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You Wish

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This story is about how alike we rly r and how much we can change over the course of time.

Category: Outsiders - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Published: 2017-05-03 - 229 words

"Hurry!" I yell back. Sam looks even worse than ever in her wagon an Josh looks so tired I want to kiss him. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself I'm Alex I'm 18 and I date Josh that pretty much sums it up. Right now I'm running away from this crazy lady who looks like a witch (she is) and has just torn down my whole village. Yeah, I know so sad. But enough of that let's get back to my eyes rather than my thoughts. Sam is knocked out and it looks like she's about to die. "Josh!" I scream shorting an arrow at the witch,"Come on! Pick up the pace! She's gonna kill you then I'm gonna die!" He keeps running but smiles. 'The barn' I think. "Josh!" I scream," The barn the safe haven come on!" We trudge on through the poring rain and see the barn. Come on Josh! I say to myself. I open the barn doors and walking in I see that Stacie, Tray, and Cupid have all lined up their supplies against the wall and made them selves beds out of hay and flour bags. Me and Josh make our bed and make Sam one as well."Hey." Josh says,"Can I kiss you?" Well duh! "No need to ask!" Our lips met and I can't help but sigh. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!
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