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Don't Tempt Me

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temptations grow and are questioned by the sisters who were once for killing for Vampires

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NOTE: I have decided to take out Shane Helms & replace with Seth Rollins lol

Don’t Tempted Me chapter 2

“What the hell Amy?!” Valley slams the door as she watches Amy get out of the driver side “Just sit there playing love tag with the jerkface blood sucker whose name I cannot remember & don’t want to”
Amy sighed as rolled her eyes “come on Jeff, you can stay here”
“Great, play lovey eyes with a blood sucker & now you are inviting one in. You TRYING to kill us?” watches them as they make their way to the door before making her way in herself. She looks at them as they sat down in the living room.
“Where are you going? We have some Netflix shows to finish” Amy frowned watching her
“Going to write down my last thoughts before he sucks us dry as we sleep.” Valley doesn’t even look back
“You have quiet the imagination there beautiful” Jeff hollers after her. “She really needs to get laid” he chuckles as glances at Amy.
Valley slams her door and locks it. She leans against the door as her head rests back and sighs deeply out. “What are you doing Amy?” She pushes herself off and heads to her bed. She flops down and looks up at her ceiling that had some stars, moon and rainbow stickers that has been there since childhood. She couldn’t wrap her head around what her sister was up to. Do they think she is stupid? Him playing the vampires are not real shit. So they want me to believe these guys just popped out of nowhere and decided to help a damsel in distress. And that she just met Jeff randomly tonight and invited a stranger to stay the night. She may be young but she is not stupid.

She was laying on her side with her eyes closed, lost in the music her earphones blasted as she roamed her thoughts. In her peacefully place of a time now gone forever.
“lots!” a young Valley exclaimed excitedly
“what’s that? Lots of whip cream?” the man said as he tipped the can again and put more
Valley giggled “Don’t stopped!” jumps with excitement
“Auntie is going to kill you” Amy said watching him load the pancakes with whip cream that already had chocolate and sprinkles in them for breakfast
He laughs “well at least I’ll die happy with my last meal” he stops with the whip cream and looks at Valley and smiles.
“is there a pancake heaven?” Valley looked up at him
“he’s going to wish there is” they all looked back at the kitchen door way, Valley gasps as her hand covers her mouth

Valley’s eyes shot opened feeling movement on the bed. If anything, Amy just sit somewhere on the edge if she even came in, but not from behind. She turns over and goes for a punch “OWE! I surrender!” she hears as her earphones fall out
“Jeff?” she breathes out as looks at the door wondering how he got in
“hey,” he grins “you remembered my name, I’m flattered” lays on his side to look at her with his head in his hand “you have one right hook there…”
“say beautiful again and I promise I’ll make your nose bleed” She stared sternly at him as a warning. Last thing she want is a blood sucker calling her any names as such.
He grinned again as he studied her, not wanting to test her, he lays on his back and sees her ceiling “cute” says with a soft chuckle.
“mind telling me what you are doing in my room?” She remained sitting up on her knees looking at him after she had swung at him
“was missing you” glances at her with another grin “and I’m tired”
“hello, there are so many other places and couches to sleep in this house” she tried to push him.
“you’re not in any of them” he kept his cheesy grin
Valley rolled her eyes as she goes to lay facing away from him. “No way I am letting you take over my bed”

“VALLEY!” she heard Amy yell as she was putting things in a blender “Valley!” she heard her in closer range. “Really!? Are you kidding me? Left the bedroom curtains opened”
Valley’s head went back as she laughed and turned the blender on. “told you he was a vampire” still had a smile on her face at the thought “wish I saw his face when the sun hit him” goes to pour the smoothie in a cup. Her amusement went away as she looked at Amy “really? You invited more vampires?” she looks up at the ceiling “unbelievable” she puts her cup down before even having a drink and brushes passed her.
Amy looks turns as she watches her wondering how she knew Matt and Seth were there.

Days went by and the news always had a death or missing people. She knew who it was and was wondering how she can stop it. “Where have you been Val?” Amy said as she said by Valley on her bed after she got home. “You been gone a lot these days”
“you blame me?” she laid curled up hugging her stomach. “You have 3 blood suckers in the house, I don’t wanna be here naturally” she looks at Amy “and don’t call me Val”
“you okay?” she sees how her sister is curled up
“have had stomach pain for few days now. Nothing big” she looks away
“PMS?” she frowns a bit as studies her sister
“if it is, Midol isn’t strong enough. I’m high on T3’s and its doing nothing” she says in a monotone and doesn’t even blink “thanks anyways, you can go now” doesn’t even look at Amy.

Amy stands outside Valley’s door after she closes it. Doesn’t seem like her sister anymore. Seems she was distant and she knows it’s her fault for her desire to be a vampire, to be with him forever. She was starting to miss her sister and hoped soon it will be over and they be close again, after she got over the fact she would be a vampire.
“No! Don’t even fuckin’ talk like that!” Amy says in anger.
“What? She needs to really get laid” Seth laughs “she’s so tense. She tried to kill Jeff”
“She was messing around with him, doesn’t mean she needs to lose her virginity” she frowns at them
“OH!” they all howled as Jeff held out his hand “pay up”
“you guys are fuckin’ unbelievable!” Amy gets up and heads to the kitchen seeing they had a bet going.

“If you are looking for an apology still you can fuck off” Valley says not amused as Jeff walks in her room as her eyes remained closed.
He stops with surprise as he was being his quietest. He continues to the bed and crawls, “No, I came to apologize. I invaded & you retaliated and proved vampires exist” he gets right behind her as puts a hand on her hip “the burn healed, I am still alive”
“Unfortunately” she said still in a monotone with the pain her stomach she didn’t have any effort to even talk.
“You are such a delight you know that” he smiles as goes by her ears “just relax, sleep”
She hated the fact her eyes were heavy as it was with the self-medicating she had done and seemed she was obeying him.

“What’s wrong Valley?” a young Amy said as she climbed up the ladder to the tree house their uncle built for them in the back. It was dark out and only time Valley be there is if she is scared
“The people, they are bad” She said holding her bear tight
“What people?” Amy asked with confusion. She was just inside where it was empty
“They are here for Auntie & Uncle.” She said quietly
Amy then heard a door slam and she knew was the front door. But she heard some familiar voices “mom? Dad?” she said as she took of running
“Amy! No” Valley tried to stop her

Valley’s eye shot open to the darkness of her room. She was not curled up anymore and in a relaxing position. She looked behind her as she felt a pair of arms, Jeff was holding her as he slept. She had slept hard for most of the night, something she hasn’t been able to do since this all started. Most of all, her stomach pain was gone. She adjusted a bit and Jeff tightened his grip as she did. Although he has the strength to kill her he was gentle even in his sleep. “Don’t go” He mumbles in his sleep as nests his head by hers. Why is it she actually staying in his arms. A week ago she couldn’t even stand being around him, he is her enemy. She’s never been in a man’s arm like this, she never wanted to. Her aunt & uncle gave her a life that will keep her occupied and untrusting of people. She was questioning if she could even trust her sister now.

Amy stared at her phone “I miss you, lets meet up baby” they agreed be better if they didn’t contact each others as they laid low as they were letting things cool down since the run in with Valley. But she did miss him.
“Hey” she heard the moment she stepped outside. “you’re mine” his sultry voice purred in her ears as he pulled her close to him hard “all day” he lightly kissed her neck as his hand ran up her stomach and squeezed her breast with dire need
“fuck” she softly moans at his touch
“Don’t have to tell me twice” he grinned darkly as he pulled her away and made way to the car he parked down the drive way. Daylight was approaching and for safety he hid in the trunk “you are crazy baby” Amy looked at him as he got in “crazy for you” he reached for back of her neck and pulled her to him for a deep kiss.
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