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Only Here to Mend (Jercy Fanfiction)

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This is A PERCY JACKSON FANFICTION, but there is no category, so sorry if I put it in the wrong place. Didn't know where it could go. . . "P-Percy." Annabeth whispered, then, her heart stopp...

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The war was brutal, blood was everywhere, and screams where heard within each millisecond. Demigods, Greek and Roman, where dying against Monsters. Some killing the beasts. Gaea laughing, not a single sword or any weapon yet to maim her.
"Annabeth." Percy panted, having just killed a group of Hell Hounds. "Where?" He croaked, looking around for his girlfriend in the middle of war.
Then, he recognized another scream.
His stomach turned, heart plummeting into his stomach. "Annabeth." He whispered, gripping his sword tightly, his knuckles turning white. "Who was that?" Jason asked, confused, his back against Percy's. "Wise Girl!" He screamed, tears prickling his eyes.
Percy then abandoned Jason, her screams echoing through his mind. Leaving a confused, yet concerned, Jason.
"Must. Go. Faster!" He shouted, screaming in agony as he pushed himself to the limit, desperate to get to Annabeth. He quickly found here, lying on the ground, teeth marks in her neck, and her hair crusty with her dried blood. "Annie?" He whimpered, "Seaweed Brain." Annabeth whispered, her eyes cloudy, and her far off smile meaningless. "Hey." Percy said, tears threatening to escape, his voice cracking.
"Hey." Annabeth whispered, "I love you." She coughed. "I-I love y-you." She coughed again, wheezing this time. Blood splattered over Percy and Annabeth's bodies. Annabeth shakily gripped Percy's hand. "P-Percy." She said, then, her heart stopped.
"No!" Percy screamed, it seemed tha everything had stopped, all he had was gone.
"Annabeth!" He shouted, pain and raw emotions spilling from his lips. "You did this!" He screamed, pointing his trembling hand at Gaea. "Of course, child." She soothed, but to er shock, Percy didn't break down. In fact, he had gotten stronger.
"You killed her! Now I kill you!" He screamed at her, the ground started to shake, and monsters around the demigods started to scream and cry out in agony. The, in sync, all of their heads exploded. "I've killed your army. Now it's your turn!" Percy shouted, water sprouted from the ground like geysers,avoiding any demigods on top of the spots of near them.
"Wh-what?!" Gaea shrieked, her plan was failing!
"Die!" Percy shouted, his vocabulary worthy to challenge Coach Hedge's.
Percy screamed again, the water he had summoned creating a hurricane, shield around him, and a barrier around all half-bloods. Water then shot at Gaea, creating a mote at her feet. "Disintegrate or stand then die? Which one?" Percy asked, his voice holding a chilling, evil tone. "I-I will over power you!" Gaea boomed, sounding weak compared to Percy. "Die." He stated, right before he let go of his control.
Water from the mote shot upward, creating a cage, meanwhile he set the other bits of water at her head. Slowly distracting her, he then used some of the remaining mote water to slither it under her. Cutting off her connection with the earth.
"No!" She cried, and slowly returned to her rest. Percy, who had kept a straight face the whole time, smirked. "Don't mess with me." He growled, then stabbed the ground with Riptide.
Percy fell to his knees, "Prissy?" Clarisse asked, she was the first one to speak. Percy let out a choked sob, hitting his fists against the battle grounds.
"She's gone." Percy whispered, "She's really gone." He continued, letting out another sob. "Guys, I found out what was wrong." Nico said, the quiet demigods looked at him. "Make a shrine, for Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena." He stated. Everyone's hearts sank.
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