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I Hate Axl Rose

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Slash and Duff think Axl is being pretty shitty

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“Izzy! Whoa man are you ok?” I ask worriedly breaking free from Duff’s grasp and turning Izzy around to face me.

“I’m fine, get off me Slash,” he answers pushing me away and swiping at the blood dripping off of his chin with his sleeve. “I’m sorry kid,” he says straightening up, “it’s not your fault. I’ve gotta go after Axl,” he says and stumbles down the street.

“Izzy wait!” I call out but he just waves me off and follows Axl down the street. I feel my shoulders slump and Duff’s arms come up around me and he pulls me back into his body and kisses my cheek.

“You’ve gotta let him go babe, he has to go after Axl on his own,” Duff whispers.

“I didn’t mean to make things worse between them Duff, Izzy's been upset all afternoon about things between him and Axl. He really loves him; he was going home to make him dinner and try and talk to him about things! What the fuck is wrong with Axl? Why does he treat him like that and why does he always think there’s something going on between Izzy and me?” I fume sagging against Duff. “Goddamnt I just want to kick his ass!”

“I know baby, I don’t get the two of them either. They can’t live with each other and they can’t live without each other. It doesn’t make any sense,” Duff sighs and squeezes me. “I love them both, I just don’t necessarily like them together if you know what I mean.”

“I love them together when they’re good to each other but I don’t like to watch either one of them hurting; although it seems like Axl’s always the one hurting Izzy.”
“Don’t be so sure babe,” Duff says quietly. “Axl hurts too; he just deals with it differently. He also doesn’t like to share Izzy; the fact that you and Izz are tight scares the fuck out of him. He’s used to having Izzy all to himself. Izzy’s his confidant and his best friend in addition to being his boyfriend; you threaten that. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense but I don’t think Axl’s been able to trust very many people in his life or had very many people care about him you know? He gets scared when he thinks Izzy’s paying attention to someone else. It doesn’t make it right but that’s what he does.”

“I guess so but anybody with eyes in their head can see that Izzy loves him; it’s written all over his face whenever he looks at him,” I tell Duff as I shut the front door. “Besides, why would Axl think I’m trying to get with Izzy when he knows I love you?” Oh shit, did I just say that out loud? I can feel my face getting hot and I stare at the floor.

“What did you just say?” Duff asks as his head snaps around towards me.

“I, I said I don’t understand why Axl thinks I want to get with Izzy…” I stammer.

“No, not that part, the part about you loving me, I’m pretty sure I heard something about that,” Duff coos and grins, reaching for me. I let him pull me up against him and wrap his arms around my waist and I smile up at him.

“Oh that part,” I say nervously and try and sink into my hair.

“Yeah, that part,” Duff murmurs and tips my chin up so that my eyes meet his. “Did you mean it?”

I bite my lip nervously and try and catch my breath. My heart is pounding in my ears. “Yeah Duff, I meant it,” I manage to squeak out.

His whole face lights up with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and he hugs me tightly; lacing his fingers through my hair with one hand and looping the other around my waist. I hug him back and nuzzle into his shoulder and neck. “I’ve been waiting to hear you say that Curly Sue,” he breathes, but I didn’t want to push.”

“So, are you going to say it now?” I tease him, but hoping to god he will.

“Of course I am,” he says sweetly. “I love you Slash. I love your beautiful brown eyes, and your curls, and these lips,” he whispers running his thumb over them, “ and just you, everything about you, and I’m so happy that you belong to me and no one else.”

“Feeling a little possessive there?” I joke with him.

“Damn right,” he replies and I smile at him. He brings both of his hands up and cups my face and brings his lips to mine softly. I think it’s the softest, sweetest kiss I’ve ever been given in my whole life. But then it’s the only one I’ve ever been given by someone I that I’m truly in love with too. I place my own hand on Duff’s cheek and kiss him back; trying to convey to him through my lips everything my heart is bursting with. Duff nips my bottom lip and I open my mouth so he can deepen the kiss. I feel like my body’s on fire and I gasp when his hand glides down over my chest and I can’t help letting a moan escape my lips. He smiles against my mouth and palms my crotch causing me to jump and squeal quietly and then press myself desperately into his hand. “God I love how fucking responsive you are when I touch you,” Duff groans and squeezes my dick a little harder.

“Yeah well you make me so fucking hot,” I pant and move to unbutton his jeans. I wrap my hand around his hard cock and hear him gasp and I swirl my tongue around the inside of his mouth pulling more deep groans out of him. I’m about to suggest we move this to the bedroom when the front door flies open! Steven stumbles in holding up a sobbing, drunken, Izzy. Good god he left here not a half an hour ago and he wasn’t drunk! I snatch my hand out of Duff’s pants and he quickly zips up but Stevie’s too busy babbling to notice.

“Guys, we’ve gotta do something; Axl’s gone! I stopped by Izzy’s place and I found him crying on his bed with a half empty bottle of gin beside him and…”

“Whoa,” Duff cuts him off, “what do you mean he’s gone?”

“He left me!” Izzy cries and sinks down onto the floor. He left me and said he’s going to go live in our rehearsal space down on Gardiner! He took all of his shit and left! He said he didn’t know me anymore and that he didn’t love whoever I was now!” Suddenly he bolts off of the floor and makes a b-line for our bathroom and I hear the lock click into place. I know exactly what that means; he’s shooting up in there, trying to get rid of the pain but he’s already done some smack not even an hour ago and he’s had a lot to drink too, he’s going to fucking od and I have no idea what to do about that.

“Izzy!” I yell and run down the hall after him but it’s too late; I hear his body hit the door, he must have had a rig prepped and ready to go hidden somewhere in the bathroom. “Duff get the door open!” I shriek.
Duff runs into the kitchen and comes out with a bbq skewer. I look at him funny but he sticks it in the little hole in the middle of the doorknob and pops the lock. Izzy’s body’s blocking the door but Duff manages to wedge it open and move Izzy enough to get in.

Izzy’s pale and the needle is still in his arm but he’s breathing. I look over at Duff who has a look of grim determination on his face. “Steven, get his shoes off!” he barks. Slash, turn the shower on cold, now!” Steven and I both move from where we’re standing frozen in the hall and do what Duff says. I get the shower going and help Duff drag Izzy’s limp form under the water. Duff smacks his face hard and calls his name Izz finally blinks and starts to come around and Duff sighs in relief. I turn the water off and Izzy’s laying there in Duff’s arms with his teeth chattering while Duff curses at him telling him how scared we all were and how we don’t want to fucking lose him. Steven grabs some clean towels from the closet in the hallway and hands them to us. I strip Izzy’s wet clothes off down to his underwear and wrap the towels around him; drying his dripping hair with one and his body with another one.

Duff leaves the bathroom and comes back with a pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a zip-up sweatshirt. Steven and I haul Izzy out of the shower and finish drying him off and quickly get him dressed in the clothes so he’ll warm up. He tries to help but he’s pretty limp and useless. Once’s he’s dry Duff hauls him out to the couch and lays him down gently putting his head on a pillow and covering him with a soft blanket that has the Seattle Seahawks logo splayed across it. One of Duff’s vestiges of his childhood. “Izzy don’t you ever do anything like that again, do you understand me?!” Duff chastises him. “I love you you dumb shit, we all do! You scared the fuck out of us!”

“I kn kn know,” Izzy replies through chattering teeth. I move into the kitchen and pour some milk into a pan and turn on the stove. Hot chocolate should warm Izzy up. I leave Duff to mother him and wait for the milk to boil and then stir in some hot chocolate mix from the cabinet that Duff brought home from the restaurant. Just because the box says it’s expired doesn’t mean it really is; I like to think of expiration dates as suggestions. I carry the steaming mug into the living room and kneel down in front of Izzy and hand it to him. He takes it gratefully and blows on it, sipping from it and closing his eyes. “Thanks Slash,” he mumbles. I’m sorry you guys, I didn’t mean to overdose in there, he slurs.
It’s ok Izzy, you’re gonna be ok. Listen, Steven’s going to stay here with you and Duff and I are going to go find Axl and try and talk some sense into him ok?” I tell Izzy.

“No, he’ll be mad if you go looking for him, he’ll know I told you guys,” Izzy cries.

“Of course you told us, we’re a band, who else would you tell?” Duff asks. “It’s going to be ok Izzy, just relax, sleep if you want, Steven’s here with you and he’s gonna watch you ok? We’ll be back in a while.” Izzy just nods and relaxes back into the sofa.
Duff and I grab our jackets and jump into his truck and head out into the night to look for Axl; the cock-blocking son of a bitch who made Izzy and Duff cry tonight. At this moment there wasn’t anyone in the world that I could think of that I hated more than Axl Rose.
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