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The Chronicles of Unnecessary Cruelty to Rahab

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A collection of Rahab-centric drabbles.

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It was a feeling familiar to the brethren. By their very nature as Kain's sons, they were expected to feel great pride. Not too great, mind; that was Kain's domain.

But for all the pride they felt for being the chosen children of their Master, felt for serving their Master, for every village conquered, for every mortal slain, they had not felt such pride as they did now, their own children standing at their sides.

Even Kain seemed almost impressed.

"The firstborn child of Clan Raziel, Master." Raziel's voice echoed through the chamber, and he slipped to one knee. His firstborn before him, under the scrutiny of Kain. "Abdiel."

Kain nodded, and gestured for Turel to stand forward.

"The firstborn child of Clan Turel, Master." He said.

Rahab stood in his place on the circle, his own son by his shoulder. He had been preparing his child for days, readying him for Kain's inspection. His new uniform of light armour gleamed in the moonlight, Rahab's clan cape around his shoulders. Rahab felt giddy with delight seeing his symbol adorning another. He particularly liked how the brightness of his hair set off the deep blue of his cape to perfection


Much to Turel's annoyance, Zephon sniggered. Then Zephon's son sniggered. A sense of dread filled the chamber.

Dumah was summoned forward. Rahab straightened himself up, and glanced to his son.

"The firstborn child of Clan Dumah, Master." He said, and bowed clumsily.

Surely Kain was bored of hearing that by now?

"Jaziel." Across the chamber, Raziel looked mildly insulted.

Kain approached the young vampire, circled him, and nodded his approval. Dumah released the breath he had been holding.

The next moment, Rahab had placed a hand fleetingly on his son's back, and stepped forward to the centre of the circle.

"The firstborn child of Clan Rahab, Master."

He counted the three footsteps past him, so his son was in full sight of the council. A moment for Kain to see him in full, regard him with a criticism usually reserved for good horses. Strong enough. A pause for Kain to gauge his courage and loyalty. Good enough. Then Kain's eyes turned to the back of Rahab's bowed neck, with a question only Rahab could hear.

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