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“So, Gohan... what are you going to make me tomorrow? Ramen? Rice? This pizza thing that Vegeta has been talking about?” Goku continues to list some of the world’s bizarre food names and Goha...

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BuuSaga!Gohan x BuuSaga!Goku in Sausages

I want to tell everyone... the whole dating Videl thing.. It is only a coverup.. I want to tell them.. They will actually hate me... my mother... my younger brother... and more importantly, my father. Gohan paces back and forth inside his room, contemplating whether he should spill it or not. Something triggers his sense of smell and immediately rush downstairs. It was his absolute favourite dish by mother, spicy rice with teriyaki chicken and steamed broccoli on the side of it all. The other two identical Saiyans were seated at the table, anxious to get their food. Gohan grab his plate and walk over to sit next to Goten, trying not to ruin dinner with his fucked up emotions.
Father, a more muscular and taller version of Goten, looks at his mother and kisses her cheek sloppily, full of innocence. The older son try not to cringe as he eats solemnly. Goten, the more adorable brother, was yapping about his day at the Briefs’ residence, putting in complete detail how he defeated Trunks in the rich kid’s favourite game. His parents laugh and Gohan releases a chuckle, to not rise any tension. The family continues to eat until mother called out in her booming voice.
“Goku, Gohan! Tomorrow, Goten and I have to leave early in the morning. We will be gone until after lunch so Gohan, you have to cook for your father.” Sighing, the Son boy nodded slowly and mother continues, “And Goku, please clean up the place when we are gone.” Father nods in the obedient way, like a little puppy. Gohan rolls his eyes and takes small and slow bites, seeing his younger brother stuffing his face and frowning afterwards.
“I wanna go to Trunks afterwards though, pleeeease.” Mother nods, sending Goten upstairs to brush his teeth and do his homework. Mother kisses Goku on the cheek and whispers that she will be going to sleep. With that, she went off, only leaving Goku and Gohan at the table... alone. Being a slow eater, compared to the other males in this house, he is still on his third plate of food. The super saiyan stares at the food, blushing at the thought that his father is sitting across from him.
“So, Gohan... what are you going to make me tomorrow? Ramen? Rice? This pizza thing that Vegeta has been talking about?” Goku continues to list some of the world’s bizarre food names and Gohan couldn’t help but laugh at his father’s extreme knowledge of food names. “Maybe... I want some sausages... Don’t you agree, Gohan?” With wide eyes, the young boy stares at his father. It was kind of scary seeing Goku wear a serious expression. Don’t worry too much, Gohan. His voice consciously warns the soul. It is GOKU... the saviour who just named bizarre food names... he is only serious when talking about food. Another voice intervened and growled, Then why did he only get serious when saying .... sausage. Goku clears his throat and puts his plates into the sink, letting the crash sound alert Gohan from his crazy voices. Gohan blushes dark, noticing that his father caught him staring.
After a few minutes, Gohan finishes up the remainder of his dinner, he gets out the apple blossom scented dish soap out of the cabinet under him, takes a couple of small dishes and cleans them. The young boy thought about what he was going to make his father tomorrow. Not thinking the adult way, sausages does sound pretty appetizing. They can be made in anyway and he can make it ten different ways for his father. Gohan smiles softly at the idea and continues to wash the countless china plates, metal spoons and forks.
You and your dad are alone.. Make a move on him.
The voice came back, louder than Gohan would like. It scared him shitless that he dropped an expensive china from his granddad’s old kingdom. Gohan scurries in fear that his mom would literally kill him and cleans up the china pieces.
“Hey Gohan, is everything alright in here?” Here comes that silky voice again... SHUT UP ME! Gohan nods and stands up, shutting off the water faucet. “Yeah, father... just.. the wind.” Goku walks in the kitchen and puts some dishes away, using his hand to dismiss Gohan. “Alright, I will finish these Gohan. Why don’t you go out with Videl tonight. It is a beautiful night and you deserve a night out.” Gohan blinks and looks at his dad with wide eyes. “Dad... uh... I don’t actually... wanna go out. I have a big test to study for anyways... I am just going to go study.” Before leaving his father, he smiles to himself. “Thanks for the permission, though.” Gohan walks to his room, laying down on his bed, pulling out the calculus two book.
I wonder what dad meant by sausage though... I guess I am going to find out. Gohan suppresses a chuckle before doing the homework for the next week.
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