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Part 3: I'm Not the Bad Guy

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Xander is blinded and his remaining senses are heightened to superhuman proportions. He also gains a 'radar' like sense in place of his sight. All of which he'll need when a rift forms between him ...

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Part 3: I'm Not the Bad Guy

June 2000

The little boy coward in fear inside the closet. Loud cursing could be heard throughout the apartment. Surely the drunken shouts had woken the neighbours, but in this neighbourhood you're on your own.

The boy screamed in terror as the door opened and his haven was discovered.

"There you are you little shit!" The drunken man bellowed.

As the hands reached for him the boy did the only thing he could. He ran. Somehow he managed to make it past the large man. He only made it to the hall outside the apartment before he was caught again.

The man grabbed him by the shirt and sneered, "Where do you think you're goi..."

He never got to finish as an imposing figure in red leather burst through the window and pinned him to a wall.


Xander was out on one of his nightly patrols. He really didn't know why he came out here every night. Perhaps because he needed to prove he could. Perhaps it was his natural desire to protect people. The knowledge that the law can't reach everyone. Perhaps he was just bored. Nonetheless he was there.

He even fashioned tools to aid him. He made a new cane. One that, with a few quick twists, becomes a dangerous billy club. A hidden button shoots a grappling hook out of one of the ends.

Xander still wore the red leather. Only now there was a stylized double 'D' of the left side of his chest. He put it there after discovering what the tabloids were calling him. The "urban legend' that is Daredevil.

Gone was the black balaclava he first wore. Xander now sported a mask of red leather. The material covered his eyes and he had horns protruding out either side of his head. This gave him an almost demonic look. Ironic how this image that had served him so well in the past would turn on him tonight.

It was late into the night when Xander heard it. A child's whimpers and a drunkards shouts. Sounds he knew only too well. Thoughts of his own father assaulted his mind as he raced towards the source of the cries. With each moment his anger grew.

Xander didn't even bother to as he shot to the building using his grappling hook. He simply barrelled through the window and pinned the bastard to the wall. He pounded the man into a bloody mess with relentlessness and fury. A fury that only subsided when he heard a whimper to his left.

Still holding the father with one hand Xander turned towards the cowering boy.

"Please don't hurt me." The boy pleaded through his tears.

Xander was shocked. He had not even considered of what he must look like to the boy. Probably scarier than his father at the moment.

"I'm not the bad guy kid." He managed to say, though he wasn't sure if he was trying to convince the kid or himself.


Angel was frustrated. No, Angel was pissed. He came here on a case and ended up spending the afternoon and evening with a bunch of wannabe-vamps who watched way too many Dracula movies.

he though sourly.

Turns out it was all orchestrated by Cordelia. Her revenge for her coffee mug. He had accidentally used it for his dinner. Being a vampire it was blood.

Somehow managing to fume and brood at the same time, Angel continued down the hallway. The sounds of a fight and the smell of blood pull him out of his thoughts as he broke out into a run.

As he turned the corner he briefly took in the bloodied man being held by an imposing figure in red and a terrified boy. Without breaking from his soundless run he charged the figure.

Angel could not hide his shock and pain as the man in red simply pivoted and struck him with a powerful kick to the sternum.

The power of the kick and the speed of the charge would have made the blow lethal. Had he been human. That did not bother Angel as much as the fact that the red figure had yet to even look in his direction.

"He was going to beat his son." The figure said as he dropped the bloodied man. "Next time get the facts before you attack."

With that said he pulled a disappearing act out the broken window that even left Angel in awe.

Angel groaned as he pulled himself off the floor. He spared a brief glance at the crumbled form on the floor before walking away. Disgust clearly on his face.

As he left the building, Angels thoughts were not on the man in red and how eerily familiar he seemed. They were on his own childhood. And things he would rather forget.


Holland's office was huge. I guess that's a perk when you are a junior partner at Wolfram and Hart. He was talking with one of his attorneys when Nikolas Natchios, a long time business associate, walked in. It was obvious to anyone who looked at the man that the stress of the lifestyle had aged the Greek man beyond his years.

"I want out."

It was a simple statement and in truth one Holland had been expecting for some time now. He didn't get a chance to respond as a folder was placed in front of him.

"I want you to buy me out. You'll find that the offer is quite generous." Nikolas sighed before continuing. "I'm tired Holland. I'm getting too old for this. All I want to do is live the rest of my days in peace."

Holland smiled a reassuring smile. "I'll tell you what old friend. I will look this over and call you. I'm sure that something can be worked out."

Natchios stood to leave. The quicker he was out the better in his mind. "Thank you. I'm glad you understand."

As the door shut Holland sighed. In truth he did like Nikolas, but business is business.

"Lilah," he said, addressing the attorney from earlier. "Tell Bullseye that I have a job for him."

"Bullseye sir?" Came the confused reply.

"Number four on speed dial."


It was late into the night when Xander made it back from his patrol. As he changed into his casual clothes he couldn't help but smile. Despite the memories the night had drug up it hadn't been all bad. The look he could 'feel' on Angels face had been priceless!

He was so lost in that thought that he failed to notice the familiar intoxicating scent until a soft knock came from the door. Xander could only smile as he answered it.

"Electra, what are you doing here?" He asked, confused. She had never come to his place before.

"I don't know? Maybe it was because my boyfriend stood me up? Again!" Was Electra's sarcastic reply.

Xander began to fidget guiltily under the look he knew he was getting. "I'm sorry. I kinda forgot." Which he genuinely had. The incident earlier had left him pretty distracted.

Apparently she forgave him as he found himself locked in a tender kiss. When she broke it off she smiled at him. "Well, I suppose I can forgive you. If you show me this apartment you've been keeping me away from. You're not trying to hide anything are you?" She said playfully as she gave him a light push inside.

"Of course not!" Xander replied a little too quickly, but she didn't seem to notice. "We have to be quiet though. Foggy's asleep."

As he led her to his room Electra took stock of the apartment. Mess would be an understatement. Though she supposed it wasn't uncommon for a place whose only occupants were two young men.

She would have been surprised to learn that the place was kept incredibly orderly when they first moved in. Foggy was worried about clutter with his roommate being blind and all. His laziness came back with a vengeance when he realized his friend could navigate the piles better than he could.

When they made it to Xander's room the first thing Electra noticed was that it was much neater than the rest of the place. Neater not cleaner. The second thing she noticed was the guitar resting in the corner.

"I didn't know you played."

"Nobody does. I haven't played since I left Sunnydale. I bought that guitar on impulse at a garage sale since I didn't bring mine with me." He was trying to sound uninterested so she would change the subject. It didn't work.

"Play for me." She said excitedly.

Xander sighed as he sat down on his bed. "I rather not." Sensing her disappointment he continued. "It brings back unpleasant memories. I used to play when my dad would... well, let's just say it got me through some bad times."

Electra had never seen such a pained expression from him or heard his voice so sad. She went to him and enveloped him in a loving embrace. They stayed like that the rest of the night. Locked in a comforting embrace that chased all the bad memories away.


Xander awoke the next day alone. He found a card on the pillow next to his head. It wasn't a note like he had expected. As he ran his hands over the card he felt the impression of the letters. It was an invitation to the Black and White being held at Electra's fathers' hotel. He grinned as he noticed the plus one on the indication.


That Night

The party was in full swing by the time that Xander and his plus one Foggy (who else) made it there. Foggy, of course, immediately began looking for anyone important whom he could make a contact. Xander however was concentrating on finding Electra.

"Man, do you realize that if we get in good with the right people tonight we could be set for our entire careers!" Foggy exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah... uh hunh..."

"Xander. Xander! Have you even paid attention to a... wow!" He would have finish if a vision of beauty hadn't distracted him.

Up on the second story balcony overlooking the dance floor was Electra. She wore a stunning silver dress that hugged her just right. A diamond necklace was around her neck with matching earrings in her ears. She was subject of more than one appreciative gaze, not to mention jealous glares.

"Xander, if I could only give you my eyes for just one night." Foggy said still in awe.

"It's like that huh?"

"Oh yah!"

"I can take you up there if you want. Xander? Xander?" He looked around him but his friend was already gone.

On Xander's part it was child's play to navigate through the crowd up to Electra. At this moment he didn't care if anyone thought it strange how well a blind man moved. The only thing that mattered was getting to her side.

When he got there he could almost feel her smile as she took his hand and, without a word, led him back down to the dance floor. As they began to dance she broke the silence.

"I want you to know that I you're the only reason I got dressed up tonight. I wanted to look beautiful for you."

Xander responded by holding her tighter. He spoke softly, his voice carrying all that he felt for her. "I love you."

"I love you too."


Nikolas Natchios could only smile as he watched his daughter dance with the young blind man. He hadn't seen his daughter as happy as she is when she is with this boy in a long time. To him that was the most special thing in the world. But moments like these never last. This one was shattered by a most unexpected presence.

"She truly does look happy doesn't she?" Holland said as he came to Nikolas' side.

"Yes." Came the simple reply as he began to walk away.

"Be a pity if it ended so soon, don't you think?"

Nikolas froze as he slowly turned to face his companion. "What do you mean!"

Hollandnd just smiled and walked away. His smile faded, however, as soon as his back was turned.

Natchios felt a wave of fear pass through him as realization dawned on him. He knew that if he wanted to live he would have to leave now. He felt a pang of regret for abandoning his daughter, but the safest place for her right now was away from him.


As they danced Xander felt Electra tense up. After a hasty apology she took off towards the exit. Her worry seemed to be contagious as Xander took off after her.

By the time he made it outside Electra was already confronting her father and his bodyguard. She ignored the protests and quickly pushed her way into the limousine. The large vehicle pulled away so fast it nearly ran over a valet.

There was so much noise around him that Xander had to concentrate to filter it out. But as Electra got in he had heard three words that made his skin crawl. Woflram and Hart.

Without a second thought he retrieved his Daredevil outfit from Foggy's car and was following from the rooftops.


Natchios driver was driving like a man possessed. He didn't know what was going on just that his boss was in a panic and telling him to get to the airport fast. He had worked for the Natchios since before his wife was killed and knew that you moved it when the man was worried. But in all these years all out panic was new.

Ignoring stop signs and speed limits the limo sped through the city. It was only a few blocks away from their destination that the driver was privy to a strange sight. A motorcyclist pulled into his lane and headed straight for them.

Wondering if the man was insane he swerved to miss him. The last thing he heard was the sound of the window smashing as the shuriken impaled his chest. Seconds later the limo crashed into a row of parked cars.


Bullseye grinned as he watched the limousine crash, satisfied with his work. Jobs like this were a cinch for a man with aim so good any object could become a lethal weapon. Confident that this job was almost through, he spun his bike around for a second pass only to stop dead.

There was some freak in red leather standing there with a challenging look on his mostly masked face. Bullseye's grinned changed to a sickening smirk as he reached up and uncovered his head revealing a bulls-eye carved into his forehead. The challengers face didn't change in the least at the sight of the scar.

Pushing his long black trench aside, Bullseye grabs several more shuriken from a compartment in his belt buckle.

"Nice outfit." He commented in his Irish brogue. "Good thing it's red!"

With that he toss the throwing stars with all his deadly accuracy. Apparently nobody told the figure in red that he was supposed to be dead as he simply dodged some and swatted others away with his club. The man even landed in his original position as he spun his club theatrically before holstering it by his leg.

To say Bullseye was shocked would be the mother of all understatements. "I missed!" He exclaimed. "I never miss!"

He felt an anger overtaken him like never before as he revved the engine of his bike. Bullseye took off intent on running the interloper down. At this point he was only mildly surprised when the stranger ran up the front of his bike and kicked him in the face.

Again the pair stared each other down like they were in some dramatic Hollywood fight scene. It was broke when Bullseye grew a triumphant grin on his face. Holding up the strangers club he taunted him. "Lose something!"

The figure could only stand there in horror as the club went sailing threw the air towards its intended victim with him too far away to stop it. Nikolas Natchios, who had just crawled out of the wrecked limousine, didn't have a chance. Bullseye thought it poetic as the man was impaled with his would be saviours own weapon.

Bullseye turned his bike around as he threw one last barb at the red clad figure.

"We'll finish this another time 'hero'!" Echoed mockingly as the motorcycle sped off.


Electra's head hurt. Bad. The crash had really knocked her for a loop and she was only just regaining consciousness. As her vision cleared she could see her father trying to pull himself to his feet just outside the door. She could only watch in horror as the blood red club pierced his chest.

Not caring about the danger Electra rushed to his side. He was already dead in the few seconds it took her to get there. She fought the tears threatening to cloud her vision as she glanced around looking for his murderer. Then she saw him.

There he stood only a few meters away. A figure dressed in blood red, its masked head topped with horns that made it look like an offspring of the devil himself. He didn't move an inch, like he was taunting her. Daring her to try something.

She didn't disappoint. Electra dove for her fathers' jacket. She had seen he conceal a gun their as soon as they entered the limo. As she spun around and aimed her newly acquired weapon her eyes widened. The figure was gone.

Electra finally allowed herself to let the tears flow freely as the gun clattered to the ground. For now she would mourn, but over her fathers body she swore to make the red figure pay.


It had been a week since the death of Nikolas Natchios and Xander had yet to get to talk to Electra. He was not avoiding her because of the guilt he felt over her fathers' death. Quite the opposite in fact she was avoiding him. She wouldn't even allow him to show any kind of comforting gesture at the funeral.

He knew what it was like to lose somebody that you love. Hell, he had lost more than a few living in SunnyHell. That's why Xander wanted to be there for her. To help her deal with the pain and get through this. But now she completely shut him out.

As he walked through the crowded streets towards his apartment Xander resolved himself to check in on her after tonight's patrol like he tried every night. Eventually she will be ready to move on from her grief and she would need someone to help her deal with it. Xander resolved to be that person.


Xander was not the only one thinking of Electra at that moment. Although, Holland's thoughts as he walked to his office didn't hold any of Xander's warmth. He had hoped the girl would just grieve and move on, but now she was asking questions. Questions about her father and his business. Questions that he did not want to answer. Cursing under his breath Holland opened his office door only to stop dead.

There was Bullseye sitting behind the large oak desk. His feet were casually resting on the finely polished surface of the antique piece of furniture.

Regaining his composure in less than a second Holland stared the assassin down.

"How did you get past security?"

"You mean that guy?" Bullseye said gesturing to the corner with an absent wave. A man in a guards uniform lay unmoving with several straightened paper clips sticking out of his jugular.

Holland shook his head as he brushed the assassins feet off of his desk. "Was that necessary?"

"Not really. But it was fun." Bullseye grinned. "So what's this new job you have for me."

"Natchios' daughter is becoming troublesome. Finish it." Holland paused in thought for a moment as he poured himself some brandy. "And if this Daredevil character interferes again, kill him. He's becoming more trouble than Angel. I'll give you triple the usual fee."

Bullseye's expression darkened and his jaw set. "I'll do him for free. He made me miss! Nobody makes me miss! Nobody."


It was late into the night and Xander was starting to get tired. He had lost track of time while patrolling. That being the case, it was now much to late to visit Electra tonight.

Landing on a rooftop Xander stopped to take a breather as he 'looked' out over the city. He often stopped at this building to rest after patrols before heading home. It was a becoming a habit. Unfortunately, people tend to notice habits. That's something that he learnt as a familiar scent hit him.

Xander just barely avoided the sai that was aimed at his head only to get caught in the chest with a powerful kick. It knocked him back a few steps but he managed to recover just in time to dodge and block a series of strikes from the lethal weapons. After a few moments the two combatants broke.

"Murder!" Electra hissed as she prepared to strike out again.

Realization dawned on Xander as he tried his best to casually put some distance between them. "I didn't kill your father. It was an assassin called Bullseye." He had done some investigating and knew more of the facts. Not that it helped any right now.

"LIAR!" She roared like a battle cry as she came at him with an even greater fury.

Xander was on pure defence, his mind racing a mile a minute as he tried futilely to dodge all the blows. This wasn't like the last time they had fought. That had been playful, flirtatious even. This was pure rage. She wanted him dead and he didn't know how to convince her of the truth.

He was cut off from the thought by a vicious uppercut that threw him up against a wall. Xander tried to regain his senses quickly but knew he was done when he felt a searing pain in his right shoulder. One of Electra's sai was pinning him to the wall.

She looked into the red eyes of his mask with pure hatred and disdain. Suddenly her hands shot out and grabbed hold of either side of his head.

"I want to look into your eyes as I end your life Murderer!" Electra raged as she ripped the mask off only to stare in shock at what she saw. "Xander?"

"Hi Electra." He said meekly, trying to keep as much pain out of his voice as he could.

"Oh my god, Xander!" She said as if she finally realized her eyes weren't lying to her.

Seeing the pain contorted on his face she remembered her sai. She had forgotten about it in her shock. Gripping his shoulder with one hand she grabbed the hilt of the sai with the other.

"This is going to hurt." The only response she got was a nod.

Electra pulled with all her might, dislodging the weapon with one move. She thought it was best to do it quickly. She winced as she heard his pained cry.

Without the weapon to hold up his body Xander slumped to the ground. It was a struggle to keep conscious. He was losing blood fast.

"I didn't kill him Electra. You have to believe that."

"I know." She said softly as she tied her belt around is shoulder to help slow the blood loss.

Tears began to flow down her face as she cupped his. "I'm sorry."

"You couldn't have known." He said reassuringly.

"Even before this I was pushing you away."

"Everyone grieves in their own way."

"I love you." Electra said as she embraced him, mindful of his injury.

"I know. I love you too."

The moment didn't last long as a taunting voice could be heard echoing in the night. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

"That's him." Xander said weakly. "Bullseye."

Electra tensed and Xander didn't have to be able to see her to know what passed through her eyes. It was something he knew all too well. As she softy kissed his lips he knew what she was planning.

"I'll be back for you." She almost whispered as she gently slipped Xander's mask back on.

"Don't. He's more dangerous than you think."

She just stood and began to walk away. Stopping as she reached the corner of the wall Electra turned. "I have to end this."


Electra walked cautiously. This area of the rooftop had many clotheslines and most were filled. That meant there were many places for that psychopath to hide. She grunted as a curtain covered boot connected with her chest knocking her to the ground.

The smug face of Bullseye appeared as he brushed aside the curtain. "Down already?"

Rage built up in her as Electra kicked herself up and lashed out with a powerful kick to the groin that picked the assassin a good three inches off the ground. As he fell back Bullseye's hands went to the injury on reflex. That was a mistake. With his guard now down he was caught with another kick. This one to his head.

The blow knocked him to the ground a few feet away. Electra was closing in fast, but that didn't matter. Bullseye had already recovered. He was trained to ignore pain. Especially when the threat is still coming at you.

The next exchange would have been a spectacle for any observer. Electra's grace and power derived from several martial arts versus the pure brute force and deadly accuracy of Bullseye that just reeked military.

After coming to a brief standstill the two combatants broke. As they sized each other up Electra noticed that Bullseye had dropped his guard. Maybe he felt that with the distance between them he wouldn't need it. He was wrong.

Seizing the opportunity to end this Electra hurled one of her sai with all her might. She was stunned as he caught it less than an inch from the bulls-eye on his forehead.

"Thanks." He sneered as he whipped it back at her impaling her midsection. He was impressed that she managed to stay on her feet.

"Your good." Bullseye told her.

"But me," He said as a playing card slid from his sleeve. "I'm magic."

With that the ace of spades went sailing through the air and sliced Electra's throat.


Xander's heart broke in that instant as he listened to Electra gurgling, desperately trying to get air. He could feel the tears running freely down his face as he heard her heartbeat slowly fade then stop.

Using all of the strength that he could gather Xander pulled himself to his feet. He had to get out of here. He had to live. Someone had to make that bastard pay and he was in no condition right now. Vengeance would have to wait for another day, when he was fit enough to deliver it.

Moving slowly towards to the roofs edge Xander 'looked' over the city. Looking for any safe haven to rest. What he found was a familiar old church.


It was late and Father Everett was tired. He always stayed late despite the decline in the church's attendance. It was starting to take its toll more and more on the middle-aged man.

As he walked to the door to finally leave for the night he heard a loud thump coming from behind him. Turning around he saw a strange sight. There on the floor by the altar was a red leather clad masked man that hadn't been there moments before. Glancing upward he discovered one of the high windows open.

Briefly considering running to get the police, he quickly changed his mind as he saw the pool of red forming under the figure. Everett never could turn away somebody in need. Even one as strange looking as this.

As the Father got closer he took in the almost demonic visage of the man's costume. He recognized it now. He had never seen it himself but it had been described to in many times in confession by what he considered a lost sheep among his flock.

"Xander my boy," Father Everett said as he began examining the wound. "What happened?"

"Long story Father."

Everett reached for the mask but abruptly pulled back his hand. A shuriken lay embedded in the ground next to Xander's head and where his own hand had been.

"That was your only warning padre." Bullseye said from his perch above the majestic organ. His voice echoed eerily throughout the virtually empty church. "Now beat it."

Xander could hear the police outside. Apparently the rooftop fights had caught some attention and they had been tracked here. He knew Father Everett would be safest out there. "Go on Father, I'll be fine."

"But..." Everett tried to argue as he helped his lost sheep to his feet only to be cut off.


Finally resigning he headed for the door. As he reached it he stole one last look in. What he saw made him cringe. Xander had taken a candle and was burning his wound closed.

Xander gritted his teeth through the pain as he heard the door finally close and Bullseye drop from his perch.

"You're good, I'll give you that. Not many people can make me" He paused before he spat the final word out. "Miss."

As he moved closer to the front of the church the assassin continued. "A matter a fact, nobody has. Nobody but you that is. That's why I told that creep Holland that I'd do you for free. I want you to appreciate that. I'm not in the habit of doing it."

"Holland?" Xander said as comprehension dawned on him. "Wolfram and Hart?"

"That's right. Natchios worked with them for years and then he wanted out. There's only one way out." Bullseye gave a twisted gin. "Too bad he had to take his daughter with him!"

"You bastard!" Xander screamed as he launched the cable from his club at the assassin. His anger making the pain an afterthought as the adrenaline gave him the energy that left with his blood.

The blow hit his chest knocking him backwards. Rolling with it, Bullseye used the momentum to spin himself to land upright. As soon as his feet hit the floor he unleashed the deadly shuriken he retrieved from his belt during the spin. Xander spun his club and safely embedded all the throwing stars in it.

Out of throwing stars Bullseye charged. It was time to resort to hand to hand. As the two combatants met Bullseye's deadly accuracy proved to be just as dangerous with his own fists.

Despite his senses Xander was fighting mostly on the defensive again. This guy was good. As the fight raged Xander found himself being forced back and soon found himself fighting up a set of stairs to the upper level.

Bullseye, the lower of the two, decided to take advantage of the situation. He lashed out with his leg in a sweeping motion. He only received a boot in the face as Xander flipped up the remaining stairs for his trouble.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth Bullseye growled in fury and picked himself up from the bottom of the stairs. Racing to the top he saw the red clad man waiting for him at the end of the hallway. He was about to charge again but stopped when he noticed the ornate stained glass in the archway above the hall entrance. He could only smirk.

Jumping up Bullseye kicked the glass and caught every piece as he landed. "Dodge this!" He sneered as he unleashed the glass. Over two dozen pieces in all.

Xander just flipped back twice and forward three times and avoided most of it. The remaining pieces he simply swatted away with his fists.

Letting out a frustrated growl Bullseye charged before the last piece even neared its target. As Xander took care of it he was left open for Bullseye's charge. A charge that took him down with a tackle to make a linebacker jealous.

The two landed on a wooden bench and knocked a large cross off the wall. Bullseye was on top trying to strangle the life out of the red figure. Xander had other ideas. Managing to get his legs between them he pushed with all his strength sending Bullseye a few feet away.

Using the nearby windowsill to pull himself up, Xander leaned against it gasping for breath. He wouldn't have much time as Bullseye grabbed a piece of the broken bench and was charging again.

Xander just barely caught Bullseye's hands as they descended on him. He thought it ironic that he was going to go out at the end of a wooden stake... unless the sniper could get him first. He could hear him on the building across the street and that didn't bother him. It was the order to take the shot that did. As the bullet left the chamber he knew where it was headed. His own head!

Twisting his body, Xander dove towards the ground and pulled Bullsesye's hands with him. By the time the bullet came through the window his hands were where Xander's head had been.

"My hands!" Bullseye screamed in agony. "Not my hands!"

He abruptly stopped his screams as he saw his opponent approach with a look of pure hatred on his masked face. In his hands was a large cross. One with a particularly sharp point. In that moment he felt something he had never experienced before. Terror.

"Please!" He begged. "I've already lost my hands! That's worse than death for someone like me!"

"Then why are you so afraid of dieing?" Xander asked as Bullseye pinned himself up against a wall in his frantic attempt at escape.

Bullseye didn't get a chance to respond as the cross pierced his chest. He died almost instantly, his lifeless body slumping forward. It couldn't hit the floor. The cross was imbedded in the wall, holding him there.

"An eye for an eye." Xander said as he walked away to make his escape from the building.


In a mansion on the outskirts of LA, Holland sat in his home office. The daughter was taken care of and the loose end with her. Daredevil still lived, but he could be taken care of another day. The loss of Bullseye was unexpected, but not really damaging. All in all the Senior Partners were happy, so he was happy.

Until that is a figure dressed in red leather stepped out of the shadows and walked towards his desk. He knew who this was having read him described in so many reports.

"Ah, you must be that Daredevil person. How are you?" Holland asked as the man took a seat across from him.

"I don't suppose you'd be interesting in a job? I seem to have an opening."

"I don't work for criminals."

"Criminal? I'm no criminal son." Holland said in mock hurt.

The figure just gave a knowing grin. "That's not what your personal records say."

Holland's face dropped. He ran to his hidden safe and sure enough he found it empty.

"There was a lot of interesting stuff in those files." Daredevil continued. "I took the liberty of taking some from the Wolfram and Hart offices as well. Most people may not believe in demons and magic, but you're into a lot more than just that. I've sent all of it to every police and news agency in the state. Worse yet, the IRS. Those guys are just nuts. The shit's hit the fan and Wolfram and Hart's in so deep even they won't be able to dig themselves out."

Holland's features contorted in anger at the smug man sitting there casually. Rushing for his desk he pulled out the old revolver he kept there and levelled it at the intruder.


"Looking for these." Daredevil opened his hand to reveal a small pile of bullets.

"I left one bullet. You can kill me if you want. You'll have to do it quick though. I can her the sirens. The police are on their way here. I hope you enjoy prison. A guy like you would be very... popular." With that he stood and walked for the door.




Xander didn't even acknowledge Holland's death as he continued walking away. His eyes, again, glowed an eerie red. If anyone were to look at the Hellmouth, it was too.


It's been a week since Electra's death and Xander was no better off than he had been the first night. Sure his shoulder was healing up remarkably fast, but the loss of Electra was tearing away at his insides.

He sat in the park outside the dorms where they first kissed. A tear rolled down his face as he lifted the old acoustic guitar. As he began to play the first cords he spoke to the air. "You wanted me to play for you."

Would I know you name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

"Could you pass the honey please?"
"It's right in front of you."
"You'll have to be a little more specific."
"What are you bli..."

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

"I didn't get your name."
"I didn't' give it."

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?

"The café. Eight tonight. Don't be late."
"I wouldn't dare."

I'll find my way
Through night and day,
"Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

"My god you're beautiful."

Time can bring you down,
Time can bend your knees.
Time can break your heat,
Have you begging please, begging please.

"I didn't know you played. Play for me."

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven.

"Murderer! LIAR! Oh my god, Xander!"

Would I know you name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

"I love you"
"I know. I love you too."

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

"I'll be back for you."

Xander stood, tears flowing freely as the final cords echoed into the night. Empting a bottle of lighter fluid into a nearby trashcan he lit a match and tossed it in. The flames rose quickly as he walked away. The only objects inside the can were a blood red leather outfit and an old acoustic guitar.
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