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Voldemort's Chair Rage

by SavagePotato 2 reviews

The Dark Lord is in a tremendous rage....Over a chair. Wow... this guy needs a therapist. (LOOK FOR MY SEQUEL: THE DARK THERAPIST)

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bellatrix,Lucius,Voldemort - Published: 2017-06-27 - Updated: 2017-06-28 - 425 words - Complete

"Alright, loyal followers," the dark lord bellowed to his supporters, who sat at a long table in front of him. "Subject: kill the "boy who lived". AKA, Harry Potter; Can I get a second on that?" The meeting attendants murmured to each other. no one answered. " Oh come on! We have cake! why has it no influenced you!" Bellatrix Lestrange raised her hand. "Should we raid Hogwarts?" She suggested. Voldemort signed. "No, that has to wait at least two more books. Hmm...." Then Wormtail raised his hand. "Lure him into a graveyard and try to murder him?" He said, twitching. "No,no,no, we tried that almost a year ago at the maze event of the "Tri-Wizard Tournament". You know, when we killed Edward Cullen(Cedric Diggory)." The death eaters snickered, even though they obviously had not all been present at the setting. Now, here comes one very, very dumb and random death eater, who was extremely late. "Sorry," "excuse me," "coming through, please move." "Oh.. that YOUR foot I'm stepping on" Lucious Malfoy scoffed."Idiot...." The very dumb death eater plopped himself into a red velvet chair, with engravings of snakes on the armrests. Everyone gasped. Now, this is how you can tell this guy was a newbie. NEVER play with your bosses toys, you know what I mean? Voldemort had not seen, and was still reviewing charts. He noticed everyone was staring at the VERY dumb death eater in HIS chair. "Lucious, my wand.." he said gracefully. "You like that chair, don't you, new recruit?" The guy nodded, not knowing what was happening. The other death eaters evacuated the room, scurrying away with fear. "IMPERIO!" Voldemort yelled, pointing his wand at the VERY dumb death eater. "RAGE. RAGE. RAGE." He bounced the dumb guy up and down in the air, hanging him on a chandelier. "Would you like to come down?" Voldemort asked, maliciously, after calming down. "Help..." the new recruit mumbled, scared out of his evil-ish pants. The dark lord tossed him around the ceiling, which was stupendously high, and dropped him. The man moaned.The dark lord's smile reached his ears, luaghing manically. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" And the dumb death eater was no more."that's what you get! BOI!" Voldemort raged. He calmed down. "Back to charts?" he asked, then realized everyone left in fear."Oh well, more cake for me." he said, diving into a cake on the table that read (in frosting) 'TO KILLING POTTER, AND THE DEATH OF ALL MUDBLOODS' (PlEASE RATE AND REVIEW)
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