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Three Little Words...

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Will Hiei ever confess his love?

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Three Little Words

Hiei wrapped his arms around the taller figure and buried his face in the light-colored shirt. "I love you." he whispered. "Do you hear me? I love you." He looked up to see dark green eyes filled with hatred and disgust. The taller figure pushed Hiei away causing him to crumple to the ground. "Filthy creature," the figure muttered before fading away into the darkness. "No! No, come back!" Hiei reached out weakly. "No-"


"-don't leave me!" Hiei opened he eyes and gasped in the cool night air. Sitting up, he realized he had fallen asleep in a tree for the umpteenth time. Seeing no one around, he sat back, sighed, and closed his eyes. "Kurama," he mumbled before falling in to a dreamless sleep.


"Hiei. Hiei, wake up."

Hiei shifted slightly but refused to open his eyes.


He rolled over hoping the annoying voice would go away.

"Hiei....Yukina's in trouble..."

Finally, Hiei snapped his eyes open, looking around in panic, only to find a smirking Kurama looking up at him. His look softened but his tone of voice didn't waver. "What do you want?"

"For you to get to school on time," Kurama said smiling. "Now hurry or we'll both be late."

Hiei rolled his eyes and jumped down from the tree. He was dressed in the same uniform as Kurama. In fact, it looked as though...

"Did you change at all from yesterday?" Kurama asked as they started their way to the high school.

"Does it look like it?" Hiei snapped. It wasn't that he was annoyed with Kurama's usual questioning. He actually enjoyed having someone care for him enough to ask him directly. It's just that this was the fourth time this week that he's had that dream and he was getting quite aggravated that he couldn't block it as well as he used to. But because they keep coming back, being around Kurama was becoming harder and harder.

Kurama gave him a curious look. "You didn't even come by last night."

"So?" Last night was Hiei's turn to stay up and keep a look out on the city. He was supposed to switch with Kurama around 3:30 am but he wasn't in the mood to try to hold back his feelings left over from the dream.

Kurama kept quiet at they walked the rest of the way in silence.


During school, Hiei's mind drifted, as always. He hated going to school. But he only went because Kurama thought it was a good idea that they'd be in contact with each other throughout the day. Honestly, Hiei thought it was useless seeing as there was nothing but weak humans around. Unless you counted Kuwabara but even then the human race proved to be pathetic.

Today, he thought about the dream. The dream that's been haunting him since he and Kurama first met. Yes, he had always thought of him as more than a friend. Yes, once or twice he's wished Kurama's arms around him at his weakest moments. And yes, he had often placed him in his most exotic fantasies. But, for some reason, one of the most feared demons, who could defeat any enemy with a few strokes of his sword, just couldn't say three little words. Three words that could cause eternal happiness. Three words that could cause eternal despair. Three little damn words...


The bell rang for lunch and everyone headed to the cafeteria or outside. Hiei stepped out on to the roof top and looked down at the minuscule humans below. He grew bored of them very quickly and laid back to examine the clear blue sky.


Hiei looked around in the darkness. He called out, "Where are you?"

The only answer was his own echo.

"Where are you?" he called again.

Hiei ran into the darkness hoping to find who he was looking for. He searched franticly, his eyes straining in the dark.

"Where are y-?" He had bumped into something soft. Hiei looked up to see his favorite loving green eyes.

"I finally found you," Hiei whispered before reaching up for a kiss.


Hiei opened his eyes to stare at Kurama with a sunset background. "Shit!!!" He sat up quickly. "How many times do I have to say: Don't sneak up on me!" he said with his back towards Kurama. He was trying to get rid of the redness in his face...and the heat in is pants.

Kurama countered, " And how many times have I told you: Stop skipping class." He sat next to Hiei. "Everyone said you disappeared after lunch. Do you have any idea what time it is?"

Hiei turned his face away a little. "I couldn't help it," he mumbled. He prayed that his face was close to normal.

Kurama looked at Hiei for awhile then looked out to the sky. "You've been sleeping a lot lately. Are you sick?"

"Of course I'm not sick! Why would I be sick?" Hiei immediately cursed himself for overreacting.

Kurama side-glanced him before saying,"...are you sure? I've been feeling a bit strange myself. I was just wondering if it wasn't just me."

"Well, I'm not sick so quit asking." Hiei stood up. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to kiss Kurama so much. But he couldn't even touch him. He just couldn't. He hurried downstairs without a word to Kurama.

Kurama looked mournfully at Hiei's retreating figure and sighed.


Hiei stalked the city in the dead of night. It may have looked like he was just looking for something to kill. This was only partly true. He was looking for a place to think and not be disturbed. But his mind got ahead of him.

He wished there was a way to get his feelings across to Kurama. He tried only once before, but he succeeded only in confusing himself. When he confronted Kurama, the words just seemed to jumble up and, no doubt, when they came out, they confused Kurama as well. Ashamed, Hiei had gone into hiding for months and didn't come back to civilization until Kurama coaxed him out. Since then, Hiei always tried to stay close enough to Kurama to protect him, but far enough so that he wouldn't fall for him more than he had already.

Hiei stopped on one of the rooftops. 'But if I stay away long enough, the dreams come back.' He stood there and pondered over this for awhile. Then he disappeared silently into the night.


Kurama stepped out of the steam filled bathroom, with a towel in his hand. Water dripped off various places of is body and hair as he made his way to his bed. He looked at the clock and saw 3:03 am displayed. 'We should be switching soon' Kurama thought, and then started looking for a pair of jeans and boxers. Once he found both items and put them on, he turned around to look down in to blood red eyes. "Hiei?"

Hiei blushed ever so slightly as he noticed Kurama's naked chest. "Before you go out there, I want you to know something."

"...and what would that be?" Kurama asked after a pause. He had an innocent look of confusion.

Hiei sighed. "I... I..." This was it. "I..." He couldn't back out now. "I lo-.." Come on. Almost there. "I lov..." Dammit!! It was only three damn words! "I love you," he finally whispered lowering his gaze to the floor. "I've loved you since we've met. I've always wanted to tell you but -" Hiei was cut off by a pair of lips. Kurama's lips.

Red eyes stared into green ones in silence for a few moments. Then, in hushed voice, Kurama whispered, "I love you, too."

Hiei buried his face in Kurama's chest to hide the joy in his face. So what if Kurama was still wet? He didn't care. As long as it was Kurama and no one else. "Good. Otherwise I would've killed you."

"I doubt that," Kurama spoke as he lifted Hiei's head to kiss him again. The pair wrapped their arms around each other and refused to let go until morning.

~The End~
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