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Vamp-Jesse's final thoughts

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Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and other people own Buffy.
Summary: A short piece from Vamp-Jesse's perspective.

Xander, I can hear your pulse quicken and smell your fear as we face each other in the pandemonium of the Bronze. There is a wooden stake in your hand, but I can see from the look in your eyes that you can't use it. Not against me.

My instincts scream for me to just drain the life essence from your body. I shake that off though. I have something much more interesting in mind.

Do you remember how we first became friends? It was second grade and I had just moved to town. The moment we saw each other we could see through are respective jokester routines. We could see what lay underneath. A kindred spirit.

I'm sure you remember. It's not just something anyone could just forget. It was both comforting and frightening how similar our home lives were. It was one of the frightening moments, when both of us were having a particularly hard time, that's important. We were twelve then, do you remember what we did?

We took off on our own for a few days and went camping. Our families didn't even realize that we were gone while we were off in the woods. In hindsight with my new knowledge of Sunnydale, not the brightest thing we could have done.

It was late on the last night when we did it. I cut my hand and you cut yours. We both tried to pretend that it didn't hurt and failed miserably. Joining hands we meshed our blood together and made an oath. Brothers forever.

Today we take that blood oath to a new level. I'll drink from you, then you'll drink from me. Immortality, power, everything that we every dreamed of will be ours.

Sure the Master may be angry with me for bringing you across, he seems to like to know everything that is going on, but that won't last. Not once he sees what I have brought him. After all, not even Willow knows you as well as me. I've seen the part of yourself that you try to hide. The part that will only grow when you are turned. The part that will make you a vampire the Master will be eager to have in his ranks.

We can turn Willow too. The three of us together could cause death and chaos that would pale all others. I've heard Darla talk about her Scourge of Europe days, but we'll make them look like rank amateurs.

All I have to do is turn you. The stake is in a death grip by your chest. You still can't bring yourself to fight me. Just as I expected to be honest. The people knocking me over on their rush for the exit, however, was not.

As I fall to the ground I can feel your stake pierce my chest. Your face registers about as much shock as my own. In this brief instant I can feel the demon being torn out of me. I have only one thought as I crumble to dust and I wish that I could share it with you.

I'm free brother.
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