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diffrent sonic x 1

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shadow using his red chaos emerald to heal him self some of the blood from
shadow arm fell onto the red chaos emerald little did shadow know 1 of sonic blue
quill was on his arm mixing with some of shadow blood sonic blue quill mix together
out of a bright white light come a young hedgehog that look like sonic in looks and quills
the young hedgehog albino white yellow lighting marks in his quills for head arms legs
yellow round his emerald blue eyes /peach chest tummy
dark blue ice blue inhibitor rings with gold lighting markings on them with
ice white ice blue chaos emerald with MATCHING hover shoes like singe zero
age 114 but stop ageing age 14/HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
shadow rub his eyes some more thing what the who this kid he as eyes like MARIA
shadow blush then ask who are you project lighting jolt but call me lighting
you created me with your blood and a blue quill from sonic the one you call faker
sonic my mom bye DNA shadow said lighting blushing I know I am not what you inspected
before lighting said more shadow hug lighting and kiss him on his lips making lighting blush
DR EGGMAN add about a hour before AWKEN shadow after been in deep sleep
the old doc SMARK after telling shadow he was the one who free him add
that he said shadow was going to work for him shadow look very angry at DR EGGMAN
shadow use his full chaos power after he add taken both inhibitor rings of his hands
shadow glow red firing full blast of chaos ENAGY DR EGGMAN was hit dead on
the old doc was no more patting heavy shadow put back on his inhibitor rings on
back to now shadow still tired after that lighting use his own chaos emerald
to heal shadow who glow red feeling better shadow hug lighting making him blush
using chaos control shadow hold lighting hand in a flash the 2 were gone
end of part 1
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