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By My Side

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[Drabble][Companion to By Your Side] The musings of the other Kaiba brother. Not really drama; there's no "general" option

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Disclaimer: She's a sixteen year old girl. Draw your own conclusion

A/N: How could I write about just one brother? Answer: I couldn't


I really depend on him.

If it were anyone else I would hate him. I would want to make him suffer for having this control over me. But he isn't anyone else and I don't hate him. All I feel is gratitude for letting me lean on him so long. I never would have made it so far without him. I know I can almost ignore him at times; times when I throw myself so into a project I almost scare myself. But without him I would crumble.

That's why I hope you'll always be by my side, little brother.


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