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A price to be paid

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The deal

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Every part of my body feels so heavy; my legs and arms are lead weights that I have to heave around, my head itself must weigh 100lbs, and my eyelids, fuck those things feel like they have bricks attached to them weighing them down. I lean back into the seat and do my best not to fall asleep. Mike and Dave, the two guys from Virgin are supposedly taking me down to Guitar Center to check out some new equipment. Yeah right; more like they’re going to check out my equipment. The booze and the smack must be
doing their job and numbing me because that thought doesn’t even cause a flicker of emotion from me. An hour ago the same thought had me sobbing into Duff’s chest.

Izzy told me not to cry in front of these guys or show any sign of weakness; to just shut down and pretend that I was somewhere else. He also told me not to think about Duff while something was happening to me because I didn’t want the thought of him associated with a memory of an unwanted sexual act. He had a point there; I needed Duff to be my safe zone, my comfort, the man I loved and the only REAL lover I had. I didn’t want the thought of him associated with a memory of drunken groping by much older rich dudes.

Izzy had set the meeting up after we found out from another asshole at Virgin that almost every record company in town was ready to sign us… IF… Of course there was one caveat. Once catch; a price if you will. What all of the executives were competing for was me; my ass actually, or my mouth on their dick, not really me. None of them would every have the real me. They could touch my cock and violate my body but they couldn’t damage what was really important and that was my heart and my love for Duff. No one got a piece of my heart along with my body except him. I feel a hand snaking up my thigh and I let my eyes close and drift away for a few seconds. I’m snapped back into consciousness and reality when the hand on my leg moves upwards over my cock and squeezes lightly. I whimper in disgust but the slimy fuck next to me takes it as a signal to continue and he squeezes me a little harder. Then there are lips pressed against mine and I pull away but a hand firmly guides my face back towards the kiss. “Kid,” the one guy Dave says to me, “don’t pull away, remember why you’re here.”

“Yeah, well what do I get out of any of this?” I slur. “What does my band get?”
“You’ll see,” Dave answers and has the driver pull up to the curb. I see that we really are at Guitar Center, what was going on here? “What you get is a $200 gift card to this place. That’s $200 worth of strings and picks, and headhones, and drum sticks, money towards an amp or a new guitar, think about it. It also brings us to the next step in negotiations which would be a showcase for our CEO and if he likes you then we start negotiating terms. Or you can go home empty handed; tell your band mates sorry but you couldn’t do what you needed to do to take care of business; your choice,” the man says with all the charm of a viper. He’s doing that creepy thing that Axl does sometimes where he says something completely horrible in the most jovial, friendly tone of voice with a smile on his face but you’re reeling in shock at what came out of his mouth. I look up at the lights of the store; at the Gibsons in the window and the poster of Motley Crue on the door. “So what’s it going to be kid?”

“Give me the gift certificate first,” I say, lowering my eyes to the floor.

“No, you suck me off then I’ll give it to you and then you’re gonna suck Mike off,” how about that? The scumbag asks. I know they have real names but all I can think of them as, all they deserve as far as names is Scumbag 1 and Scumbag 2. “Every A&R guy in LA wants to know what that beautiful mouth feels like on their dick.”

“Ok, but that’s all I’m doing, going down on you; I’m not going to do anything else after that,” I hear myself slur.

“Right, we know, we didn’t ask you to do anything but suck our dicks kid,” Scumbag 2 says getting in on the action that’s about to start. “We hear you give amazing head and we want to try it out, can you blame us?”

“Where did you hear I gave good head? I snort as the hand between my legs starts to massage and tease my cock to life

I try and move away but Scumbag 2 holds my shoulder against the seat so that I can’t get away. “Be still now and let us play. We told you we won’t hurt you, relax now,” he hisses and Scumbag 1’s lips are pressed to mine again. I don’t fight it this time I just let the guy do it. The world is starting to get a little fuzzy anyway and I have to squint to focus my eyes on anything.

“Kiss him Mike,” I hear Scumbag 1 say when he pulls away from my mouth, “he’s got the softest fucking lips you’ve ever felt. I swear to fucking god those are going to be amazing wrapped around my dick!” Scumbag 2 kisses me and Scumbag 1 moves to start unlacing my pants. I don’t understand why they need to unlace my pants for me to suck their dicks.

I point this out and say “Hey, if I’m sucking your dick why are you opening my pants?,” I ask confused and he continues to do it , kissing me again instead of answering. I’m high as fuck and I don’t want to be there so my dick’s not really responding. The guy pulls my dick out of my pants and I hear him and Scumbag 2 talking about how good something like that would feel in your ass because it’s so big but he gets pissed off fast when my dick won’t get hard. “Dude, I’m fucking drunk!” I protest when he snaps at me about not enjoying myself.

“Ok, well if you’re not going to enjoy yourself we’re going to enjoy you,” Scumbaag 1 says opening his pants and flopping into the seat next to me. He grabs my hair and pulls my head down towards his lap. “Suck it, show me what that pretty little mouth of yours can do,” he says twisting my hair around his fingers. I yelp and he tells me to shut up and earn my band some money. “Do it right now, I know you know how to suck a dick kid.” I do as I’m told and start swirling my tongue around the top of his cock; swiping the disgusting pre-cum away with my tongue. He groans loudly when my lips slide around him. “Oh fuck yeah,” he moans. “Mike, sit up here and let him stroke you, wait until you feel this, those lips are fucking amazing!

The second guy climbs into the seat and I see that his pants are already on the floor of the car. He pulls on my arm and I reach over and wrap my hand around his shaft. I don’t want to be here! I don’t want to taste this guy’s fucking cock in my mouth! I try and breathe hard so that I don’t cry and I’m mostly successful the guy groans again as my head starts to bob up and down a little faster. “Oh yeah,” he hisses. The combination of alcohol and smack and a dick in my mouth is starting to feel like a bad idea for my stomach when the guy suddenly shoves my head down hard and thrusts upwards; cumming in my mouth and throat. I gag and struggle to pull away because I can’t breathe but he won’t let me and I start to panic and shove him backwards. I struggle to stay in control of my stomach and I bend over and wrap my arms around my stomach to keep from retching.

I glare up at the dude from underneath my curls and he merely smirks and looks over at his friend and then grabs me by the curls again. He pushes my head down into Scumbag 2’s lap and says “Quit stalling and suck his dick!” I repress a shudder and turn to Scumbag two. I notice that we’re parked on the street just up from Canter’s and I silently thank whatever god there is that we’re not out in the middle of the fucking nowhere like where Duff ended up. No one can see into the car though because of the heavily tinted windows but the city provides at least some defense in the proximity of people.

Scumbag 2 leans up to kiss me and I almost gag at how he tastes and smells like garlic. I wouldn’t kiss either of them back so he quickly grew bored with the kiss. “Ok kid; if you won’t kiss back then get to work,” he sighs pulling my hair to move my head towards his short, fat, little dick. How do I even suck that?” I start licking and sucking at the thing and try and think about not getting sick. If I puke on this guy’s dick the story will be all over town by the morning and we’ll have zero prospects for a record deal. I’m not even sure that this feels good for the guy because his dick doesn’t even reach the back of my throat. He’s panting though and making little noises in the back of his throat. “Fuck your lips are so soft; your friend was right at dinner when we wanted to find if your mouth was as sweet as looks and it fucking is!” I inwardly shudder in disgust. “Harder kid, suck me harder!” the guy begs and I increase the suction but it must not be enough for him because he twists his hand into my hair so hard that it brings tears to my eyes and shoves my head down and starts fucking my mouth the way his friend did. I steady myself with my hands on his legs and I try and push myself up but he knows what’s coming and he snarls to Scumbag 1 “Hold him down so I can get off!” I feel Scumbag 1’s hands on my shoulders holding me down. Fortunately for me Scumbag 2 is a quick shot and holding me down must turn him on because a few seconds after my shoulders are held down he starts groaning out “Oh fuck yeah,” and starts to get off. I choke down his salty, bitter, cum and Scumbag 1 lets me up and the guy whose dick is in my mouth lets go of my hair.

I sit up and feel my stomach churn and I know I’m going to throw up. I look around and grab the ice bucket from the minibar and retch into it. The taste of regurgitated whiskey and cum is fucking disgusting and it makes me heave again. But the third heave is dry; there’s nothing left in my stomach. I couldn’t really eat earlier; the thought of what was coming for me drove all thoughts of hunger or anything else really out of my mind. Duff was holding my hand under the table and stroking it with his thumb and I tried to let that be the only thing I could feel but the fear was too strong to keep out. Scumbag 2 hands me a water bottle and I rinse out my mouth several times and spit the water into the bucket. When I’m done Scumbag 1 reaches for the bucket and when I hand it to him. He puts the lid on it and lowers the partition between us and the driver and tells the driver to get rid of the bucket before raising the two way mirror again.

I’m swaying on my knees and my parnts are still open where Scumbag 1 opened them earlier. I’m hoping they let me out of here but I can see the digital clock in control console for the radio and A/C and it’s only 11:00, they have me for another hour before Izzy said they had to return me. Scumbag 2 wraps his hand around my dick from behind and forces my pants down over my hips.

“No, get the fuck off of me and leave my pants alone!” I tell Scumbag 1.

“Hey, settle down kid; you want a deal or not?” he asks. Scumbag 2 is suddenly in front of me with his disgusting garlicky lips pressed back to my mouth and I try and shove him off but I’m too drunk and too high to be very coordinated but I do manage to get myself back into the seat.

“That wasn’t part of our deal,” I growl at Scumbag 1. “Give me the gift certificate, you were going to do that before I sucked your friend’s dick and you didn’t.

“Ok, ok, that’s fair, just calm down,” the guy says trying to placate me. He reaches over and grabs his briefcase and opens it. Inside there are a stack of gift certificates to Guitar Center clipped together. He peels off two and hands them to me; each is worth $100. “I’ll give $500 if you let us fuck you,” he proposes. I don’t answer him though because I’m too busy staring out the window. Duff is standing outside leaning against the side of Canter’s looking at our limo with a murderous look on his face. He’s waiting for me and behind the angry look on his face I see total terror. My heart throbs because I know he’s scared for me and I hate making him feel that way. I love him so much and the need to get to him is overwhelming.

“No, I don’t want to , let me out of the car!” I beg moving closer to the window so that I can see Duff better.

“What are you looking at?” the guy asks. “Is your girlfriend out there?” He follows my gaze down the street and I shake my head. His eyes light on Duff and he looks at me; realization coming across his face. “Boyfriend?” he asks and I still don’t answer. “Blondie over there, the base player from your band, you two are together aren’t you? That’s why he was so belligerent at dinner; I thought it was just because he was so wasted.” I still say nothing. “Let’s invite him, I bet you’ll get hard then” he suggests.

“No, leave him out of this! Besides the deal was only for me!” That was apparently the wrong thing to say because both guys perk up at this statement and they grin evily at each other. “Please don’t,” I plead quietly.

“We’ll just invite him; he can say yes or no as he likes,” Scumbag one laughs and I lower my eyes in defeat. He intercoms the driver and tells him to and invite Duff to join the three of us in the back of the limo. Then he turns to me-“Take the rest of your clothes off!” he barks. I just glare at him and don’t move. We’re both startled by a pounding on the window and I see Duff standing outside the door. Scumbag two moves from where he had been blocking the door and the chauffer opens it. A blur of blonde hair, leather, and denim knocks Scumbag 1 out from in front of me as the door closes behind him and I find myself wrapped up in a pair of arms that makes me feel safer than anything in the world. He’s squeezing me so hard that I can hardly breathe but I don’t care; I bury my face in his neck and cling to him.

“Are you ok?” he asks pulling back to look at me; silently taking note of my open pants and lips that are swollen slightly from sucking those guys off.

“I’m fine, I’m sorry they pulled you into this! I asked them not to but they did it anyway!” I blurt out.

“Shh, don’t worry about it; it was killing me that you were so close to me having to do god knows what. I’d rather be here and have to do it too. No arguments,” he says and kissing my lips to shush me. “It’s ok, you’re ok, I’m here now.” I look into his eyes and see relief but I know my own are filled with regret at the fact that he’s here because of me. He’s been through enough. “What do you want?” he asks the two Scumbags.

They exchange a look and Scumbag 1, who seems to be in charge, says “You two bend over for us; we both get both of you. But you two get each other hard first. The kid says he can’t get it up because of the booze but I’m betting he gets it up for you.”

“What do we get out of it?” Duff asks.

“I told the kid you’re getting a showcase with our CEO and I gave him $200 in gift certificates from Guitar Center. I’ll give you guys $500 more in gift certificates.”

“No, we all need better guitars and Steven needs a new kit; his is falling apart. Axl gets the white leather jacket he’s been eyeing in that store two doors up from Canter’s; the one in the window. You want to fuck us then you buy us ALL new instruments and we pick out whatever we want. Got it? You meet us at Guitar Center tomorrow at 3:00 and pay for three guitars and a drum kit. Doesn’t matter if we end up signing with you or not we get to keep the instruments and the jacket. We also keep the $200 in gift certificates, Slash already earned those.” Duff must not be as drunk as I thought he was earlier because he sure knows how to drive a hard bargain.

The guys look at each other and I can see the squirm; it’s a lot of money but it’s not their money, it’s Virgin’s money. Finally Scumbag 1 shrugs. “Fine,” he says to Duff. But only because no one else on the strip has been able to get fucking NEAR that kid and he’s hot. Well, that and everyone knows that your band has the potential to generate millions of dollars.”

“Oh, and you don’t hurt him,” Duff says in a voice that brooks no argument. The Scumbags nod at him.

“Alright Blondie, no more talking, turn around and suck your boyfriend’s dick! It’s not as much of a turn on to fuck the two of you without your dicks being hard,” the guys tells him.

I see Duff flinch a little when the guy calls him “Blondie.” I’ve noticed him do that once before since the guys from Avi got a hold of him; I’m guessing they called him that so I’ve made sure not to do it. He moves so that he’s more settled between my legs and slides his hands down over my chest and they settle on my hips. “You ok beautiful?” he asks.

“I threw up a little while ago; you probably don’t want to kiss me,” I tell him pulling back a little. Duff turns around and grabs a bottle of rum off of the minibar. He cracks it open and holds it out to me and I take a swig of it. It burns all the way down and pain runs through my stomach again but I don’t say anything. I hand the bottle back to Duff and he puts it back.

“Just look at me, only at me, ok?” he whispers. I nod and then his lips are on mine and I feel myself relax into the comfort of his arms and his kiss. His hands slide over my stomach and chest and down my arms as his tongue gently prods my lips to get me to open my mouth. I groan quietly and find myself kissing someone back for the first time tonight. I reach up and pull Duff closer to me; cupping his face in my hands and feeling desire welling up inside of me. We hadn’t been together since he was attacked and I realize how fucking much I missed this.

“I wish that it was going to be you,” I whisper.

“Me too,” he replies sadly. He strokes my cheek and moves to kiss down my neck and I suck my breath in. When his mouth slides down over my cock I let out a soft cry. His mouth feels so hot and wet and just…right. I run my fingers through his blonde, wavy, hair and twirl some of it around my fingers and gasp when he teases the underside of my dick with his tongue by flicking it quickly over my shaft as he sucks me.

“Alright; switch!” a voice from behind Duff says. Shit, I had forgotten those pervs were there for a second. I open my eyes and force myself to move; noting that those freaks were already stroking their dicks. I move onto the floor between Duff’s legs and slide my hand down his body in wonder at how beautiful he is. I look into his face and get a small smile. I lean down to kiss him and he slides his arms around me and I feel him stiffen when I wrap his cock in my hand and start stroking. He makes a muffled, small sound of pleasure and I move to kiss and suck on his neck. When I nibble and nip at his collar bone and ear he outright moans and I chuckle. “You like that baby? Does it feel good?”

“Mmm hmm,” he whimpers. I kiss down his chest and tease his stomach with tiny licks which always sets him off. I keep moving down, holding his hips to keep him still when he starts to squirm. When I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and then take just the head between my lips and tease him with my tongue he fucking growls and grabs my hair; guess he’s missed this just as much as I have. Before he can make another peep I suck him into my mouth and down my throat and he yells out “Fuck!” and tries to thrust despite my hold on him. “Mmm baby,” he breathes.

“Enough!” Scumbag two says. “You two get on your knees with your asses up! I can’t watch this anymore; I need to fuck!”

Duff and I look at each other in disappointment but do as we’re told. “Just think about your new guitar," he whispers. The two fuckers behind us argue about who’s doing who first and I end up with Scumbag 2 behind me. He spits on my ass and I feel two fingers roughly shoved into me. I wince and my eyes scrunch up in pain. I feel a hand close over mine on the car seat and open my eyes and look into Duff’s sad, brown, ones. I twine my fingers through his and it makes the pain of the dick that’s quickly shoved into my ass not as sharp as it would have been. “You ok?” he mouths and I nod.

Looking into his eyes like that and feeling somebody else behind me sent a searing pain through my chest that had nothing to do with what was happening to me physically. My heart was breaking for him. I hated that it wasn’t him inside of me and I hated the pain I saw shining out of his eyes for the same reason. Tears were gilimmering in his eyes and he was biting his lip to keep from crying. I don’t knowo if it’s because it hurt physically or if he was remembering the last time he found himself with his face down in a limo seat and his ass in the air or if it was because he didn’t want it any more than I did. I squeezed his hand and we stared at each other without saying a word while the two assholes behind us grunted and sweated away.

“Jesus Dave,” the fucker behind me hissed. “His ass is just as sweet as his mouth his!”

“His boyfriend’s good too, so tight!” Scumbag one growled. “Ready to switch?” Scumbag two must have nodded because he pulls out of me and they change places.

“Ow!” I hear myself cry when Scumbag 1 shoves himself into me.

“Be quiet and take it kid!” Scumbag 1 hisses as he starts fucking me. There’s not enough lube though and it hurts. I feel a tear run down my face and Duff squeezes my hand hard. I open my eyes and look into his again. He reaches up and tries to reach me to stroke my face but the fucker behind me smacks his hand away. “Don’t touch each other!” he growls. “Fuck kid your ass is tight; I’m so fucking close!” He grabs my hair and pulls and I whine in pain.

Duff opens his mouth to say something but I shake my head at him. “It’s almost over!”” I tell him quietly. “Just let him be done!” The guy behind Duff suddenly starts pounding away and then grunts and goes rigid muttering about how good Duff’s ass feels. I feel fury run through me when he says this; what the fuck right does he have to feel anything using Duff’s body?! Duff is mine and I’m the only one who has the right to feel anything like that! Duff sees the look in my eyes and he quickly reaches over and grabs my hand again to stop me from doing anything. Just then the guy behind me jerks my curls painfully and does the same thing as the other guy. He starts fucking me hard and fast and I feel warmth inside of me as he cums.

The lack of lube becomes even more painful when he starts moving so fast and I hear a screech come out of my mouth. As soon as the guy stops and slumps over me Duff jumps up and shoves him off. He pulls me up into his arms and wipes the tears out of my eyes. “Are you ok Curly Sue?” he asks.

“I’ll live,” I tell him.

“I told you not to fucking hurt him!” Duff snarls at Scumbag 1 who’s dick is limp and bloody on his thigh.

“I didn’t mean to Blondie; calm down. He’ll be fine,” the sleaze ball says. Duff moves to put me aside and I know he’s going to punch the guy so I hold on to him. We’re saved by a knock on the window. The driver comes on the intercom to tell us that Izzy is outside and that our time is up.

“Come on; we’re done. We can go home. New guitars right?” I say to him and try not to wince every time I breathe because it makes the tear in my ass sting. He nods at me and we scramble to get our clothes on.

“Three o’clock tomorrow outside of Guitar Center,” Duff says to the two freaks from Virgin.

“We’ll be there,” Scumbag 1 assures him. When we’re dressed we knock on the window and the door opens. Izzy’s standing there with his hands in his pockets holding his shirt up just enough to show the fuckers in the limo that he’s carrying a gun. Duff pushes me in front of him making sure that I get out first and then he climbs out behind me. “We’ll see you gentlemen tomorrow,” Scumbag 1 says in a fake, pleasant voice.

Duff slides his arm around my waist and walks me to Izzy’s car. We climb in and I let the façade I’ve had up all night crumble. Duff pulls me into his lap and squeezes me tightly. I start to sob and he holds on tighter. “Shh, I love you Curly Sue, it’s over now. You made it. We made it. You were so strong; you did great. Shh, it’s ok my sweet boy,” Duff soothes.

“I’m sorry I got you involved; I didn’t want for them to touch you too! I’m so sorry!” I choke out.

“No, don’t be sorry. It would have been worse for me knowing that you were going through it alone than it was going through it with you. I love you so much; are you ok? You’re bleeding.”

“They made him bleed?” Izzy snarls.

“I’m ok, it stings but I’m ok,” I reassure them. Duff looks at me skeptically. “I don’t want to talk about it ok?” I whisper and grip Duff’s shirt as I feel tears flooding my eyes again.

“Ok baby, we won’t, we don’t have to. I’ve got you, don’t cry. I love you,” Duff croons quietly.

“I love you too Duffy,” I whisper and reach up and stroke his long, blonde hair out of his face. After tonight, realizing that he meant what he said about how he would rather go through some shit like that with me than alone and knowing that I feel the same way about him I think that for both of us those words have come to take on a whole new level of meaning;something we can’t express built out of mutual loss and shame and the desire to take those feeling away in the other one and make them whole again. “We’re gonna be ok,” I tell him and he grips me harder. When we get home we get in the shower and scrub each other down; both of us understanding how dirty the other one feels. When we get into bed we lay there together, looking at each other, searching the other’s eyes to make sure that there’s no permanent damage to us as a couple when he leans over and kisses me. My body is suddenly on fire with need for him which is a little confusing considering what happened not even an hour ago but I don't want to fight it.

The kisses get more passionate and he pulls me over so that I’m on top of him. I look down at him questioningly and he looks back at me and his eyes say everything. “I want you Curly Sue, please.”

“Are you sure about that after everything we went through tonight?” I ask him warily.

“Very sure,” he answers and pulls me down into a kiss. So I do what he asks and make love to him for the next few hours; until the sunlight cuts through the blinds. Even after all the shit tonight it’s perfect. After tonight I know exactly how much he really loves me; no one else would have gone through that with me. After tonight I know that he’s truly my other half.
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