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By Your Side

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[Drabble][Companion to By My Side] The musings of a Kaiba on his brother. Not really drama; there's no "general" option

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Disclaimer: For crying out loud, look at this trash! You really think she owns YGO?

A/N: I love the Kaiba brothers. Their relationship is so cute. Thusly, this was hatched


He really depends on me.

I know it sounds bigheaded, but it's true. I don't know what he'd do if I wasn't here. He definitely wouldn't be what he is today. I'm sure he never would have gotten this far. Sure, it's not always so easy to tell with the way he throws himself into other things, the way he gets so focused that it's almost scary. Sometimes it's almost like I'm not in the picture. But if I wasn't by his side, I know he would fall to pieces.

Just know I'll always be by your side, big brother.


Ha! You thought it was from Kaiba Seto's perspective, didn't you? But it's not! -cough- Saw it coming, huh? Go figure. Please take a moment to critique
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