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Five Words

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How many times have you heard a kid say, “This band saved my life?”

Because no matter who you are, I’m sure you’ve heard it. Maybe you’ve said it?

“This. Band. Saved. My. Life.”

Five words that mean more than any picture with a member.

Five words that mean more than an autographed CD.

Five words that mean more than a live show.

These words mean so much more than 19 letters.

How can a band “save someone’s life?”

That’s simple.

They care.

They don’t just sing about their past and hope it sounds good.

They want people to connect. They want to bring people together.

Under one emotion.

One feeling.

One memory.

One story.

Under one name.
Because the band’s name doesn’t just represent the band members.

No, the name represents the kisd going through hard times. The kids recovering.

This band gives hope.

Hope that they won’t have to be afraid forever.

Hope that they won’t be alone forever.

Hope that each fan is loved.

Because no matter who hates you.

The band loves you.

If your mother doesn’t love you, you are not unloved.

If your father doesn’t love you, you are not unloved.

If your siblings, your friends, your teachers, your cousins don’t love you?

You. Are. Not. Unloved.

Because each member of this band understands you and cares for you.

No matter who you are.

No matter how much money your parents make.

No matter how you dress.

They love everyone.

The ones who have hit rock bottom.

The ones who have given up.

The ones who have bounced back.

The ones who are still falling.

The ones who have never been in love.

The ones who are madly in love.

The ones who are confused.

The ones who are happy.

All of the fans are loved.

But not many band set out to save lives.

Out of all the times you’ve heard “this band save my life”, I’m sure at least once it’s been tagged to MCR.

My Chemical Romance set out with a mission, a goal.

Not to be heroes, not to be rock stars, but to help kids.

In an early interview, the four were standing next to their van and the interviewer asked,

“So is there one particular thing that you want your band to do?”

And Gerard answered.

Without hesitation or taking a moment to think.

He didn’t have to.

Hwe knew.

They all knew.

“Just, we wanna save kids’ lives, Help them out.”

The interviewer asked thew how they were going to do that and Herard said,

“I don’t know, through music I guess.”

Years later they would have thousands of people in venues all over the world to see them.

Because My Chemical Romance saved their life.

Maybe some of them hadn’t gone through tough times. But they knew that if they did, My Chem would be right there to help them through.

Their stadiums filled with the kids they set out to help.

All of them.

The ones with the scars.

The ones with the tattoos.

The ones with the fake smiles.

But also the ones with the tight clothes.

The ones with the diseases.

The ones with the disorders.

The ones with hope.

The ones with love.

The ones with friends.

The ones without doubt.

The ones without anger.

Every single My Chemical Romance fan is connected.

No matter what they helped you through.

No matter which song or album is your favorite.

My Chem is an idea.

The idea that no one is ever alone.
MCR taught us that it’s okay.

It’s okay to be sad.

It’s okay to be angry.

It’s okay to be afraid.

It’s okay to move on.

It’s okay no matter how many time that we’re not okay.

MCR makes us feel okay.

And if not now then we feel that it will be.

MCR gives strength.

My Chemical Romance saves lives.

My Chemical Romance will always save lives.

No matter what happens.

My Chemical Romance will always be there.

Because MCR isn’t just a band,

MCR is an idea.

And we are all My Chemical Romance.
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