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The Babysitter

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: Alex Anderson left her home town to peruse her dream of being a ballet dancer, but you can't get your dreams handed to you on a silver or gold platter. After years trying to break into business, ...

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Today was not like any other day, today was different. I just got fired, laid off to be exact. Twenty three years old, single and broke in a city that i would not say is my home. 'sorry, this is not working out. You have been laid off.' The words escaping my boss's mouth send a bad shiver down my spine, and of course the thought came to mind that i should head home. I should just pack up my stuff, and leave for Virginia. I left my home town in the review mirror and told myself that i will only come back when i, Alex Anderson becomes famous. I have been in Vancouver for three months, as an assistant for some hedge fund, but i have been away from my home town since i was sixteen years old, following my dreams.

My dreams had been crushed so many times, that i gave up the same amount i wanted to keep on going. "So you looking for a job, more in the hedge fund thingy?" My roommate asked, he wasn't the type to talk to me, we have been living together for two months now. Maybe the reason he wants to know is because of the rent, due this month. I shrugged and twirled the red sharpie around job offers that seemed in my education level, which was zero. I got a lucky break being an assistant, a mutual friend, that friend now is in India, with her boyfriend. I can't do witnessing, i keep mixing up my orders, even though it is so easy, but witnessing was for someone with a head, mine is currently rolling down Vancouver, looking lost as usual. "I might have something." Russo, the man i lived with said, and my attention peered over the news paper to him. "Do you have any experience with kids?"

"When i was in high school that was my go to job, a few years of it yeah," i said, all so madly, hoping he could hook me up. Russo was also an assistant at a studio, he had been working on the set of supernatural. The show. He was the one who brought coffees to people on set, if they wanted a taco, he was your main two guy. Needless to say it was a nice job, and he had for six years.

"One of the actor's are in need of a baby sitter, i heard them talking on set. I could maybe ask him, not for a job. For an interview, him and his wife had been searching for a while now, and i think you would be great with their daughter." Baby sitting was not really my ideal job, but i need money. I need a roof over my head. "You have watch the show before right?"

flustered, i answered with a short nod. "Yeah, i would not say i am a obsess, but i am a fan." Every Thursday it plays on the CW, and it is a dammed good show, with dammed looking brothers... who wouldn't love their show. "I would love it if you put a good word in for me. I will do the dishes for a month."

"I like that, i will tell him when i go to work," Russo, being tall; climbed off the bar stool like a giraffe losing his balance. "Good night Alex." I returned with a nod and a soft mumble saying goodnight before i went to my four by four small room. All i need was a bed, and no closet; i can't even afford a closet.I was currently living out of my blue and red high school gym bag and my black suit case. I hope that Jensen would agree to meet me, i really need a job. At this moment i didn't even care how much they are going to pay me- as long if that doe covers my rent and food i will be happy for the time being. I looked at my ballet shoes hiding in the corner and a sad sigh escaped my mouth, will i ever be on stage again? Will i ever be in the production of the nut cracker, black swan? I just need to get on my feet once more, for the twentieth time since i left Virginia, but one thing was certain in this life i called uncertainty; i was not going home.

I woke up when the sun came through the curtains, and today from all days i did not wanted to wake up, i did not want to step a foot outside of my door; why? Maybe because where would i go? I had no friends, i had no job. I turned on my back, gazing at the dull ceiling. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Alex." Trying to motivate myself didn't pan out, but my stomach certainly did. I climbed out of bed and slipped on my sponge-bob slippers, shuffling into the kitchen. Looking up i noticed that it was just past eleven, i could go back to bed... I sighed, making myself a pot of tea and went to the kitchen, "No food." I muttered, shaking my head. So i have to go out today. At least it was for a good reason. Food.
Time was going slow for me and i will join it. My mother used to say is if you are waiting on someone or something, you best forget about it. It was easier, then you won't be disappoint when the news was bad, because you forgot it. One of many quotes of life by Ellie Anderson. So, i will forget that Russo will put in a good word for me, and till he gives bad or good news, i will try and find something to fall back on.

Jensen's Point Of View.

It was the best choice' for both i and my wife. We missed each other to much. So we decided to move back to Vancouver to be closer to my work, and of course when i had a heavy day on set i know i could just climb into my car, or cliff can drive me and walk into my house, waiting to be embraced by Dan eel and justice. I was glad that she decided it was right choice. We shoot nine months out of the year; and of course between holidays i can be there; but for me it was never enough. I missed them too much. On the down side, meaning we move back, we need to find a new baby sitter. Our trust one we had to leave in Texas, and i would not expect her to up root her life to be here. Texas can be cold, but it can also be hot. But here in Vancouver, you can guess that most seasons were cold, and no one would trade Texas for Vancouver, but i did. "It's been four months since we moved here, no dice." I said to my on screen brother who currently 'fake reading' a book.

"Jensen," Russo said my name. I looked over my shoulder with a questioned look. "I might have someone, she is really nice and have experience with kids, she's my roommate. Her name is Alex, so if you are going to do interviews it would mean the world that she can get one."

Finally a break, someone that was coming to me and not me going on the internet. Some pose just so they could be in my house and have no experience what's so ever. I could trust Russo, he would not lead me into a dark path. "Really? Man, i have been searching non stop, but i have to speak to my wife first, how about i let you know. In today." Russo gave me a nod and a smile before went back to work. I fished out my real phone, one that's not Dean and shot a quick message to my wife. 'D, i might have found a baby sitter, she can come in for a interview, and we can see. Our assistant Russo just told me about it, should i tell him to send her over?'

Ten minutes later she responded. 'Hi baby, yeah that would be great. We can look at her resume and see how it goes.' she send back with a wink face. I smiled and slid my phone back in, going to find Russo to tell him the news.

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