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I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love

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Sometimes being in love just isn't enough.

Category: Newsies - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: David Jacobs, Jack Kelly - Published: 2005-06-23 - Updated: 2005-06-24 - 691 words - Complete

David hadn't been expecting Jack to be there. When he thought about it, he wasn't even sure if he wanted Jack to be there.

After all, they weren't together any longer.

David took a long look at the small room that he and Jack had called their own. It was a place that he had called home for nearly six months. But now, he was choosing to leave it of his own free will.

It wasn't even like he could say that his relationship with Jack had ended badly. It had just... ended. Which wasn't a bad thing in itself, but the prospects of having to face life without Jack was something that terrified David. Never mind the fact that he had spent the majority of his life not knowing that Jack Kelly had even existed.

David couldn't remember what it was like not knowing that Jack existed.

Things had started out so well, David thought as he packed his few belongings into a bag. They had been so young, and so in love. Their days had been filled with romance - walks through central park, cuddling together in bed, and filled with more extravagance than either of them could afford simply to make the other one happy.

That had been such a long time ago.

Now... David didn't know exactly when things started to go bad. All he knew was that somewhere along the way it seemed that they had both stopped caring, stopped compromising. Somewhere along the way they had stopped picking up small gifts to make the other person smile, and they had stopped going for long walks in the park.

Their sex life had gone from being sweet and romantic and perfect to just being some sort of routine that was expected to happen.

Neither of them had wanted that.

Neither of them had known how to fix it.

Both of them had wanted to.

There had been times where it had been better. They had gone out in a group with friends, and Jack would flash his brilliant smile at David, and put an arm around him protectively and they would pretend, if only just for the night, that they were still the golden couple, the one that everyone expected would be able to make it. They weren't Sean and Tony, they didn't spend all of their time fighting and seeming to hate each other even while they were attached at the mouth. They were the one that was supposed to have more to them than sex.

But they didn't. And now there was nothing left.

David hadn't told any of his friends that he was leaving. It had been a mutual decision that he and Jack couldn't be together any longer, but David was the one who had forced the conversation.
David was the one who didn't want to pretend any longer that things were perfect between them. David had forced the conversation the last time too, and they had both bent over backwards for three weeks trying to please the other before everything went back to the state of mediocrity.

David didn't want to have the conversation again.

And now, this was the end. His bags were packed, and he was going to go home to stay with his parents until he found somewhere else to live.

He expected that Jack was out, trying to get as drunk as possible, so that when he woke up the next morning he could pretend that it was some sort of bad dream that he'd had after a night of heavy drinking. David wanted to do the same thing.

In a way, he was glad that Jack wasn't there. David didn't think that he had the strength to leave Jack, to say goodbye. To look Jack in the face and tell them that while yes, he loved him, and he knew that Jack loved him back, that it wasn't enough.

David needed more.

Author's Note-The title is from the musical The Boy From Oz. I haven't given up on my other stories, I've just been fighting a severe case of writers block. I should be updating again soon.
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