really?"
"Don't you believe me?" I asked.
He smiled, and kissed me, "Sure I do. I believe you one-hundred percent. Let's go tell the guys."
The guys were so excited they jumped out of there skin.
The next day Pete took me shopping, and when I saw Vera Wang Studios hanging above one of the shops I knew I had to go in, and see if she could custom make a dress for me.
We walked in, and I heard the receptionist whisper into her intercom. A few minutes afterwards I heard someone rushing down the hallway in the back. "Did I hear right Pricilla? Is Natalie Hunter really here?" when I came into view I saw here stop dead in her tracks.
I smiled, "Hi. I'm Natalie Hunter."
She smiled back. "I know," she replied. "I've been waiting for you."
I arched my eyebrows, "Really?"
"Sweetheart you are the girl to dress," she said.
I laughed, "I find that hard to believe."
"Well, you better believe it. Come you and Pete can come back to my office, and we'll get to work," she said ushering us back.
Her office was crisp, and clean. It was the color white, but it had a simplicity look to it. I sat down with Pete, and she got out a sketch pad.
"Tell me what you want. I am here to please," she said.
I smiled, "Well, Fall Out Boy and Eurydice Fall are going as dates, if you know what I mean. So, we decided the color scheme would be lilac, and white."
"Okay those colors are just lovely. Go on," she said righting some stuff down.
Pete nodded at me, "Okay well. I wanted to have a kinda Victorian style dress. I want a corset and everything. I want ribbons and layers, and I want it sort of grunge looking."
"What about sleeves? Do you want to go sleeveless, halter, what?" she asked.
I thought about it for a second then turned to Pete, "What do you think love?"
I saw his eyes smile, "I think if you want it to be Victorian you should have Victorian styled sleeves. You know long drapery type."
"Yeah, that sounds good, but I don't want it to look too Stevie Nickish," I stated my concern.
Vera smiled, "I understand. Well, I'm going to draw up a plan real quick. Just give me a second."
And a second was all she needed. She was a fast sketcher, and I soon learned a wonderful designer as rumors served her right. She showed me her sketch, "I want this badly." I said excited. "I need it by Thursday."
She nodded, "Okay I'll have it done by tomorrow. You'll just have to come by for me to fit it, and for me to make some adjustments, and then you can take it. Now let me get some of your measurements."
We were in and out of there in an hour. I couldn't wait to see my lovely gown.
That night I got together with Eric, Brennan, and Zack to discuss what we were going to do for the VMA's. We needed to do something big.
"Let's do something memorable," I heard Zack say from the mini fridge.
I nodded, "I agree. Something nobody has thought of before. You know?"
"Yeah, like impersonating another band, or something," Eric said.
I looked at him at his wonderful idea. I hugged him, "Eric, you're a genius."
"What? It was a stupid idea," he said defending himself.
I smiled, "Nonsense. Here is what we are going to do." Everyone huddled in, and I started to tell them the plan.
The next day I went back to Vera Wang Studios to get my gown fitted. When I walked in the receptionist told us to go on back. When we walked back I saw her hand embroidering something onto something white. She smiled, "I stayed up all night just to finish the embroidery, but I think it came out all right."
She got up, and held the dress up. I looked at it. It was everything I wanted. Everything I ever wished. She told me it had about five or six layers in it, and she draped over twenty ribbons on it. There was only on long drapery sleeve, and the other side was sleeveless. It was a wonderful mixture of purple and white. I had hand embroidered roses on every inch of the dress in lilac, and then every inch of the lilac were white.
It was very busy, but very grunge, and I liked that.
When I tried it on, and Vera laced up the corset it fit perfectly. She didn't have to fit anything.
Pete paid her a grand total of two thousand four hundred dollars. It was worth it though. She also gave me matching jewelry, shoes, and some numbers of hair stylist, and make-up artists.
I was getting nervous because the VMA's were tonight. So, we went to get my hair done, and they gave me a sort of Elizabeth Swan do, and the make-up artist poured on the eyeliner, but left my lips alone.
I was putting on my dress that night when I asked Pete to tie my corset up. "I don't know how to, but I would if I did," came his reply.
I frowned, and knocked on the door that connected the boys and me and Pete. I saw Joe open the door. He was dressed in a lilac and white tuxedo. "Hey, Joe is there anyone in there who knows how to tie a corset?" I asked.
He smiled, "I know."
"Really?" Pete and I asked simultaneously.
He nodded. So, I turned around, and sure enough he tied it right, and tight.
The next thing I knew we were in the limo about ready to step out onto the red carpet in New York. My breathing was so fast. I waited with bating breath.

A/N: Ooh. Hecticness ensues at school. Plenty of work to do, and nobody to do it with. I have couple of surprised for you in the next chapter. I hope this will suffice for at least till this weekend, but I can't make any promises.
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