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My Defense

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My defense of my favourite band when my friend called them conformists.

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NOTE: I can accept people's opinions, I just don't like it when people hurl insults at something that is dear to me.


Say I'm defensive
Say what you will
I knew I was right
I know that still

As much as you wish
As much as you hope
The music is real
It helps one cope

It's not as you say
It's not the same
As everything else
(Everything else is lame)

I wouldn't defend
If you didn't diss
But if you're not careful
The message you'll miss

The songs have a purpose
The songs are as they are
So if one is a hit
They haven't gone far

Not understood
By many around them
By many who should

And so they've developped
So they have grown
It is't conforming
To be known

They've worked quite hard
And put out an album
After a failure
Quite brave of them!

So they change their style
So they've matured
I still love their songs
Word for word

And how can you judge
When you only hear
Their hit songs play
And then you sneer

But here's my theory
About what you do
I'm not saying it's false
I'm not saying it's true

But when it's secret
And when you're alone
You pull out their CD
And make sure no one knows

And you sing along
To the very song
You say conforms
But you know you're wrong

You're glad that they change
Each time around
Because we'd all get tired
Of the same old sound

And one last thing
You should know
You can hate them
Just don't let it show

You can even say
Whenever you feel
The time is right
But this is a wheel

Since I accept your opinion
But not your attack
And I will defend
I'll show you the facts

This is my defense
For you to read
I'll refrain from attacking
But someday you'll see

So maybe you should
Accept all this
Just nod your head
And don't diss
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