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A lonely night for Deqn

by Ruzzle 0 reviews

Deqn had nothing to do, but luckely his saviour boqn came to the rescue

Category: Erotica - Rating: G - Genres: Erotica - Published: 2017-06-16 - 314 words

It was a late night for Deqn. He had been working out all day, because he has no life and he wanted a six-pack. He lay on his bed and started thinking. He was thinking about Boqn, about his retardness. Deqn was very lonely in his room. He was very sad, because he had no friends. His only thoughts were on Boqn now. The more Deqn thought about him, the more... attractive Boqn became. He couldn't stop thinking about Boqn's body, his head, arms, legs and torso. Now they seemed like heaven to Deqn.
He wanted to go to sleep now, so he can dream about Boqn all night. And so he did. When he opened his eyes, he saw Boqn. Deqn was delighted. Soon he noticed that Boqn was wearing only a thong, but Deqn had no problem with it, in fact, he liked it. Deqn's favorite part about it is that Boqn's ass was showing. Then Boqn made a rape face, and in that moment, Deqn's cock got hard as rock. He was ready to take Boqn on. Boqn went back two steps, turned around and started digging in the ground. Deqn was able to see boqn's butthole for a few moments. Boqn stopped digging. Boqn was holding handcuffs and a dildo. Deqn got very excited. Boqn started walking torwards Deqn. Deqn kneeled and started sucking Boqn's dick. They both made erotic noises with their mouths. After a couple of minutes Deqn stopped. He turned around and Boqn trusted his dick inside him. Deqn couldn't resist because of the handcuffs, but he let out a moan. Then Boqn trusted again, and again, and again, getting faster and faster, until he eventually came in Deqn. Then Deqn's morning alarm rang, and he woke up, but he was extremely happy and pleased. He said one thing. "Boqn is love, Boqn is life"
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