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A Fun Night Out

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A drabble about Zephon out hunting one night

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A Fun Night Out

He could sense his prey as she ran through the dark, trying desperately to stay ahead of him. The sound of her heart thumping in his ears set his pace as he leisurely jogged to keep her just in his sight, but just out of hers.

Every so often Zephon would pick the pace up just enough to allow her to catch sight of him, let her know he was still there.

He allowed the woman to run far enough ahead to attempt to find a hiding place. He enjoyed this part of the chase. He observed her from a distance as she found what she thought to be a secure place down a small narrow alley. Zephon took his cue and walked to the entrance, stood there for a moment and turned back to face the street.

He made a slight rustling and made his footfall audible as he walked away. Once he was sure he was no longer within the woman's earshot, he silently doubled back and perched himself on the wide window ledge almost directly above her hiding place. Patiently, he waited.

Eventually the woman began to stir, Zephon had been listening with amusement at the sound of her heart rate decreasing gradually. This bit was always fun.

He watched the woman hesitantly emerge, look fearfully in both directions and waited his moment as she was about to break into a run. He jumped down and landed in front of the terrified woman.

"Boo." He said quietly. He smiled lazily as her heart rate increased to almost a buzz, too scared to even scream. He backed off very slightly, he was in danger of frightening this one to death.

Zephon took in for the first time what this prey actually looked like. He could see the tear-stained trails that were faintly outlined with grime, she was middle aged and currently staring at him, eyes wide with fear. It was always a gamble with chasing prey at random, you didn't know what you were going to get. That was half the fun.

"Run." He whispered to her. His interest in the chase elevated as he watched her disappear round the corner.

Waiting in the shadows of the alley, Zephon decided to give the female a good head start this time. He would pick up her trail easily enough.

The window beside him glowed with light, drawing to one side he watched a young girl barely out of infancy cross the room with a candle in one hand. Moving suddenly into full view, he smiled at the girl, showing his fangs clearly. He strolled casually down the alley after his quarry laughing at the sound of a shriek and a candle hitting the floor.

He moved rapidly through the streets mildly irked that he'd lost the sound of that tantalising heartbeat. He continued to follow her trail.

Reaching the edge of the town and nearing the woods he picked up the sound again, he slowed his pace.

Thump-thump, thump-thump. It had slowed down again. He deliberately snapped a twig beneath his feet. She heard it, the heart rate increased again, she was running again now. Zephon took up the chase again, this time staying loud enough that she could hear his pursuit clearly.

He unhurriedly followed her through the trees, letting the sound of her heart fill his ears until he could almost feel it. He was close enough to smell her now, the smell of her fear was intoxicating. He snapped back to attention when he realised his object of interest had stopped.

The woman was leaning against a tree, bleeding from numerous small cuts caused by her desperate dash through the wood. Her breath was ragged and she could quite clearly run no further.

Zephon walked towards her slowly, noting she made no attempt to run. The exhaustion was not only physical. Her heart rate began to beat wildly and became slightly erratic at his approach. Zephon pulled her to her feet.

"Shame, you disappoint me. Last night's meal made it as far as the river." With that he bent his head to her neck and allowed the sound of her heart to fill his mind, becoming all consuming as it passed from strong and vibrant to weak and faint until finally, it stopped.
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