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Beach Houses

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Duff and Slash get away

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Waking up with Duff was one my favorite things in the whole world. He always looked so peaceful with his arms wrapped around me, breathing softly, his long, blonde waves lying gently across his face and shoulders. When he was asleep he didn’t look so…I don’t know, you couldn’t tell a part of him was missing when he was sleeping, When his eyes were open I could see that a lot of the light in his eyes was gone. It had been replaced with a sad resignation that I didn’t know how to bring the light back to them. All of the things we had had to do to get offered a record deal were destroying us; not as a couple, but as individuals. We couldn’t get up in the morning now without downing some booze because our hands shook so badly. Izzy was sleeping over at Axl’s most of the time which was fine; it was good for them to be close. Angie dropped Fang off over here during the day sometimes so I could play with him and we would feed him when she worked at night. At least the love I felt for the stupid kitten was pretty straightforward, he didn’t want me for my body, he just wanted me to pet him and fill up his food bowl. That I could handle.
When I slept with Duff the first time it was how it was supposed to be; at least it was how I had always dreamed it was supposed to be. I felt like I was actually giving myself to him; letting him be inside of my body that way and trusting him not to hurt me physically or emotionally was a huge undertaking. There’s no way I could be a girl and have to go through that every time I slept with someone. It was terrifying and exhilarating and it made me fall absolutely and totally in love with the person doing it to me. That was how it should be; every time Duff made love to me after that I fell for him more and more. It brought us closer together.

When I was inside of him…I felt so many things. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurting him, I wanted to protect him, I wanted to fuck the hell out of him because it felt so good, I wanted to hear him growl and groan and say my name.

I’ll never forget that first time though; that shitty hotel room, the sunburn across both of our noses, the sweet smell of shampoo and soap on Duff’s hair and skin. The way he kissed me and whispered to me and was so gentle with me making sure I was ready and that I wasn’t hurting and god that overwhelming pleasure that I didn’t know I could feel…holy shit! Nothing and no one had ever made me feel the way he did.

I tried to give back what he gave me and I seemed to be pretty successful at it. Watching him cum as I fucked him never got old. The sounds that he made and the look on his face were so beautiful. I enjoyed spending hours exploring his body; finding those sensitive spots that drew whimpers and small cries out of him; learning where he liked to be stroked or tickled or kissed. I wanted to know all about him; everything: the way his mind worked, what made him happy, what made him sad, what made him angry. Right now I knew what made him sad. But I think I know a way that I can make him happy again; at least for a little while.

I quietly got out of bed and called up Nikki from the phone in the kitchen. I knew he was on a two week hiatus and was back in LA. I also knew that he had a beach house down in San Diego and by beach house I mean mansion with a pool that also fronted the ocean. We didn’t have any shows for the next week and I had some money saved up. I called Nikki and asked if we could use his house and a car for the week and he was a little skeptical at first but when I explained why I needed it he even threw in $500 on top of the $500 I won from him. I thanked him and hung up the phone and jumped in the shower. Then I snuck up on a sleeping Duff, got a running start and leaped onto him knocking the breath out of him and giving him a face bbull of black, wet, curly hair.

“Ooomph! What the fuck?! He exclaimed shoving my dripping black hair out of his eyes.

“Get up, get showered, and pack enough clothes for a week! We’re going on a road trip! No more sitting in the dark moping we’re out of here!” I tell him.

“What are you talking about beautiful? Where are we going? We don’t have any money!"

“Yes we do, we’re going down to San Diego to Nikki’s beach house for the week to just get away. Just me and you. I can’t watch the light in your eyes dimming anymore and sitting here dwelling on it isn’t going to make it any better. We’re going to sell our new guitars in San Diego and get other ones that weren’t bought by prostituting ourselves and we’re going to figure out how to be happy again. Come on get up and get ready to go. Let me do something for you; you literally gave up your body for me. I can’t repay that so let me take you somewhere away from here where we can be alone and not think about this stuff. I love you so much; I want to see your eyes smile again, even just for a little while. Now come on, shower and get dressed! No arguments!"

He does what I ask and I throw some stuff into a bag and he does the same when he comes out. I grab our guitars and he picks up the bags and I walk him outside where Nikki and Tommy are standing next to two convertibles.
“Which one do you want? The Trans-Am or the Porshe?” Nikki chuckles.

Duff and I look at each other and at the same time we blurt out “The Trans-Am!”

“Ok, it’s yours for the week. Here’s the keys to the house; don’t lose ‘em! He growls. Go down there, build some bonfires on the beach, cuddle up on the sand; sit up on the balcony and watch the sun come up over the ocean; reconnect. It’s a good kind of a house for that shit,” Nikki says. “I called and had groceries delivered and the maid come in and put them away and dust up. There’ll be some kind of dinner waiting for you in the refrigerator plus plenty of your preferred booze, blow, and brownstone. Bathing suits and Hawaiian shirts are all over down there as well as sandals and sunscreen and toiletries. Everything you need should be waiting for you there. Go down there, relax, everything in the house is yours; just don’t destroy it or the car!” he warns.

“Thanks again man!” I tell Nikki and clap him on the back and then jump behind the wheel. We travel south out of the city with the radio blasting enjoying a mix of Aerosmith, the Stones, Van Halen, Our first stop is a well known guitar store with a reputation for reselling only the best equipment. We trade the guitars that Virgin bought us for a white fender bass that sounds amazing and looks sharp in Duff’s hands. I pick up my first Les Paul tobacco sunburst; a guitar I’ve wanted to own since I was 14 or so. We’re both thrilled and we pack the instruments in the car and continue on towards Nikki’s. When we arrive we get the car unpacked and decide to explore the house. The place is gorgeous with glass walls that face the ocean. There’s a hot tub and jacuzzi’s in the bathrooms and double showers and a giant fire pit out on the patio. There’s like 8 bedrooms and we pick one facing the water with a Jacuzzi tub and TV and a fireplace in the bathroom and another fireplace in the bedroom. There are blinds inside two glass panes in the floor to ceiling windows that face the water. You push a button on a switch on the wall and they open or close. The bed is round; I’ve only ever seen that kind of bed on TV and walls are painted a royal blue. All of the furniture is royal blue and white with silver accents. There’s a big screen TV across from the bed and surround sound. We look at each other when we walk in and instantly know it’s the one.

We dump our stuff and I talk Duff into taking a swim in the ocean.
I find a beach blanket in one of the closets near the patio along with a couple of beach towels and some sun screen. We walk down to the beach and into the waves; it’s perfect the water is warm but not too warm. Duff dives into a wave as soon as we’re waist deep. I can’t swim very well so I just wade I until I’m about chest deep. Duff surfaces behind me and wraps his arms around me. “Thanks for arranging this and bringing me here; getting out of town with you was just what I needed. I’m also really happy we returned those guitars; I was hardly able to play mine. Every time I started to play I saw your sad face laying on the backseat of that limo while I was holding your hand. I felt like it was bought with blood money. I’m sorry you had to do that baby boy. I wanted to keep you safe from that type of thing for as long I could. I feel like I saw a part of your soul dying that night. All I could do was hold your hand and watch you lose some of your innocence as those two guys fucked you and watching the light dying inside you just about killed me!”

He pulls me closer to him and snuggles into his neck and shoulder. "I just kept thinking how brave you were because you just took it and didn’t cry the whole time; you held it in until we were in Izzy’s car and then all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around you and never let go. I wanted to kiss all of your tears away. I wanted to erase the past few hours for you and put back the light in yours eyes that was dimming. I know you want to take care of me too Slash but I’m older than you and more experienced and you’re so sweet and young and you were so innocent I can’t help but want to protect you with my life. It’s always going to be that way; I want to kill anyone that hurts you; You shouldn’t have had to go through that at all ever!".

"When that guy dry fucked you and he made you bleed I wanted jump over onto him and choke the life out of him. It was a good goddamn thing for him Izzy knocked on the window right then with that gun because I would have killed him right then and there Slash. Same thing with that trucker that tried to fuck you; if I had found you I would literally have fucking shoved the neck of that bottle up his ass”! I chuckle a little bit at the thought and look up at Duff who kisses me softly on the lips.

“That day was the day I realized that I was in love with you Curly Sue. When you got in the truck and held onto my shirt and just slumped into me I realized that I was holding the most important thing in the world to me and it wasn’t a guitar; it was you. I was so worried that the bump on your head was serious and you were really hurt because you told me everything was blurry and then you passed out.

Then when we made love a couple of days later it was the first time I had actually made love to someone; I had never been in love with someone I had had sex with before, it was always just sex. But you I loved and it was all so new to you and I had to show you what to do and that was so sweet and such a turn on. Fuck and your reactions to things; I love how responsive you are when I touch you and you came so hard for me that night. I’d never been a guy’s first and you were so tight and it felt so good and you seemed to be feeling just as good as I was.

I also couldn’t believe how much you trusted me; you were so nervous and sweet but you gave yourself to me without any hesitancy or even looking like you wanted to stop; that meant so much to me because I know that’s a little scary. That’s why I wanted your first time to be perfect; because I’ve been there and I know it can be frightening. I wanted you to know I loved you and I wanted it to feel good so you would feel safe and want to come back for more. I loved you much that night and I love you even more now; you’re my everything Curly Sue,” he tells me.

I know there are tears in my eyes but I manage to whisper “You’re my everything too Duffy. That first time was perfect; I was a little scared but I knew you wouldn’t hurt me and I wanted to give myself to you because I was falling in love with you too; that night sealed the deal for me. The only way I got through the other night with those record company freaks was because you were there holding my hand helping me through it.

I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to upset you even more that night because your nerves were already shot but that guy hurt me really bad. That one shriek was all I let out but I wanted to keep screaming. He was pulling my hair and pounding the fuck out of me with almost no lube and I could feel my skin tearing. When we got home Izzy showed me how to use antibiotic cream on the tears and he got me these little bottles of laxatives and don’t be mad Duffy but sometimes he shot me up too; it hurt so bad and I didn’t want to go to the doctor and I wasn’t going to ask you for any of your pills; you needed them."

"The tears healed fine but honestly if you hadn’t been there with me I would have screamed or cried until that asshole finished fucking me because he was ripping me open!”

My hand clenches in Duff’s hair and I shudder at the memory.

“Shh baby, it’s ok, it’s over now. He’s not ever going to hurt you again; don’t worry,” Duff soothes. “I’m not mad at Izzy either, he was just trying to help you.”

I take a deep breath and start talking again. “I also knew that night that you loved me as much as I love you Duffy. You didn’t have to be there but you gave up your body so that you could be there beside me and hold my hand so I wouldn’t have to go through getting fucked by those guys alone. That meant the world to me. Looking into your eyes and squeezing your hand kept me sane. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that.”

“You don’t have to thank me Baby Boy; there was no way I could let you go through that alone; I love you so much Slash and if you have to go through some shit like that I’ll be there to help carry the load.”

“I love you too Duffy,” I tell him and pull him down to my lips and kiss him softly. Those soft kisses soon turn into passionate, hard, desperate ones My hands run down his back and squeeze his ass and grind his pelvis into mine. He moans and reaches for the string holding my bathing suit on. He unties it easily and slips his hand inside the waist band to stroke me and I gasp and bite my lip.

“Fuck me baby, I want you so bad,” he begs as I trail kisses down his neck; stopping every now and then to nip the soft skin making him yelp and then covering the bite marks with licks and kisses.

“Turn around then beautiful,” I growl. “I’ll make you scream louder than Axl did that day we saw him and Izzy fucking in the ocean.” He quickly moves in front of me and I slide his shorts down over his hips and carefully spread him open; scissoring my fingers back forth inside of his tight hole. He groans and my fingers find his prostate and circle over it and he yells and snaps his hips towards my fingers.

“Fuck me now, fuck me hard, please! I need to feel that fucking huge cock in me, please put it in!” he begs

“Ok, I’m coming,,” I soothe. I line my cock up to his hole and thrust in hard.

“Slash!” he yells. “Just like that, hard, fuck me hard!”

I wrap one arm around his waist and stroke his cock with the other and thrust into him hard and fast, grunting each time I push into him. It only takes a few thrusts and he bucks against me and I feel his body contract hard against my cock and I watch w white cloud spread out into the water in front of him. The feeling of his warm cum spilling over my fingers under water throws me into my own climax and I grunt out “Duff, oh fuck baby” as I spill my seed inside of hlm. “I love you,” whisper as the waves lap against us and I hold up his limp, panting, form.

He turns in my arms and kisses me softly; those slow, lazy kisses that come with the afterglow of sex. “Thank you, I love it when you fuck me hard and fast like that. You make me so fucking hot and I always cum so hard.”

“You’re welcome; I love you. I’m always going to love you,” I whisper as I plant kisses on his lips and forehead and neck.

“I love you too; come inside and let me make dinner for you,” Duff says pulling my swim trunks back up over my hips.

“Well if you insist I’ll eat your food…” I say and smile. We make our way back to the house and clean up and Duff makes us two steaks that he finds in the standing freezer off the kitchen along with baked potatos. They’re delicious, everything Duff cooks is always delicious. Later we build a fire in the fireplace in the bedroom and he makes love to me for over an hour; teasing and stimulating me until I cum so hard that I can’t even make a sound. I just feel my face turn red and I pant; blowing a huge load onto our chests and stomachs. Afterwards he pulls me over onto his chest and strokes my hair and we whisper to each other about how much we love each other and always will.

Finally he sighs and says “Baby boy, I need to ask you something, are you using smack with Izzy? You said earlier that he shot you up a few times to help you deal with the pain of what that scumbag did to you. But are you still using? I’ve noticed that sometimes after you two hang out that you’ve got that tired, smacked- out look on your face and you slur your words.. I won’t be mad if you say yes; I know you’re just trying to deal with what happened with Axl and those two other guys but be honest with me; are you using?”

I look up at him surprised because I thought I had been hiding it pretty well but I should have known better than to think I could hide it from Duff. I look away but he tilts my chin up to his face forcing my eyes to meet his and raises his eyebrows at me. “Yeah Duff, I’m sorry; it just makes me forget for a while and feel happy or normal; whatever that means anymore. For a few hours I don’t have to think about how some creep from Virgin Records stuck his dick up my ass and my boyfriend’s and talked to each other about how good it felt in front of us! I’m sorry baby.”

He squeezes me tightly and strokes my hair a few times before he speaks. “It’s ok Slash, I know I’ve been drinking way more than normal too. I’ll work on it, will you work on the smack with me? Your love is what I need the most,” Duff tells me and kisses me softly on the lips.

“Your love is what I need the most too. We’ll work on it together. I just hope our days of having to be touched by people we don’t want to are over. I love you so much Duffy,” I tell him and wrap my body around his as closely as possible.

“I love you too my sweet Curly Sue,” he whispers, already dozing.

A couple of hours later he wakes me up curled up against my body sniffling and shaking my shoulder. I reach over and turn the light on and gather him up in my arms. “Duff, my baby, what’s wrong? What happened honey? You’re shaking Duffy, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? I ask him starting to panic.

“No, I, I, I just had a nightmare, about those two guys from Avi, I dreamed they kept squeezing and kissing my ass and telling me what a sweet, pretty little ass I had. It didn’t really happen but the balding guy kept trying to give me a rim job in my dream. Then they told me you were next; that when they were done with mr they were going to fucking ream you out. I knew I had to get to you to warn you so I jumped out the door…” He starts sobbing into my chest and shoulder and I hold him tight and kiss his cheek and stroke his hair. “Shhh baby, it’s not real ok? It was just a dream,” I whisper to him.

“It was almost real,” he chokes.

“Shhh, I know, but don’t worry sweetness. Just let me hold you and relax; you’re safe.” As soon as those words are out of my mouth the phone rings. It’s Izzy. Another record company wants to meet with us next week when we get back; Geffen records. David Geffen used to be my neighbor when I was a kid; maybe he won’t want a piece of the curly haired kid that used to trick or treat at his house. Duff just sobs when I tell him the news. When did our dream turn into a nightmare?
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