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The band throws a party to celebrate. Some izzal. And Nikki!

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There is one hell of a celebration party going on in the new house that we moved into that as yet has no furniture in it other than some lawn chairs, Slash’s recliner, and the crappy couches that Duff and Slash used to have in their apartment. The only other things are all of our personal shit and the blankets and linens and odd pots, pans, and dishes from our respective apartments that we had moved into the storage unit when we all moved in there together. But Izzy and I are having our own private party in the bathroom. He gently moves my hair as he looks at our reflection in the mirror. "I love you so much," he whispers kissing me again in the softest place of my jugular. His eyes look up and meet mine, and the first ime in years I actually see Izzy, my Izzy. The ambivilant stare of indifference I had come to know was no longer visible. I couldn't see the years of smack taking their ever present toll. No sedated eyes distracted and hollow. I saw Izzy. An Izzy from a long long time ago that always looked at me with such awe and wonder. I thought that part of Izzy had died, murdered by years of heroin addiction. But in that brief fleeting moment I saw the cool Izzy who had stolen my heart.

I tilt my head and draw in a sigh as his lips continue to trace my neck so softly "Youre so beautiful," he coo's in my ear. "I could never love anyone but you. I knew that first day I ever saw you being chased by teachers down the hall."

He wraps his arms around my shoulder and smiles at us in the mirror. "We have always belonged together darlin. It was written in the stars for us to be together. I know we've been through hell and back again, but we never let go. I know these last few years have been hell. And I'm sorry I haven't made it any easier with the smack. But we finally did it. This is our dream Axe. I'm so sorry for all the pain I've caused you."

"It wasn't all you Izz. I turned into a monster."

"Those days are in the past now. We have a second chance to get it right this time. A real chance to rebuild the damage and start over."

"What if it's too late?" I ask looking at his reflection.

"As long as we are still here trying its never too late darlin." He tilts his chin up to me for a kiss, "I'll never stop trying Fireball. You are in my soul. A disease in my blood, the reason my heart beats, and the only reason I have to get up everyday. We belong to one another. Always."

He hadn't said words that truly came from his heart in years. I thought smack had robbed him of these parts I loved and missed so much. My heart swelled at this rare glimpse of the one I loved but had almost forgotten. Maybe he was still in there somewhere after all.

"I'm gonna make it up to you Axe. We're gonna find our way back to one another. It's gonna be even better than it was in the beginning," he whispers as his hand snakes down my chest.

"So much has happened," I mumble.

"And yet, here we are Darlin. We made it through the worst. But it's smooth sailing from here on out. We're gonna be ok babe. Our souls belong together always. You'll never get rid of me Axe." He rests his hands on the counter top and peers deeply into my eyes. I had forgotten what a lovely shade of hazel they were. "I want to start making it up to you right now," he says with the eyes of a teenage boy who used to drive me wild. He still did.

"There's a party in full swing out there, don't you think someone might want to take a piss?" I smirk.

He leans in and licks my ear, "Two bathrooms, remember?"

He hoists me onto the counter top and slides his hips between my thighs. His lips take mine and all I can think about was when we were kids in Indiana. Our first time was similar to this. I was so nervous and Izzy was so patient. He took his time and explained everything to me.

He kisses my lips softly and his eyes shift away. "I know Ive made loving me nearly impossible. I'm sorry I let myself get lost like this. I'm sorry I haven't been there for you. I'm sorry I let the smack take me away from you. I promise to make you love me again."

I stroke his cheek and smile, "I never stopped Izz." I can see tears forming in his soft loving eyes. "Its not too late honey." I stroke a tear from his cheek.

"I want to feel you inside me," he whispers as he twiddles my long strands of red hair. I reach down and start to fumble with his pants. He does the same with mine. He bends over the counter and waits for me.

"Turn around," I say, "I want to see you."

He slides up onto the counter and takes my lips with his. Anything you want darlin."

I reach over for some lotion and lube it over my cock. I position myself and Izzy winces a little. I stop moving. "Im ok," he assures me, "We just haven't done it this way for a while."

"You wanna top?" I ask.

He shakes his head, "No...I want to feel you."

So I slowly move myself in deeper. Izzy leans back into the mirror and rests his heels on the counter top. "You feel so good," I pant trying to take it slow.

Before the smack Izzy always did things so slow he made me beg for more. He always enjoyed the buildup more than the pay off. He loved to taunt and to tease and drive me wild. He shoves me down into the chair and straddles my lap. He lowers himself slowly onto me making us both groan.

"You’re such a fucking tease," I pant as he gives me that empowered smirk of his.

"You like it or you wouldn't keep coming back for it." He takes my lips with his again. "I love you darlin. I can't live without you."

Izzy words alone have me just at the brink. I reach down and take his dick in my hand and stroke in time to his grinds on my lap. "See honey, you ain't the only one who knows how to tease." I nip at his ear lobe.

"Ain't teasing when you already have me close," he pants.

"Guess I should slow down then. I know how much you like to play," I give him a coy grin sliding my fingers softly over his shaft.

"Not now darlin, we have a party to host," he says gripping his hand over my own. "You have about five seconds," he closes his eyes and bites his lip. "Cum for me darlin."

And his words were all I needed to drive me over the edge.

"I love you," he whispers as our orgasms play themselves down.

I look in his eyes and I finally see it again. I see those eyes that used to look at me just like this. Maybe he was right. Maybe we could find our ways back to one another.

I was estatic in more ways than one at this second. For the first time in years I actually felt joy; real joy, not the fucked up kind that came with getting high. We had finally made it and had actual money! Somebody liked our music enough and thought that we were good enough to sign us to their label and all we had to do for it was make music; make gold records Geffen had said. It was my dream come true; I couldn’t believe it was happening! All these years of writing and playing music and all the other shit Axl and I and everyone else in our band had gone through was finally going to pay off big time! I can’t even remember the last time I was this happy without sticking a fucking needle in my arm or swallowing some kind of pill; the last thing that had even come close was that day with those hippy chicks when we had all been high on ecstasy.

I looked at Axl in the mirror and told him that we were going to be ok, that everything would be smooth sailing from here on out and that I loved him, that I had always loved him. I watched the fear and doubt in his eyes change to trust and happiness when he turned around and looked at me face to face. I wanted to grab him and spin him around and laugh and smother him to death with kisses but the bathroom was too small for that so I settled for celebratory sex instead. No, celebratory love-making; I was feeling things I hadn’t felt sober for years. Riding Axl, feeling him inside of me, his arms around me, his labored breathing and kisses that said he loved me every bit as much as loved him was the culmination of the greatest day of my entire fucking life; well maybe with the exception of the day I had first seen my Fireball running down the hallway being chased by raging teachers. That was the day I had first laid eyes on my soul mate and somehow even back then that whoever that crazy dude was he was going to have a major impact on my life.

I was so ready to blow my load; his hand wrapped around my dick and his own hard cock sliding over my sweet spot inside of me every time I raised or lowered my hips combined with his deep voice that I always found so fucking sexy purring in my ear just about had me on overload. Then he slowed down and said something about me not being the only one who could tease. Shit, no teasing, not right now, not when I was so close to cumming. “Ain’t teasing when you’ve already got me close,” I pant as I lower my hips down in a slow grind and clamp my hand over the one he’s stroking me with so he won’t let go and stop.

He growls something else in my ear and I tell him he’s got about five seconds and I’m not fucking joking. My hands are clenched in his hair so hard that my knuckles are turning white and my pulse is racing and my groin is tightening. I can feel Axl’s heart beating a mile a minute and the hand that’s not on my cock is cupping the back of my neck and he has some of my hair gripped tightly in his fingers. “Cum for me Darlin,” I pant, practically begging and he pulls my head forward and presses his lips to mine so hard that he draws blood and I rake the nails of one hand down his back and pull his hair with the other one as we both explode in pleasure.

My back arches and my ass clenches down on his cock and I keep riding him while white, hot, cum erupts from my dick so hard that it hits me in the chin but I don’t fucking care it feels so amazing. Axl’s body is completely rigid in my arms and he’s driving his dick up into me hard when I come down and grind on him with each spasm of my body. I can feel his dick pulsing inside of me and the gush of heat when his own seed shoots out inside of my body. He cums just as hard and maybe even blows more of a load than I do because he keeps throbbing inside me and liquid is leaking out of me and running down both of our thighs.

When we both finally came down I looked him right in the eyes and whispered “I love you.” God I meant that fucking shit too; I loved him with all of my heart. I told him a few minutes ago he was my everything and he was; Axl and my band and my music were all I needed but mostly Axl and I was starting to feel alive again and I didn’t know how long it would last but I knew that I needed him to live and be complete. My heart almost exploded right along with my dick I was feeling so much at the moment.

He looked back into my eyes for a long time before he said anything and I was afraid he was going to tell me to get off of him or that he didn’t love me or something because it took him so long to answer but when he did he stroked my cheek with the hand that wasn’t covered in my spunk and said “I love you too Izzy; please don’t fuck with my heart anymore. So shit’s gone down but I never stopped loving you and I don’t want to. This, who you are right now, this is the real you and I miss this you Izzy. You, like this, you’re the guy I fell in love with, the man I would die for and I almost can’t believe you’re here. Today was a good day Izz, we got our contract signed, there’s a hell of a party going on and we have a house again, and best of all, I’ve got you in my arms.” He smiled and my heart melted because it was a real smile; Billy’s smile.

I kiss him again and I realize that his dick never really went down and he’s still inside of me and both of our bodies are covered in cum and when my lips meet his again I get hard again fast and he groans as my tongue enters his mouth. His hands move to my hips and slowly start to guide me up and down on his still erect cock. “Oh God Izzy,” he gasps. “It’s been way too long since I’ve been inside of you, the real you, I just came so fucking hard but when I feel you move like that I think I could cum again in about 30 seconds if you looked at me and told me you loved me some more.”

“Think so huh Darlin?” I ask.

“I know so, get up, lay on the floor please? I want to be in control for real this time,” he begs and then he practically fucking shrieks when I spasm around him involuntarily when the head of his cock strokes my prostate as he slides me up and down his shaft slowly.

I bite his ear and breathe the word "Fuck," into his neck and then I climb off of him and his eyes look at me wildly.

"Izzy," he pants afraid I'll leave him hard and wanting since he screamed I'm guessing but I lay down and put my knees up like he asked. His desperation his such a fucking turn on because he's been so sexually distant for months.

"Come on Fireball, don't keep me waiting," I plead and hold my arms out to him. He moves over top of me and we both moan when he slides back into me. It doesn’t take 30 seconds; it takes more like five minutes but the whole thing is mind blowing all over again. When he’s done he collapses on top of me and we I wrap my arms around him. We just lay there quivering; covered in sweat and cum and absolutely and totally in love and blissed out. Eventually we manage to regain control of our muscles enough to stand up and shower and get redressed. As we’re about to leave the bathroom I wrap my arms around him from behind and smile back at him when I see his face light up in the mirror. I kiss his cheek and whisper “You’re right Billy, today was a good day.”

“Yeah it was,” he answers as he opens the door. I catch sight of our reflections one more time as we walk back into the party. We’re both fairly glowing; it was definitely a good day.
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