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Nick heard the Raptor approaching and turned to look up at it, seeing the most beautiful sight he had seen in his whole life. It was the face of his sister. Kara's Raptor was just turning toward...

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Admiral Lee Adama was trying to bring order to the mayhem to the CIC on board the William Adama. The sudden attack on the Raptor carrying Adama's CAG, Captain Nicholas Bond had stunned everyone to their very core. They all were trained to possibly use acts of violence to defend themselves and to have violence visited upon them.

But this wasn't expected.

"OK, everyone!", the Admiral finally said about as loud as he could, "Everyone!". He waited as the room finally began to calm down. His people had blown off a little steam, which was good, now they had to get down to business.

"People", he looked around the entire room, "Let's get it together! I know this wasn't what we expected, but we're professionals, and we've got a job to do."

Everyone was snapping back into themselves after the sudden Krypter message that the CAG's bird was down. Now, they were letting their training kick back on.

"OK", Lee took a breath, "XO, I want SAR Operations to begin at once. Contact Captain Abdullah and have him form up his Raptors. For the moment, he's CAG."

"Aye, sir!" Brevin Cross, turned to his station to dial up Rakwan Abdullah, Call Sign Sandstorm. He was second-in-command next to Nick Bond, and now he was in charge.

"I want ten more squadrons of Marines down to the service, full combat gear, as quickly as we can", he turned around, "Signals, advise General Grayson more troops will be on their way. Advise the transports I want a SAR drop to the General leaving the planet within ninety minutes. By sundown, we need a full division on the surface."

The Marines on board were experts at Search And Rescue and had trained endlessly for that scenario since long before leaving Earth. Whether they liked it or not, the Raptors and Falcons may be able to do air sweeps, but if wanted to find his three people, be they dead or alive, ground units would have to be used.

Signals turned toward the Admiral, "Admiral, Admiral Thrace-Bond, and Governor and Mrs. Bond are leaving the King in five minutes. ETA about thirty minutes from now."

"Thank you, Ensign", and that reminded him of something, "XO, did Abby leave the Sagan yet?" One of the first things Lee had done was to inform Nick Bond's sister of what had happened. He wanted her on the Flagship at least for a while.

"Sir, yes, sir" the XO responded, "she's aboard already, Admiral. We have her in your quarters for the moment, if that's OK with you?"

"Thanks, Brevin, that'll be fine for now. Take Kara and her parents directly there when they arrive."

"Signals, let me talk to this half of the fleet", and in thirty seconds, he was broadcasting to all the ships in the Helios Alpha System.

"Attention crew of the Adama, and the rest of the fleet. As you've heard, an unprovoked attack occurred a short time ago against UED units over Caprica. One of our Raptors, piloted by our Air Group Commander, Captain Nicholas Bond, was shot down. With him are Lieutenant Rick Londhal and Lieutenant Annabel Marisio. We do not know precisely where their Raptor; we do not know the condition of our people. Search and Rescue is already underway.

"Admiral Thrace-Bond, as well as Governor and Mrs. Bond are en route to the Adama. The Governor's daughter, Abby Bond-Creider is currently on board the flagship. Concerted ground operations to find our people will begin within several hours.

"Until that time, I ask you to keep Captain Bond, Lieutenant Londhal and Lieutenant Marisio in your thoughts and prayers. Adama out."

The SAR was being organized rapidly; General Grayson was mobilizing what ground forces he had and waiting for the arrival of reinforcements, and Captain Abdullah had his birds circling carefully over the Caprican Mountain Range.

Lee's next job was to go talk to Abby Bond-Creider.



General Kendrick Grayson hadn't seen Nick Bond's Raptor go down. The attack had taken place about twelve miles from the West foot of the Mountains, and the CAG had been below the horizon at that time. But it was all he could do at the moment to keep his Marines from scrambling up into the Mountain and killing anything in sight.

"This is General Grayson, let's cut this shit out, and get ready for business!", he hadn't shown it outwardly, but he was not a happy man that his troops had damn near rioted like that. He would have to deal with that at another time.

"We are expecting to be reinforced by a Division by the end of the day. The first transports are leaving orbit now, and are bringing more Marines and more arms. We don't need a whole division for a SAR, but upon their arrival, we will be sending two full brigades into the area where CAG is thought to have gone down. I want everyone to prepare camp within a kilometer of the slopes and hunker down while reinforcements arrive. For the moment, all SAR activities are being done via the air.

"You all know the drill for this. We do not go in until we have sufficient forces. Going up those hills in small groups is an invitation to get killed. I appreciate your willingness to go in like that; but I need everyone to use their fuckin' heads, not their balls out here. Grayson out."

"Very diplomatic, General", the Colonel said evenly, "And I thought you were upset?"

Despite the tension, the Commanding General laughed. It broke the tension for a moment.


Commander Chase Carrico, the XO of the Battlestar Laura Roslin was a busy man. He didn't have pandemonium in his CIC like Lee did, but people were on edge. The didn't like an attack on their people any more than the next person, but they were trying to focus on the job at hand, which was to get this part of the fleet, at least for the moment, to Canceron.

"Helm, new course 155 mark 291, half impulse, advise all ships." He said calmly. He was a sturdy soul, and the burden of command had not gotten to him in the few times he had been put in charge.

"Aye, Sir, 155 mark 291 at one-half, steady as she goes." Was the smooth reply.

Just then Signals looked his way, "Commander, I have Admiral Baltar on the horn for you."

Carrico adjusted his headset and switched his computer screen to the phone application, "Send the Admiral through, Lieutenant."

Moments later, he heard the line click, "Admiral Baltar, this is the XO, how may I help you?"

"Chase, I just received a communique from Lee. He's putting me, at least for the moment, as head of this half of the fleet." Like any such news that was given to someone, she hoped he wasn't angry about it. He wasn't.

"I kind of expected that Admiral, to be honest", he said ruefully, "It was kind of strange giving orders to you and Admiral Tyrol, you know."

Caprica chuckled, "I know it was, Commander, but you handled it like a pro." She paused for a second, "As for now, I'm remaining on the King; the Roslin is yours. Unless we're called over to Caprica under Condition One when Kara is still away, you're still in titular charge of the fleet."

"I'm honored by your confidence in me, Admiral Baltar", Chase said, meaning every word of it.

"Don't sell yourself short, Chase, you're going to have your own ship someday. I have every faith in you to operate this half of the fleet indefinitely. I just wanted to let you know what Lee told me, and how I want to handle it for now."

"Thank you for the courtesy of letting me know, Admiral, about", he said, looking at what was, for the moment, his CIC, "This crew won't let you down."

"I have no doubt of that, Commander. If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me."

"Aye, sir."

The ships heading to Canceron had all made the course change, and they would be in orbit around Canceron in a few hours. "Steady as she goes, people", the Commander said, allowing himself a small breath to ease his own tension.


Abby Bond-Creider hadn't been left all by her lonesome in Lee's quarters. An MP was with her in case she needed anything. He had tried to relax her by getting her some water and asking her if there was anything else he could do for her. She thanked him for the water but advised him she just wanted to think for a while.

After about forty minutes with just the two of them, the door came open, and Admiral Adama, escorted by another MP, came through the door.

"Lee!", she ran to the Admiral, and they hugged tightly. To Abby, Lee was practically like an older brother. They had known each other since she was about sixteen, and he was no less a part of the family, in his own way, than Kara was.

Lee slowly rocked her in the hug, as tears finally burst out, "Gods, Abby, I wish I knew what to say." As tears welled up in his eyes.

"Lee", she kissed him on the cheek, "you're not at fault for this. Nick knows the risks, just like dad did, and just like you and Kara know. He was doing something he loved. Now we just have to hope", and she hugged him one more time.

Lee smiled at Abby, "I must say, the Bond women are amazing ladies", which made Abby laugh in spite of the tension. "How are you at the moment? Can I do anything for you?"

"No, I'm good Lee. Well, I could use another bottle of water, if it isn't too much trouble."

Lee didn't hesitate and fetched the water for her, "You don't need anything to eat at the moment?"

"No, Admiral, if I ate, I think I might barf at the moment", and that may Lee smile and laugh lightly.

"Uh, not in my quarters, please?", and they laughed again, as he took her hand. "I will tell you that we have a Search And Rescue that's being organized on the Division level, and should be down on the surface within a few hours. It'll probably take a couple more hours after that to have everything organized."

"So no real search at the moment?", she said bleakly.

"We have Raptors and Falcons overhead doing what they can. But the area we think he went down in is a thick forest, so it's tough to see", and then he added, "we can't start the ground search until we have enough manpower down there to do it safely, Abby."

The youngest Bond sighed, "I know that Lee, and trust me, I appreciate what you and they are doing, I didn't mean to sound ungrateful."

He smiled at her again, "Consider it a non-issue, Abby. In your shoes, I'd be a lot less calm than you are."

"Thanks, Lee", she said, brightening up a bit, "I just want them to find my brother...", which started her tears again. "I know he could be alive or dead, but I just want him and the other two found and brought home."

"And we will", he hugged her again. "I'm gonna remain here for a short while. Until the SAR is in place, I can be away from CIC for a while. Besides, your parents and your sister should be here in about twenty minutes."

Abby clasped his hand again, "Thanks for staying for a few, Lee. You're the best."


Kara had done the Raptor driving from the King on the way to join up with the Flagship. He father was right-seating this one but had spent a lot of time in the back, not wanting to leave Judith Bond alone.

"Adama, Roslin Actual, request landing instructions."

"Roslin Actual, turn right to course 217 mark 038, seven miles from the end of the bay, call when you have checkers green."

"Aye, Adama, 217 mark 038, seven clicks out." A few moments after that, she was lined up on final, "Adama, Roslin Actual, I have green."

"Roger that, Actual, you and your party are to proceed directly to Admiral Adama's quarters upon arrival."

Five minutes later, they climbed out of the Raptor, and under heavy MP escort, headed to Lee's quarters.

Lee was still with Abby, and her mother was the first to appear. Judith cradled her youngest in her arms, as they both audibly cried, holding each other as tight as they could. Lee first walked over to the Governor, and the two embraced in a warm hug. Then he turned to Kara, and his long-time friend/enemy/rival/pain in the ass hugged him without a word, as tears streamed down her face. There was no rank in here. This was just a family that needed each other.

After letting go of her mother, Abby went over to her father, and he wrapped his youngest up like he'd never let her go. He did, of course, then Abby and her big sister Kara looked at each other, and both broke down in each other's arms.

"Starbuck!", she said still holding her sister tightly, "I'm so scared..."

Kara backed off the hug for a moment, "Munchkin, so am I", she said with a wan smile, "but we'll get through this like we get through everything-together", she and her sister continued to hug. At the moment, Kara could protect Abby. She had always sworn to protect her brother and sister, from the moment she was adopted, and she was beside herself that she hadn't been there for Nick.

After hugs and tears had been used up for the moment, Lee invited him into the more spacious living quarters, away from his office. The MP's got each of them water, then they quietly retired, to leave the group alone.

Lee was the first one to speak, "Governor, Judith, I'd give anything at this moment to trade places with Nick", he said, tears still in his eyes.

Judith Bond moved next to the Admiral on the couch, and she kissed him on the cheek, "Lee, don't do this to yourself", she said quietly, "Everyone who puts on a uniform knows the risks; those of use who stand behind anyone in a uniform knows the risk. We know you love Nick like a brother, but you couldn't have done anything about this."

Lee knew she was right, but he felt he had let down this extended family of his. Kara sensed that and immediately stood up for him.

"Lee", she said quietly, but with a smile on her face, "I think I can speak for everyone here in saying that you are part of our family, and although you're The Admiral, you can lean on us to help you through this. We've always been here for each other", she looked around the room proudly at her family, "and we extend that to you as well."

Lee regained his control, "Thank you, Kara. You know, you can be a pain in the ass more times than not", and they all laughed, "but there's no one I'd rather have on my side."

They were all silent for a few minutes, attempting to calm down, then Governor Bond spoke up, "Lee, can you give us the latest on what's going on, son?" Using the word "son" wasn't lost on anyone. What Kara had said is what the Governor was feeling, and he was extending his family to his top Military Commander.

Lee took a breath, and dove in, "I was telling Abby a few minutes before you arrived, that we have a division starting to make its way down to the surface. I don't think we'll have any time today to get the boots moving into the area where we think Nick's bird went down, but as I also told Abby, we have to do this right."

"I'd expect nothing less of you, Admiral", the Governor continued, "I know we're talking about our son and their brother, but I don't want to unnecessarily risk anyone else's son or daughter if it can be helped."

"What's the Op Plan, Lee?" It was Kara again.

"Grayson and Brevin are putting that together right now. They're going to go over it with me in a few hours. My bet is we'll put up a screening force facing North so that anyone from that direction would run into death itself if they try to get by us. Then we'll probably head up the slopes from the West and the South. There's no camouflage South of where Nick went down, so it's a good bet no one is there", he paused and went on, "but we're going to cover that flank as well."

"Any chance of getting the camouflage off of the area?", Judith Bond inquired.

"Until we get our people back, our sole priority isn't the camouflage, it's simply Search and Rescue. We don't want to fight an unknown force unless we absolutely have to. I'm hoping that overwhelming firepower, from the ground and the air, where we think the Raptor could be, will make these people think twice."

"Forgive me, Lee", Abby spoke up again, "I'm the non-military brat in the family", which made them all laugh, "but what exactly is going to happen."

"Abby, first rule of warfare: nothing goes according to any plan", he said seriously, "I wonder sometimes why we over-plan the way we do, but I guess we have to", then he turned to her question, "We'll be moving in Special Forces overnight on a line just to The North of where we think Nick's bird went down, so they can interdict any hostile forces when the other troops begin ascending the Mountain just after sunrise tomorrow morning; We'll have some more Special Ops units facing South, with Falcon and Raptor support, just in case any bad guys are there-we don't think anyone's not under the camouflage, but we have to hedge our bets. After that, it's a slow climb up to the area we think the Raptor is."

"Didn't anyone see a fire from the Raptor", Abby continued.

"That's one thing about using EM propulsion, Munchkin", her older sister turned to her, "there's no fuel to catch fire. It goes down, and in that thicket, we can't see much. That may be bad for us, but it could be a life-saver for them, not having to deal with a fire."

Abby got that point, and it actually made her feel a little better.

"Admiral, with your permission", the Governor turned to Lee, "I'd like to go down there this evening to meet with Grayson. I don't want to bother him when he's getting his game plan in line, but I'd like to talk to him."

"You don't need my permission, Governor", Lee smiled at his long-time mentor.

"True, but it is a combat area now, and I'd like your blessing to go." Lee couldn't say no, but again, it's one thing Lee liked about the man: he knew who the experts were.

"I don't think Kendrick will have a problem with that, sir", he nodded to Justin Bond.

"Lee, I think Abby and I would like to go down as well", which made Lee, Kara and the Governor turn suddenly in their direction.

The Governor began to protest, "Judith, you can't..." But she raised a hand up to cut him off lightly.

"Honey, I don't want to go down there to cause a scene, but I think it's important that we let some of the troops going in that we're behind them one-hundred percent, and that we're grateful for their work."


"Gods is this a stubborn family", which elicited a little more laughter, "I don't have a problem with that. But you two are non-combatants, so we'll swing a Raptor well away from all of this, and land you a few clicks West of everything.

Lee knew what was coming next, and he didn't even have to look up to know it.

"Then Admiral", Kara said, more formally, "Request permission to pilot a Raptor for the SAR mission tomorrow, sir."

Judith and Justin Bond were both torn by that request, even though they, too, knew it was coming. There were immensely proud of their oldest daughter, and that she was commanding her own Battlestar; and they were proud of her for wanting to go after her "little brother", as she always had called Nick. But the other part of them, knowing that they may have already lost one of their children, were deathly frightened about losing a second.

Kara sensed that immediately, and she looked at her parents, "Mom, dad", she beamed at them, "you both taught me to be courageous and honorable at all times. I can't think of anything more honorable than going after my brother..." she momentarily choked up, "and bringing him home."

Justin Bond looked at his daughter and marveled again about what a gift from the heavens she had been to their family. It still amazed him, that out of all the billions of Human souls that did or had existed, Fate had given him such a wonderful person to call his daughter. But Judith Bond spoke up before he could.

The First Lady of The Fleet approached the chair where her oldest daughter sat. She went down on one knee, and grabbed Kara's hand, "Honey, you honor us by wanting to do this. You know part of me is scared to death of what could happen. But you go with my blessing, and I'm sure with your father's blessing."

Kara looked at this amazing woman that Fate had given her as her adopted mother. She had tears coming down her face but felt pride at being this woman's daughter.

Kara pulled her mother off her knees, and they both were standing, and she silently embraced her mother in another fierce hug. "Mom, I'm bringing Nick home, one way or another. You have my word."

Her mom stepped back, and they both laughed for a moment, as they did after crying their eyes out, "I love you and am more proud of you at this moment than at any time since you became my daughter."

With that, Lee returned to the Bridge; Abby was able to bring Brett and Katraine over from their ship, and Kara took off her Admiral's bars, and replaced them with Captain's bars and began preparing to find her brother.


The Battlestar Laura Roslin had been in orbit above Canceron for about fifteen hours. Commander Chase Carrico, in Command of the Battlestar, but not in overall Command of this half of the fleet, was preparing for the first set of Landings to begin scouting this strange world.

The world was populated almost exclusively at the two poles, with the center of Canceron being a desert wasteland, pocked with volcanoes. The brains back on Earth-the scientists and climatologists and so forth had hoped to reclaim some of the desert areas through the use of subterranean irrigation. There wasn't a lot of water on the planet, except on the Southern Pole, but the hope was that what was under the surface, plus perhaps irrigation channels into certain areas would make the land fertile.

The big problem to recolonizing Canceron, was that it had only one resource that it had been able to trade before The Holocaust, and that was Tylium. But with the advent of clean, efficient EM drives, Tylium was now obsolete. An effort would be made to not only find a way to grow food, but also to turn the coastline of the Canceron Ocean in the South into a tourist getaway. The Southers had always been amenable enough when it came to making trades and deals, and if it would help them, they'd probably be for it.

It was the Norther's who would probably be the problem. Its history was not unlike that of Australia. Like Australia, there was a barren wasteland in the middle, and as the British had shipped so many prisoners to Australia for punishment, so The Colonies had shipped it's worst offenders to Canceron. That would have been fine, but prisoners had been given "freedom points" for good conduct, and when they got released, they had become street hoodlums, not unlike Street Gangs in the late Twentieth and early Twenty-First Century on Earth.

It was here that they could have another Caprica on their hands. But Chase, along with Admiral Baltar, had a few days before they had to face that reality. They know they could be called to Caprica if things really got dicey over there.

For now, they went about with preparations to reconnoiter Canceron.


Lee and the Bond Family touched down about five miles West of The Caprican Mountain Range about 1830 Fleet Standard Time that evening. The Caprican days were very long, and the sun wasn't to set for another five hours. The were ringed with MP's and Marines, who were in a mood to shoot to kill.

The Governor sought out the three women who he had met a week or so ago, just to get their views on what was going on. He doubted they knew very much, but they lived here, and he felt it important to get their ideas.

"Honestly, Governor", Channing Bree began, "I'm surprised that they fired and stirred things up so quickly", she said honestly, "I think eventually you'd have a fight with them, but this doesn't seem to be how they usually work."

"Explain, Ms. Bree?", Governor Bond leaned forward in his seat.

"When they went on roundups to grab mean, and even a few women-they usually threatened violence, and rarely used force against us. They had a nice arsenal of weapons, and that would intimidate just about anyone. I think I only heard of them using force once or twice. I get the feeling they want to have this power over people without having to really put their own necks on the line."

Kara looked at her father, "Sounds like a Terrorist, dad", she said, not using military protocol, and not caring at the moment, "They threaten, but the big shots don't like to be where they might get hurt."

Judith Bond had been introduced to the ladies before the meeting, and she had a lot on her mind, "Ladies, from what you've told us, you never have been up there since these people took over, but do you have any idea what they might do if they had prisoners?"

Thea Breakers answered this time. At one time, she had four children and a husband. Her husband was on Tauron the day of The Holocaust, and had no doubt died there; her four children had been very young then, and despite her best efforts after the bombing, the effects of the radiation at the time, and lack of food had not given them much of a chance, so she knew the grief Judith Bond was going through.

"My lady", she said with stark honesty, "I absolutely have no sure idea of what would happen if they are alive and in custody. They do want men to do their work, but they could also try to get information from your son and his two companions, to see what they know."

Kara looked over at her mother, "Another possibility, and I don't say this lightly, mom, is they sent a message to us with the shoot-down. They may want to send another message to us."

Judith Bond went a few shades of pale, instantly gleaning what her daughter had said. Blythe Chandra was sitting next to her, and grabbed Judy's hand to show support.

The Governor had always been good at compartmentalizing between family and government and/or military matters, but the lines were blurred in this case, and he tried to stay detached from the family emotion of the moment. Knowing there were two others that had flown with Nick made it harder for him, not easier.

"We can't speculate, everyone", he said evenly. "From what our esteemed hostesses have told us, they didn't think this group would act so rashly", he said almost looking down, deep in thought, "Hell, I would have liked to just talked to them first to see what they're thinking."

Kara's emotions were a little raw right now, and she took on some of her old personality for the moment, "Dad, they talked to us alright-they shot down Nick, Rick and Annabel, without warning. I think we've heard from them everything we need to hear."

Lee looked over at Kara. He hadn't seen that look in her eyes since the attempted coup d'etat that Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek had almost pulled off. It took his breath away for a moment. Kara looked over at him, but nodded at him in reassurance.

"Admiral", her father said, to bring her back a little, "You may be right, but at the moment, our only priority is bringing our people back home, is that clear?"

Kara nodded at her father, and put her head down. Her father knew her well enough after all these years that Kara had finally learned to let her emotions out freely and without shame or anger. Unlike Lee, he wasn't worried about her state of mind. He knew she was a Professional, but he still wanted to snap her back a bit. "I understand sir, and I'm sorry if I sounded a little stressed there", she smile a little, "but I'm still more than a little pissed over this."

Her mother looked directly at her, "I know you are, babe", she said with strength, "but it isn't going to help Nick, Rick or Annabel if we run on anger, and not common sense."

Kara noticeably relaxed at this moment. She smiled wanly at her mother, conceding the point. She just wanted it on record-for later-that she wanted to pay these bastards back.

"Justin, if you don't mind, why don't we make the rounds with the troops-all four of us? I know they're not going just after Justin, but I think we need to show them our support."

"Mom, that's the best idea I've heard all day", Kara smiled.

When Judy Bond got up, Blythe Chedra came over to her, "Mrs. Bond... I must say when we first met the Governor and the Admiral, and found out that she had joined a family from Earth, we were all kind of taken aback", she said starkly, "maybe it was foolish pride. But having met you, your youngest daughter, along with your husband and Kara, I must say you have a remarkable family."

Judith Bond hugged Blythe, which the Caprican had not expected, "Thank you, Blythe, that's very kind of you."

"I'm praying for your son and his colleagues. We may pray differently, from what I understand", which made them both laugh, "but it's no less sincere."

"Then Bless You, Blythe, I accept your generosity."

Her family was waiting for her some yards away. She joined them, with Kara grasping her mother's hand, and Abby taking her father's hand.


Farther forward, Lee was in conference with General Grayson, Colonel Otter and other assorted Officers, going over the final plans.

"Admiral", the General began, "I plan to send the Special Forces in about two hours after sunset, and have them make their way along these coordinates", he traced his finger along a line running West-to-East, just inside the perimeter of the Southernmost boundary of the camouflage, "Simultaneously, another Special Ops force will head up the mountain just North of Granite Peak, to cover our flank if any is out there to do us harm."

Newly-minted Captain Rakwan Abdullah, as acting CAG, then spoke to the air campaign, "Admiral, we will fly the Raptors at about Angels One for the night recon. I doubt we'll be able to see much, plus we'll be a little further South of where the missile fire seemingly came from. I don't expect we'll need any Falcons at night, but I will have them on Ready Five at all times overnight."

Lee looked over the Op Plan with a final, critical eye. He found nothing that he could complain about in the disposition. "General, Captain, thank you very much. This is a solid plan. Approved."

Both men turned to subordinates close by who went to relay the information to the ground forces and to the Adama and the Raptor Carriers that hovered above.

"We begin the SAR on your command, General", Lee added, "I don't need to tell you this-but I will anyway: I know we have people down up there; and I know one of them is the CAG, who also happens to be the Governor's son and Admiral Thrace-Bond's brother. Trust me, Nick is like a brother to me. But we take it slow and steady. I know the men and women were fired up when word came in that the CAG was down, but again, we use our brains people, not our balls, is that clear?"

Both understood that Lee hadn't needed to tell them that. They knew it, but hearing it that sternly from The Boss inspired them, and would inspire them to tell their charges the same thing-play it smart.



Admiral Caprica Baltar
was in CIC aboard the Laura Roslin with Commander Chase Carrico. She had stayed true in letting Chase run the fleet, even though she was in Command while Kara was a way. But she wanted to watch and learn more about the beginning of an operation down to a planet. She had several reasons for that.

First, she hoped to command her own Battlestar someday. She didn't care really if it was a Terran or a Colonial, she wanted to take her devotion and loyalty to Humanity to its logical next step, which was commanding a fleet. She needed to be versed on such maneuvers if she were to fulfill that goal.

The next reason felt kind of corny to her, but she had felt the need to be here, on the Roslin, showing support to the XO while he began the Canceron Operation. Even though they were on the other side of this System, nerves and emotions were raw after the attack that had taken down the Fleet CAG.

It was doubly hard for her, as Judith Bond was perhaps her best friend in the Universe. When she was First Lady of The United States, she had gone out of her way to befriend the Cylons who had stayed with humanity. They became fast friends, and she adored Judith's family, from the Governor all the way to Abby. She was heartsick over the news that Nick Bond had gone down. She genuinely had affection for the Captain, and had shed her own tears in private on hearing the news.

Caprica felt helpless on the Helios Delta side of the System, but knew she also had a job to do, and the best way she could help Justin, Judith, Kara and Abby was to do her job. If needed, she knew she'd go over there and pick up a weapon to get Nicholas Bond and the other two back.

Caprica had let Chase concentrate on the first mission, while she stayed in the background and monitored the communications channels for any news.

"CAG, Roslin Actual, your Raptors are cleared to launch to the surface. Standard dispersal."

The plan was to land about thirty Raptors about fifteen miles South of Hades, in the Norther Continental Mass, and about twenty about fifteen miles South of Prommos, which lay on the coast of the Canceron Ocean.

Captain Cory Mathers was doing her best to concentrate on getting her forces to the Norther Continent, but it wasn't easy. Like everyone else in The Fleet, the attack on the Fleet CAG, Nick Bond and his two companions had hit a raw nerve with her. She knew Nicholas Bond-not very well, but he had always treated her well in the times they met as she was coming through the ranks. She had told him-probably too many times-how he idolized his older sister Kara

Part of her wished she was in Caprica, just for the chance to pop one of the fuckers who had shot that Raptor down. But this was her job today, heading for Hades. They really need to change the name of this city, she thought crossly, thinking of the Earthly connotation of the word. Maybe they would, when they changed this place from what it used to be.

Her group was on the ground in under thirty minutes, and, like before, General Seth Trevor was the Ground Commander once they had landed. Unlike on Aerilon, they expected some trouble on the Norther Continent. The feeling was that some of the old criminal's who had been sent here were loose, or perhaps their offspring by this time. They weren't expecting a joyous welcome in Hades.
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