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The Conquering Queen (Gintama Reverse Harem Story)

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In Gintama, we knew that Kagura has a brother named Kamui. What if Kagura and Kamui has a beautiful elder sister? She was two years older than Kamui. She is an alien hunter, like their bald of a fa...

Category: Gintama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Published: 2017-05-05 - 206 words

Name: Kanae

Birthday: October 10th

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Age: 20

Height: 169 cm

Race: Yato Tribe

Appearance: Kanae has long black hair (from her father, because Kamui and Kagura has vermillion hair from their mother) in a bun on top of her head (like the picture, but without the flower hair clip), and beautiful piercing azure eyes. She has a red parasol to shield her from the sun. She has pale white and smooth fair skin. She usually wore a gold cheongsam with floral pattern and white high heels.

Personality: She is calm and collected, but blunt like her sister. She is lazy. She is loveable but dense.

Likes: Her family, Yorozuya,

Dislikes: Enemy, someone that hurt her family

Story: Kanae became an alien hunter in the young age. Because of that she often went with her father around the world and left her siblings to care for their sick mother. Kanae cares about her sibling and her sick mother. She always plays with her siblings and gives them the love they can not get from their parents. That is why Kamui love her more than a brother should do. When her father informed her about her little sister, she immediately flies to earth and protects her sister.
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