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You, Are the mail carrier of Dr Light, luckily you were meeting Protoman, He Gives you a promise would you keep it?

Category: Mega Man - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Published: 2017-05-19 - 236 words

You were walking to light labs... you had been working on your part time job so you had a few last stops it was Dr Lights since your a mail robot you were supposed to send those letters that Dr Cossack sent you went up to the house and knocked on the door

'Why hello Y/n' Dr Light said as you noticed a red robot in the background

'Whose that?' you pointed to the robot yet Dr Light was you creator you knew everything

'That? oh thats Blues' Dr Light said

'Blues, hmm' you smiled as your eyes glittered with excitement

'So Y/n why don't you meet him?' Dr Light asked you which you visably blushed as you made your way to the odd looking robot

'Really?' you asked

'Really' he responded as you walked up to the robot who was sleeping

'Hey uh uh hi' you said as he looked at you with those black visor glasses never taking them which was weird

'Hi i'm Y/n or P/t Women' you said

'Blues' the robot responded he was kinda akward as you shrugged it off soon enough you befriended him and he didn't seem bad as he asked one favor

'Y/n' He said

'Yes' you responded

'Can you keep a promise?' He asked

'Yes' you responded

'Don't replace me' he said

'I won't' you both pinkie promised
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