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[TenSaku][Dourabble] It's ironic. I've been teaching her avoidance and I never saw her coming

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Disclaimer: Dustbunny doesn't own Naruto. I hope you're appreciative

A/N: So, I felt like writing a double drabble and I did. For those of you who care, I wrote this pairing because I pulled their names and the word "couple" out of a hat. So, here's this


What she wanted was daily training sessions, a few hours a throw. As a medic, she needed to be able to flawlessly dodge enemy attacks. She wanted my help. Still cataloguing her as the weak girl from a few years earlier, I said sorry, but no.

"Please/, Tenten," she begged. "If I can manage to avoid /your attacks, I can avoid absolutely /anything/."

Flattery, accompanied by pleading eyes and a submissive, however insistent, demeanor. Typical deception techniques taught to all kunoichi. I recognized the ploy easily. I wound up saying yes anyway.

For months we trained unless one or both of us was away on a mission. I was surprised at her improved skill and wondered at first if my help was really necessary. I soon saw, however, that she truly had a long way to go. She took to the path without hesitation and I gladly went along beside her.

After much blood and sweat, she can successfully avoid all of my attacks.

In theory, I should be improved considerably as well. I should be quicker, more observant... I never saw her coming at me. I fell wholly to her mercy.

I lean into the kiss, not entirely displeased.


So, that's that. I'm actually using this to issue a bit of a challenge. The details are in my LJ (dustbunny105) because these notes are already too long for a two-hundred-word story
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