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Chapter Three

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When Sakyo decides to test his Portal device to see if it works, he ends up opening a portal between different dimensions and brings a girl into their world. But this girl isn't any ordinary girl, ...

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Thousands of Demons shouted within the stands as Jessica, Botan, Keiko and Shizuru took their seats, the match nearly starting below. "Boos" and "Kill Yusuke's" echoed off the arena walls as the Demons shouted, Botans eyes narrowing into a glare in response. Within the Ring below, Yusuke rolled his eyes, already tired of the obnoxious Demons chanting, though he quickly turned his attention to the matter at hand. Hiei and Kurama were both being confronted by two of Dr. Ichigaki's team members, Jessica knew. But soon enough... Hiei would arrive and she would see him in person for the very first time. Anxiety bubbled within her, her hands fidgeting with the hem of the dress shirt Botan had lent to her to wear. Taking a long but silent breath, she gazed out at the ring in nervous anticipation.

As the fight began however, Jessica could feel her anger growing at the evil Troll Doctor who had experimented on the three poor fighters below. When sitting there in the stands, watching the fight and knowing everything around her was real changed the feeling entirely. It was nothing like how she had remembered it from her own world, despite everything being the same. It was intense and anger-inducing on so many more levels and though she had already disliked the evil Dr. Ichigaki, now it was pure hatred.

Sitting on the edge of her seat, Jessica gazed out intensely at the fight below, only taking her eyes from the fight for a brief moment as Botan jumped up from her seat and made her way down to the arena to cheer the boys on ringside. The fight continued on, Yusuke and Kuwabara barely managing to dodge the attacks thrown at them thanks to the masked fighter. Soon, the masked fighters bandages came loose, revealing the Young Genkai, and moments later the body of one of Dr. Ichigaki's missing teammates fell from the sky, skidding across the arena and onto the ground.

Gasping, even Jessica was caught off guard having been so caught up in Yusuke's fight, but as she lifted her gaze she felt her breath hitch within her throat. The entire stadium shook as Dr. Ichigaki's robot fell from the sky in a heap, both Kurama and Hiei landing upon it. Jessica's dark eyes went wide and her body became tense, her hands tightly clutching the hem of her shirt as she gazed out at the fire demon below. Without realizing it she had begun holding her breath as both Hiei and Kurama informed everyone of where they had been and the secret behind the veruki on the opposing teams back. Managing to tear her eyes away from the fire demon, she instead looked to the evil troll doctor as he laughed, Kurama having explained that he had been behind the opposing teams masters illness all along.

Watching in silence as Kuwabara attempted to break through to the three innocent fighters and was knocked out of the ring, a concerned expression etched over Jessica's features. Jessica knew Kuwabara would be alright, but it still bothered her. How evil could this troll doctor be, she wondered? Of course she knew that he was probably one of the most evil creatures in this world. Despite knowing how the fight would turn out, it still left her feeling so many intense emotions. Once the fight began to take a turn and Yusuke's energy began to increase, Jessica shifted her gaze once more to Hiei as both he and Kurama had approached the Doctor. From such a distance it seemed difficult to tell but she felt as though he returned her gaze, her heart seemingly skipping a beat in her chest at the possibility.

As she had thought however, Hiei had shifted his crimson gaze to the new girl seated in the stands alongside Shizuru and Keiko, his brow raising curiously. Though he quickly turned his attention back to the evil troll standing before him and the fight going on that he was forced to refrain from taking part in or else forfeit the fight. However a strange feeling had overcome him the instant he had arrived within the arena, sensing her aura almost immediately out of the vast numbers of demons around him. It had caught him off guard, which was not something that happened often. The girls energy was different from anyone elses he'd ever sensed, though he could tell she was human even from such a distance. Shrugging the matter off for the moment, he focused instead on the fight at hand, watching as Yusuke began to power up for an attack.

Within the stands Jessica's breath had hitched once again, though she tried her best to put on a calm facade, her gaze lingering on the fire demon for a long moment before she was able to turn her attention to Yusuke. As the fight progressed and the masked fighter stepped up to fight instead, stopping Yusuke from firing his spirit gun, Jessica did her best to calm herself and focus on the fight instead of Hiei. It didn't take long before she became consumed in watching the fight once more, the masked fighter freeing the three innocent fighters from the evil troll doctors experiment. Though everyone had thought the three were dead, Jessica of course knew they would survive, but she didn't focus on them for long as Yusuke's team was deemed the winner.

As Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama confronted Dr. Ichigaki, Jessica's fists clenched, anxious to see the Doctor gets his just desserts. Though as the Troll injected himself with his own serum and transformed, Jessica's dark eyes widened. "As if he couldn't get any uglier...," she muttered, her voice laced with disgust. "Agreed," Shizuru muttered in response, watching as well as Yusuke began to beat the evil troll to a pulp. As Yusuke knocked the evil beast into the stands, Jessica couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. And as the three innocent fighters awoke and reunited with their master, she turned to Keiko and Shizuru chuckling softly as they smiled with teary eyes at the emotional scene.

However the smiles didn't last long as an announcement filled the stadium, notifying everyone that Yusuke's teams next fight would start immediately. A deep frown settled over Jessica's lips as she mentally wished she could walk into the committee's room and beat every last one of them until they were black and blue. During the short break before the next fight started, Jessica's dark gaze shifted to Botan as she climbed up the steps toward her. "Jessica, I'm sorry but Koenma just notified me that he would like to speak with you...," the bluenette informed, an apologetic look on her face. Blinking her eyes at her, Jessica nodded and rose to her feet, "Oh..okay. Is there something wrong..?"

Shaking her head, Botan's blue curls swayed gently from side to side, "I don't think so, he just has a few questions for you I think. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the next fight."

Unintentionally, Hiei's crimson gaze lifted to the new girl in the stands once more, instantly sensing movement from her direction. His eyes widened ever so slightly, surprised at how even when he'd been focused on something else he had still remained tuned in to her energy. Noticing Botan speaking with her, he watched with mild curiosity as the brunette female began to make her way up the steps past the crowds of demons. As she disappeared within the darkness of the corridor atop the stands, he shifted his attention back to the arena, silently pondering over why she seemed to catch his attention. It wasn't as though she had any power, that he could sense.

As Jessica made her way through the corridors, following Botans directions to where Koenma and Jorge's seats were, she silently hoped not to run into any demons along the way. Fortunately, she managed to make it to Koenma's box-seat room without running into any. Quietly closing the door behind her she approached the toddler as he stayed seated in his chair, the Ogre bowing his head politely at her as she had entered. Smiling back at the blue-skinned ogre she gave a small polite wave to him before turning her attention to the toddler, moving to stand beside his chair, "You wanted to talk with me...?"

"Yes...This next team of Fighters, Team Masho. What can you tell me about them without giving away too many important details of the upcoming fight?," Koenma asked, his eyes fixed to the arena below as Team Masho made their appearance, dressed in cloaks hiding their identity.

Turning her dark brown gaze to Team Masho as well she pondered briefly for how to answer his question before speaking, "Well.. They're Ninja's."

"Ninja's? Wait... you don't mean... The Spirit World Shinobi?," Koenma asked, looking to the brunette.

Giving a gentle nod to the toddler, Jessica continued, "Yeah. Jin the Wind Master seems to be their leader..or at least the most powerful of the group. But Touya the Ice Master is also really powerful."

Koenma shifted slightly within his seat, an uncomfortable expression held on his face, "I see..."

The three watched as Jin revealed himself, wind swirling powerfully around him as he did so before making his way to the arena to decide the terms of the fight. As the two agreed on a one to one fight and began to make their way off the arena, the committee gave an announcement of a medical examination before the fight. Jessica's body tensed slightly, recognizing the redheaded female nurse as she approached Yusuke's team. It was stupid of course, to feel jealous of her, especially since there was nothing about her she envied. Sure, she was attractive, but Jessica wasn't one to envy her kind of looks. What bothered her was her interest in Hiei, and she of course knew Hiei had to find her attractive. All the men seemed to, even the Demons. Perhaps deep down, she was a bit envious of the woman after all, though she would never admit it aloud.

As the Nurse picked both Hiei and the masked fighter for the medical examination, Hiei's crimson gaze lifted once more to the brunette female standing beside Koenma. His brow perked curiously, wondering why the toddler ruler would wish to speak with her. What sort of information could she possibly have that Koenma would want to speak with her, he wondered? Though his gaze shifted once more ahead of him as he followed the Nurse alongside the masked fighter toward her medical tent.

Jessica gazed out at Hiei, blinking her eyes as he looked up to her once more, catching her off guard so much she nearly jumped to the ceiling when Koenma became giddy over the Nurse. Her widened dark brown eyes moved to Koenma as he ordered Jorge to hit him over the head, watching with a humorous expression as he did so. Her eyes followed the toddler as he quickly made his way out of the room to see the Nurse, Jorge looking on as well with disappointment. The blue skinned ogre then looked to brunette with an apologetic gaze, "I'm sorry about that, sometimes I don't know what to do with him."

Chuckling softly, Jessica gently shook her head, "No, it's alright. I knew he would do it." Grinning at him, she gave a wave before making her way to the door, "I guess my business here is done so I'll be in the stands if Koenma needs me again, okay?" Receiving a nod from the Ogre, Jessica made her way back to the stands as he went to catch up with Koenma.

Keiko and Shizuru waved, smiling as they saw Jessica making her way back down the steps toward her seat, motioning for her to join them. Returning their smile, she quickly made her way to her seat between the two, looking to Hiei who had already become trapped within Ruka's force-field Her dark gaze lingered on him for a moment longer before looking to the arena as the next fight began with Kurama against Gama. As expected, Kurama merely dodged all of Gama's attacks until he became restrained with Gama's paint. Though, of course, Kurama prevailed in the end being dubbed the winner. However as she had expected his spirit energy had been sealed within him thanks to Gama's seal, his last attempt to help his next teammate win against Yusuke's team.

The fights continued on, Kurama against Touya, barely managing to win the fight after planting a Death Plant within himself as a last resort. Anger once again swelled within her, feeling protective of the red-headed male as he was beaten while unconscious in the next match thanks to the evil Committee and their unfair rules. Without realizing it, Jessica had once again began to hold her breath as she watched Kurama being slung around like a rag doll by Bakken, her hands clutching the hem of her shirt so tight her knuckles had become white. Finally, Bakken stopped his cruel beatings on the poor unconscious Kurama and Yusuke stepped up to fight him, winning in a matter of minutes and Jessica couldn't help but love every minute of it. Yusuke returned the favor, breaking dozens of Bakkens bones as he pummeled him, before finally knocking him out of the ring.

As Yusuke's fight with Jin progressed, Jessica couldn't help but look to Hiei trapped within the force-field. Though he was trapped at least the energy of the force-field was healing his arm. As she shifted her gaze back to Yusuke as he fought Jin, she didn't notice Hiei too seemed to glance in her direction several times during the fight. Though he didn't give it much thought, it still managed to surprise even himself when he would glance in her direction for no reason. For the moment his concern was on breaking free of Ruka's hold on him and he could feel his power returning and growing quite fast. Soon, he would be able to destroy her weakening force-field he knew as his dark energy crackled and surged around him.

Yusuke and Jin's fight continued on, wind swirling throughout the stands, Jessica's brunette locks flying about in the wind. In that moment, she silently wished she had a hair-tie of some kind, attempting to hold her hair in place as best she could. As Yusuke began to power up, he soon blasted Jin into the sky with a Spirit Wave punch as Shizuru turned to both Keiko and Jessica. "I think we better stand somewhere else," she stated, cigarette in her mouth before rising to a stand. Nodding, Jessica and the two other girls quickly made their way from their seats to the stairs just seconds before Jin came crashing down into the crowds of Demons where the three girls had been seated.

Hiei's eyes widened slightly, a tightness forming within his chest as the Wind Master crashed into the stands where the brunette girl had been sitting. Though he soon saw her standing with Shizuru and Keiko on the stairs a safe distance away and the tightness that had formed in his chest subsided. Though the instant he had felt the tightness in his chest, he began to feel confused. It was almost as though he cared if that mortal girl became injured. Shaking the thought from his mind his eyes narrowed. 'Hn..What utter nonsense,' he thought silently to himself. Instead he focused once more on Yusuke and the attack he had just used, finding interest in this new power he seemed to be gaining under Genkai's tutelage.

Jessica looked on at the damage done as Jin crashed in the stands, instantly feeling thankful Shizuru had sensed it. Even she had forgotten about it... Keiko shook her head, crying out in disbelief that Yusuke had the power to do such a thing and Jessica then turned back to the arena, where Yusuke stood. Koto had already begun the countdown and at the ten count Jin collapsed unconscious among the debri of his fall. Yusuke was then named the winner by Koto.

Jessica then shifted her gaze to Shizuru and Keiko as they turned to the top of the stairs, Shizuru calling out to her, "Hey are you coming or what? I don't wanna pee my pants here!" Blinking her dark eyes, Jessica shook her head, "Oh, sorry, go ahead without me." Shizuru gave a lingering questioning gaze but nodded, leaving with Keiko to take a bathroom break. Taking a seat upon the steps, Jessica watched as Team Masho's last fighter, Risho, stepped to the ring and once again the corrupt committee made an announcement, calling the previous fight a draw and disallowing Yusuke to fight in the next match. A deep frown curved Jessica's lips in response, her eyes narrowed into a heated glare, "God, this is freaking ridiculous.."

Soon enough Kuwabara stepped into the ring taking it upon himself to fight against Risho, despite his being in no shape to fight, and Jessica frowned deeply as she watched him stumble into the ring. Her brows furrowed into a worried expression, though she of course knew he would make it out alright once Yukina shown up. And Botan and the other girls were bringing her back to the arena at that very moment, so it was just a matter of time. Though, watching Kuwabara struggling to even remain standing was difficult for her to watch.

Risho soon shown his Shinobi powers, the ground shaking as dirt and rock debris swirled around him before encasing his body in an armor of clay. Risho's first attack struck Kuwabara sending him flying across the arena, Jessica cringing as she watched on. Kuwabara rose to his feet once more, and Jessica shifted her gaze to the dark corridor behind her, 'Hurry up guys...'

After a matter of moments, Jessica rose from her seat upon the steps, seeing the other girls as they entered the stadium, a relieved smile forming over her lips. The group of girls then ran to the wall of the arena below, Yukina calling out to Kuwabara. A bright smile formed over Jessica's lips as Kuwabara's energy seemed to return and sent Risho flying into the stadium wall before running to meet with Yukina. At the comedic display of affection, Jessica stifled back a chuckle, watching with a smile at the two before their meeting was interrupted once more by Risho. Though in a matter of seconds Kuwabara used his Spirit Sword, slinging Risho into the air and into a heap within the stands. Koto announced him as being the winner, Keiko and the other girls smiling at each other in relief.

Jessica then turned her gaze to Hiei who had become free from Ruka's force-field, though his gaze was on Yukina, a surprised expression on his face. Jessica's smile broadened, knowing he was happy to see his sister, before looking back to the other girls. Since both fights had ended, everyone made their way out of the stadium as the sun began to set over the horizon. Yukina and Kuwabara had gone off together so she could tend to his wounds while Keiko and Yusuke went off together as well though Botan followed behind wanting a sneak peak at what would happen between the two.

Jessica watched as they walked off into the distance before turning and walking toward the edge of the island, her eyes fixed on the sky above. Though a voice from behind caused her to jump slightly and she turned, seeing Kurama smiling politely at her. "My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you," he stated with a soft chuckle.

Smiling Jessica shook her head, "Oh, no it's alright. I've always been kind of jumpy I guess... At least when I'm lost in thought."

"I see. Would you like me to walk you back to the Hotel? The Island is filled with Demons as I'm sure you are aware so going off on your own may not be wise."

Jessica blinked her eyes at his offer before giving a small smile, "No, it's okay, you can go on ahead without me. I don't want to burden you or anything."

Kurama's brow perked curiously at her rejection of his offer though he smiled and gave a nod in response, "Very well, though it wouldn't be a burden. Be careful when you return."

Nodding, Jessica waved as he turned and began to walk away before turning her attention once more to the sky above, and looking out over the sparkling water of the ocean below. Despite being on an island full of demons as Kurama had said, it seemed so peaceful and beautiful there in that moment. Of course she was worried about going back to the Hotel on her own with the possibility of running into Demons, but she decided she would just meet up with Botan when she decided to head back to the Hotel.

Kurama glanced back at the brunette female from over his shoulder with a curious gaze. Though he was still curious of where she had come from and why Koenma was interested in her, he could see there was no reason to be wary of her. Her aura was kind, and even calming in some way. During the fights he had also noticed Hiei's sudden interest in her as well, which surprised him. Normally Hiei would only be curious of Demons of high power and strength, where she was none of these. Perhaps he would simply have to wait and watch.

Staring out of the ocean, watching the waves as they glistened, Jessica breathed a small calm sigh, enjoying the gentle breeze as it brushed past her causing her wavy brunette strands to sway lightly. Though her relaxation soon faded and was replaced with an intense nervousness as a familiar voice broke the silence from behind her.

"You. Who are you?"

Slowly turning to face the owner of the voice, her dark brown eyes met with crimson ones that caused her heart to leap within her chest and stole her breath.
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